Pre 1.2 Correct & Proper Server Guide (Hamachi) Win 7 / Vista

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  1. dlprentice

    dlprentice Demon Eye

    My Guides need to be review / Updated If your having trouble or they don't work try this link till I get mine updated thanks (4/13/2012)
    Stay safe Hamachi allows people to connect to you so be careful who you let in.(Tawok)
    If NON-Hamachi Guide fails revert back to this.

    OK so you port forwarded the port 7777 TCP/UDP, and have Hamachi running, and nothing is happening huh? Well here is the solution!

    I think this works for minecraft aswell!
    This is a guide for new players. Skip to step 3 if you have already done steps 1 & 2 for the solution.

    STEP 1)
    NOTE: Skip step 1 if you do not have a router, but just a straight modem hook-up.
    • Make sure in your router ports 7777 TCP / UDP are both forwarded!
    • Visit to lookup your router to figure out how to do it on your router.
    • Step Complete
    NOTE: Skip step 1 if you do not have a router, but just a straight modem hook-up.
    STEP 2)
    • Download Hamachi (Unmanaged) from here:
    • After downloading Hamachi (Unmanaged), and starting it you will have your "Hamachi IP" this is important.
    • Now click "Network" than "Create a new network..." make sure to remember the password so your friends can join!
    • Step Complete
    STEP 3)
    • Click the windows logo in the bottom left (The Start Menu)
    • Click "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security)

    • Click "Inbound Rules" in the top left.[​IMG]
    • Than click "New Rule" in the top right.[​IMG]
    • Click "Port" than click "Next".[​IMG]
    • Click "TCP" than click "Specific local ports:" than type 7777 than click "Next".[​IMG]
    • Click "Allow the connection" than click "Next".[​IMG]
    • Make sure all the check boxes are checked than click "Next".[​IMG]
    • Than type a name like"Terraria TCP HOST" than click "Finish"[​IMG]
    • REPEAT THIS WHOLE STEP AGAIN BUT THIS TIME Click UDP instead of TCP and call it something like "Terraria UDP HOST".
    STEP 4)
    • Time to test get a friend to join your Hamachi group, and than tell them to type in the IP you see on Hamachi if everything was done right enjoy your server.
    Have fun hosting!

    Connecting to Each-other on the same network? Read Below:
    Okay so if you want to connect to each-other on the same network I don't think you NEED Hamachi at all. Here are the steps below for LAN play.
    • Scenario: You want to play with your brother on the same network using two different computers
    • First check the IP's of both machines using ip-config
    • Both machines should come up looking something like this (EXAMPLE!,, Now as you can tell the .100 is the first computer, and .101 is the second.
    • Than one of you decide who sets the server up if its the first one than the second computer has to connect to the first one's local IP.
    • <-- (Connects using local host IP) or Vice Versa
    • For the host to connect to himself he should type localhost
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  2. Famous

    Famous Green Slime

    Great guide got my server working 100%. If anyone else is having problems hosting a terraria server and is using Windows 7 use this guide! :)
  3. dlprentice

    dlprentice Demon Eye

    Surprised their are not more replies, but at least I see you guys are voting that it does work I feel accomplished! :D

    Maybe this thread could be stickied? I think it would be VERY useful to everyone.
  4. Tawok

    Tawok Green Slime

    If you have an up to date Anti-virus/personal firewall, you can safely disable windows defender/firewall.

    Hamachi is not supported by any game developers, and with good reason.
  5. dlprentice

    dlprentice Demon Eye

    Oh did't know that. Yeah it would be BETTER if I could figure out how to get this to freaking work without hamachi , but I guess I'm halfway their huh? Anyway this is mainly for friends. People who seriously want to host a server will probably ignore my guide I think.
  6. Tawok

    Tawok Green Slime

    If you want to get a server running without hamachi, and without looking through confusing screenshots, check out chicken soup for the Terraria servers soul, it should cover everything we've gone through on the steam forums.

    Odds are my friend that Hamachi is the cause of your problems.
  7. Mister Magical

    Mister Magical Green Slime

    I think you are the first person to do this. Thank you! Only if I saw this earlier. My friend had to go on teamviewer and do 2 new rules for me on the firewall since I had no idea what he was talking about.
  8. dlprentice

    dlprentice Demon Eye

    No problem I updated it with the 7777 port too since they changed the numbers around a bit.
  9. sveta41

    sveta41 Green Slime

    Is there a guide for XP users?
  10. Alanbato

    Alanbato Dark Caster

    XP is made out of win.
    So i demand XP user Guide.
  11. dlprentice

    dlprentice Demon Eye

    I don't have Windows XP but I'll see what I can do.
  12. Alanbato

    Alanbato Dark Caster

    Nvmnd, i used the Guide and now im hosting my own server! (With sheet tons of Lagg)
  13. dlprentice

    dlprentice Demon Eye

    Well good you got it working, but yes unless your internet is AT LEAST 1.5Mpbs Download and .5Mbps upload it will lag a lot.
  14. Alanbato

    Alanbato Dark Caster

    It does Lag a LOT :D
  15. RiseWithTheFalln

    RiseWithTheFalln Cursed Man

    k so ive tried it this way and using's port forward and niether works.. D:
  16. Akman-ra

    Akman-ra Herpling

    Do you have to do it for both people?
  17. Wayside1023

    Wayside1023 Squirrel

    I was just wanting to upload my server. :p
    ID: Terraria pancake Man
    pass: 123
  18. Alanbato

    Alanbato Dark Caster

    What do you mean?
  19. dlprentice

    dlprentice Demon Eye

    No just the hoster but if one is having problems maybe the other can host and it will work that way. If their is some kind of underlying reason why I have successful been able to do this and some others cant sometimes I have not figured out what it is.
  20. dlprentice

    dlprentice Demon Eye

    Read my reply to him.

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