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  1. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter


    list of things I've made in this thread:

    Tiles and arts:
    Concrete, asphalt, industrial materials
    Living wood branches and trees
    Ice background and overlay tiles
    Foreground tiles
    Swamp tiles, with fog
    Dungeon generator parts (maze of rooms, tunnel generators)
    Mountain generator
    Tile code utilities for placing, evaluating, growing tile
    fences, columns
    large and massive stone blocks
    moving platforms
    one-way tiles
    basic plumbing - http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/constant-wip-phlebas-workshop.82479/page-11#post-1810739

    npc sprites:
    frost giant
    wind elemental
    necromancer and necrohound
    mutant cockroach
    old bent body npc template
    skinny npc template
    chubby npc template

    Player things:
    A ride-able drill
    a rideable flying ostrich
    Automatic one-tile stepup
    A stick pony
    Custom use-style and hold styles.
    Animal part replacements (snake lower body, goat legs)
    Short-distance teleporting
    Thief gear
    A grappling with simple rope simulation
    bear trap

    Interface things:
    In-game map generation

    alright so I got a bunch of bits and pieces of things that I think people might find interesting to use or improve or help me fix so I thought I'd make a thread for that purpose. I'm not going to make installers or objects, everything here is a work in progress so the recipes are mostly 1 wood and damage values are whatever. Code is a mess, erratically commented.

    Help/advice welcome.

    Tile copy/paster:
    The copy item: down +click sets top-left corner, ctrl-click sets bottom right, alt-click saves to files.
    Paste item: Click to read file, paste
    Current issues:
    Doesn't paste. Paste item crashes Terraria.
    Sewer item will auto-build a sewer. Works pretty well! Working on the copy/paster to expand options.

    Blink buff:
    Use Bamf item to gain buff. Press down to teleport to cursor. Places feet at cursor, some smoke at origin and destination.
    Current issues:
    As an item it made a boom sound when you teleported, but I don't think there's currently a way to play a sound from an ongoing buff effect.
    Slippy buff:
    That sweet sliding ice effect. Could be turned up some. Maybe a slow decrease from top velocity, then the maintenance speed.

    Wild West Pack:
    a bunch of stuff.
    -Stick Pony: custom hold style, auto runs. This would be the thing to do for mounts.
    -Hats! I think they're pretty cool. With bandannas.
    -Pearl-handled revolver: with recoil and smoke afterwards. a success!
    Current issues:
    -Six shooter. Shoots six bullets, long pause. I thought, why not have him spin the gun during the pause? except it pivots from the bottom-left corner and locates from the top-left. Efforts to math this out have been unsuccessful.
    -Sharps Rifle. Just too long. Needs a custom usestyle to be held properly.
    Alarm lights up when you're near, shoots at you on-mouseover. Turret fires at you.
    Current issues:
    A mess. Alarm is alright, just unfinished. Turret won't place like I want it to, can't animate or change the frames.


    Lift Tile:
    Right-click tile for lift effect.Works pretty well, thinking about a boiler/steam pipe system to power it.

    Custom Usestyles:
    there's the one I made for the dagger, the sixshooter has a custom usestyle too. But I also made UseStyle5, which is a straightforward approximation of the normal pistol shootstyle. Useful if you want to try to adjust the positioning of a weapon but still keep the aiming. I intend to write custom copies of all the usestyles at some point.


    some new tiles and walls:

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  2. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    Dust viewer. Spawns a bunch of bowls that spew dusts and pop up numbers for what dust they are, depending on screen x position. They pop up too many so not all the pots get labelled sometimes. The pots also are finicky about being placed, keep clicking until they stick. this is an awful cludge mess of thing whose only virtue is that it sort of works and lets you see the dusts.

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  3. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Nice one!
    I'll try seeing if I can tweak any of these to solve the issues in them...
    I definitely want to see the turret work.
  4. ridex

    ridex Green Slime

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  5. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    probably the turret , unless you break it.
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  6. ridex

    ridex Green Slime

    na full hallowed armour minishark + Wings

    edit1:megashark not mine
  7. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    I had to nerf the turret several times before I could be able to look at it long enough to see what needed changing.

    added: usestyle
  8. ridex

    ridex Green Slime

    i still won
  9. Garneac

    Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    Damn, son, you telling me I get to play as Nightcrawler?

    Loving it so far.

    Who's laughing now, huh, Chaos Elementals? Who's laughing now?

    This ability is totally needed now that I'm playing Omnir's creatures mod. I love his mod to death, mind you, but starting off from the beginning can be a painful if hilarious experience. Lol. Never seen so many different pre-Hardmode teleporting mobs in my life. And now I get to be one of them? Awesome.

    So, yeah. Thanks for Bamf. I can only imagine what the rest of your creations are like. o_o

    EDIT: I guess, for balance issues, it's overpowered but honestly, I don't give a fuck. ^^ If someone wants to tweak the crafting requirements, let 'em. That's another thing about tConfig that's so cool: you can alter the recipes to your likes.
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  10. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    i think a fun mod gametype might be Escape from the Underworld- you're an imp, you start in the underworld, goal is to reach the surface. but you can't dig, only Bamf. and... hunter vision.

    Added slippy debuff, screenshots of new walls and tile.
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  11. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    I wanted to improve the smoke anyway, so I thought, well, might as well go full Nightcrawler. except it turns out cloud gore as some special exception coding to make it not tumble and fall to the ground, so I gott:


    I improved it somewhat, but it'd still be better if I could tell gore to ignore gravity and not tumble. Could do a lot of interesting things, visually. I'm thinking about just having things popping out with every action.
    AND thanks to dogsonofwolf's tutorial: http://tconfig.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_Use_Custom_Sounds
    it now makes a bang sound when you teleport, which makes it a LOT more fun. try it!

    started working on something i've wanted for a long time.


    still gotta work out some alignment problems. thought i had a decent solution, but... not so much.

    annd... i've got some barnyard animal sprites in the works:


    this would be a fun one to make immortal but angry, zelda style, spits out feather gore all over the place, but occasionally a feather item drop. or an egg.

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  12. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    Maybe because it snowed here yesterday, but I've been on an ice kick.

    made new ice tiles

    and making iced version of blocks is easy now. thanks to a tip from Yoraiz0r, I learned how to add my own collision codes, so iced blocks automatically apply the slipping debuff. next I'm going to make the pure ice blocks have a chance of break if they're not supported. Might also make them ungrappleable. hmm. blocks with a higher chance to break but slightly delayed break when grappled = losing grapple in midair. fun!

    and i sprited an npc:

    which will be like a corruptor, only its projectile will convert tiles to their iced forms.
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  13. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    random stuff - You should probably find a better way to maintain the slipperyness other then debuffs , as it might kill some people's buffs / enthusiasm to see it every time they step on ice.
    Also , add skates! =D
  14. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    hmm. seems like Terraria does it by having a variable, resetting it every update, then checking again. but the way I currently have it is by directly altering the velocity, and I think the velocity gets reset after the mod PlayerUpdate.
    Skates are a good idea.

    breaking tiles work! sort of. when i get crazy with them i get this error:

    current tile package, with ice tiles and error-prone cracking ice:
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9719966/Terrain (4).zip

    also: tile library http://tconfig.wikia.com/wiki/Tile_Library
  15. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Loving these ideas, especially the lift which i've been mucking around with a little.
    However for some reason in this screenshot below the bottom lift does not activate but the top one will upon right clicking?

    I am also wondering if you plan to extend them to allow wiring to interact with the lifts?

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  16. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    hmm. i think all tiles share the same update method, so using one might lock the other out. maybe i need to set up an array? i'll think about it.

    my thought was to have them as steam vents, and have them be part of a steam/boiler system, which would yeah, basically be wiring.

  17. Darkercloud

    Darkercloud Lava Slime

    Really love the bamf mod. :)

    Just curious, Was the featherfall buff intended when you use the item to get the bamf buff?
  18. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    Yup. Without, you fall too fast, it feels a lot better to have a little bit of hover when you arrive.


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  19. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    try my kung fu!

    sadly currrently usestyle doesn't control leg frame, so i'm gonna have to figure a work-around or something.

    Furious Fist:

    Third-Leg Thunder Kick!
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  20. Zero-Exodus

    Zero-Exodus Wraith

    im not to sure i like the art direction of the ice and pipe i saw in another thread, but ur mods seem pretty cool

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