Pre 1.2 Correct & Proper Server Guide (WITHOUT Hamachi) Win 7 / Vista

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    My Guides need to be reviewed / Updated If your having trouble or they don't work try this link till I get mine updated thanks (4/13/2012)
    Hosting a Terraria Server WITHOUT Hamachi
    (This Guide has 13 Steps)

    Time required (5-15mins)
    Works for most people if this DOES NOT work than try my Hamachi Guide = CLICK HERE

    Windows 7 64bit
    AVG FREE 2011
    Linksy WRT54G V5 (With Ports 7777 BOTH TCP/UDP Forwarded)
    Windows Firewall Ports 7777 (TCP/UDP) Forwarded

    If your having trouble:
    Once your server is on go to and type in 7777 to test if it is working right. If it is you will see a connection in your Terraria server screen.​

    STEP 1) Please visit for your router IP to login to your router. This example is a Link-sys router.
    STEP 2) Now you need to login to your router.
    STEP 3) Now find a section like the one presented here that allows you to port your ports.
    STEP 4) Open command prompt and type in "ipconfig" to get your ip information than.
    • Now forward the ports using the port number 7777 & if it makes a difference the old port numbers 31337 make them the same on the start and end, and make sure your local machine IP matches the ending octane on the router.
    STEP 5) Now open the network & sharing center, and click "Change Adapter Settings"
    • Than make sure Hamachi is powered off.
    • After that you should be in the adapter settings folder.
    • Right click Hamachi and disable it.
    STEP 6) Now open the network and sharing center, and click "Windows Firewall" in the bottom left corner.
    STEP 7) Click "Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall"
    STEP 8) Click "Change settings" to allow you to change settings than find terraria to make sure the home, and public options are checked than click ok.

    IF TERRARIA IS NOT ON YOUR LIST! - Than simply click the page down a bit and click "allow another program" you can kind see it below "Details" and "Remove". Anyway once you open that right up click "Browse" since it is likely not going to be on the list, and go to the STEAM APPS folder than look in the common folder, and find Terraria.exe in the terraria game folder and add it than continue.
    STEP 9) Than go back to the previous screen and click "Advanced Settings".
    STEP 10) Than click inbound rules in the top left.
    STEP 11) Than click new rule.
    STEP 12) Click port, and than click next.
    STEP 13) Now type in port 7777 and than click next until you get to the screen that allows you to name the entry. Name it something like Terraria TCP HOST than repeat this step but do UDP instead.
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    Can't wait lol. Trying to get on with a friend.
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    i came to this post and im like
    and now i see this and im like
    hope this vid gets uploaded soon :)
    ill be watching it
  4. dlprentice

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    OK I got it up its not a video :/ I couldnt get a video to work I will try to update this thread as I go.
  5. sickaments

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    Any reasons my friends and I can't get on my server if all of the steps here have been followed to a T?

    I've tried so hard and it just wont seem to work..I get the same message every time.

    "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it"
  6. wargasm

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    Not every router has the same ip and the same interface. You should add this link in your guide: Anyway, it looks nice so far.
  7. SpiralGaming

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    How would you do the last part on Vista? i can't find advanced settings anywhere...
  8. dlprentice

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    If you got any other firewall BESIDES windows firewall you will have to open the ports through it aswell. I had a friend tell me he could not get it to work but he is on a laptop so I don't know if it makes a difference.
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    thanks found it, just in a different area :)
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    Also I need to ask do you have multiple machines on the same network? Like an xbox a laptop running, other desktops etc? Because it is also possible especially if you don't have your computer your on plugged into the first router port that your ending octane IP for your computer that your using to play terraria might be something more like .101 r .102 or something to that extent. You can check this by going to "Status" on a linksys router, and clicking local area network than at the bottom should be a DHCP Client Table which shows all the computers on the network including yours in their ending IP's.
  12. SpiralGaming

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    just wanna ADD a big thanks!, got my server up and running with 8 people :D this worked wonders!

    Thanks dlprentice.
  13. dlprentice

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    No problem I am happy it is working.
  14. Ztrain

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    Terraria doesn't show up in the programs list when trying to do step 8.
  15. dlprentice

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    Well in that case you need to add Terraria to Windows Firewall on the same window at the bottom of the window should be "allow another program" just click that than browse to the .exe of Terraria in the installation folder which can be found in the STEAM APPS folder were you got STEAM installed.


    Hope this helps!
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    cant open 2 clients and i cant locate my steam folder, plz help! Thanks!
  17. dlprentice

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    You should be able to open two by going to STEAM and just starting the game again. If you can't than the second client is just taking a REALLY long time to load or for some reason you got maybe 2 terraria processes running but not two terraria programs. You would fix this by:

    Ctrl + Atl + Delete = Task Manager
    Click over to the processes tab and see if multiple copies of terraries are running but you only got one open if you see multiple ones than simply turn your game off to save, and close all the processes and try again.

    Steam folder is located here: C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/terraria/terraria.exe

    If you don't understand this link might help.
  18. Zoolder

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    Fixed, they patched it, i was just unaware. You used to not be able to open 2 via steam.
  19. cozy tiger

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  20. dlprentice

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    What the :confused: Um... I Googled it and did not find a solution =/

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