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Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Executi0n, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Executi0n

    Executi0n Green Slime

    I've just noticed that cracked Terraria versions can have FULL access to multiplayer.
    One of the most important things when buying a game is to ensure that it has multiplayer, buying a game that does not have a multiplayer is a waste of money.

    I'll be honest, it doesn't seem like this game has any security against cracked versions, they can do the same as an original Terraria. So whats the point of buying this game? I've already bought it, but I could just download the cracked version instead of buying it.
    The amount of purchases will decrease quickly if it won't be fixed. I suggest to find a solution immediatly, cuz in the future they will be able to download the newest version of Terraria and enjoy Terraria although they're using the illegal way. If it'd be fixed soon, they won't have access the new updates while we enjoy the newest version and the most wonderful updates of Terraria when they're stuck at the same point.

    I expect a reply from a developer or anyone else related to Terraria management.
  2. BigBoogerBot

    BigBoogerBot Dark Caster

    You cannot stop piracy. The only reason to buy a game is to support the developers.
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  3. Snifflez

    Snifflez Green Slime

    Even if they take one down another will appear, even if one doesn't there is still another thousand after that.
    Piracy can not be beat, as said above you can only support them by buying it.
  4. BigBoogerBot

    BigBoogerBot Dark Caster

    I suppose they could add the most intrusive and comprehensive security measures to prevent piracy.

    And then legitimate people will suffer and the pirates won't have any issues.
  5. Snifflez

    Snifflez Green Slime

    You have your chance now. You just don't want to.
    Plan on buying the game in the future? The future can be 3015, you'd be dead by then.

    I wish piracy didn't exist but it does..
  6. Mikoto Misaka

    Mikoto Misaka Voodoo Demon

    Are you doubting me? in some way?
  7. Snifflez

    Snifflez Green Slime

    This is going off topic.
    I'm just saying that you can delete it but you don't want to because you would have to buy it.
    Everyone is having a hard time in money, I am. I still bought the cheap game.

    I am done responding to this it's really not going onto the real subject.
  8. Executi0n

    Executi0n Green Slime

    I can understand you that people who bought this game are supporting the developers.
    If the developers want more support, why don't they make a security system to prevent those cracked versions and I'm sure the amount of purchases will raise very quickly, because it is a VERY GOOD game.

    (I hope you understand me, I can't express myself very much in English :>)
  9. BigBoogerBot

    BigBoogerBot Dark Caster

    Because it's pointless to add DRM. DRM just makes it more difficult for the legitimate buyers, and less so for pirates.

    Every single DRM method has been bypassed and broken. Every single one.

    CD Keys are the most popular and least intrusive. But then how do you deal with people who have already bought one? How do you deal with keygens?
  10. Executi0n

    Executi0n Green Slime

    Like any other game that uses CD keys, like BFBC2, you may view the cd key by right clicking it and selecting the cd key option.
    I don't see a problem on dealing with people that already bought this game, Steam will just generate a CD key for them.

    There's one solution I thought about keygens. Steam is the only way (currently) to buy Terraria. Terraria will have a database of CD Keys (Empty database). When someone purchases the game from Steam, a CD key will be generated for him and Steam will add this cd key into the database.
    It's not up to me, I'm sure the developers know how to deal with it.
  11. FightMike

    FightMike Green Slime

    This game is cheap, and everyone wants to see this game develop further.
    I must admit, alot of my games are.. , but this game, minecraft, (and some others)
    they get my money, they'r earning it.
    I would pay again too if it meant that updates would come more frequently,
    infact thats why i gave up minecraft for this, because the updates are more
    frequent. The developers are REALLY listening to the players.
    Iv seen someone ask for something on theses forums, and within 10 mins,
    its been added to the game.

    Paying for this game is like buying a ticket to the best ride you will ever go on.
  12. Executi0n

    Executi0n Green Slime

    So it's unfair that people who haven't bought this game will have access for it while we're paying. That's our discussion.
  13. BigBoogerBot

    BigBoogerBot Dark Caster

    That would be a decent way although I'm sure there's ways around that. Take a working key, and then bypass the steam checking with that key. Also since pirated version don't actually run through steam they don't have to deal with the checking.

    Of course it's not fair for people who have bought it. But that's not what matters. The only thing that matters is if you want to support the developers you buy the game. No point worry about what other people do.
  14. Vek 17

    Vek 17 Green Slime

    You really can't stop piracy, and trying to typically only delays a crack. Piracy isn't ALL bad for developers actually, a rather large portion of players pirate games first (typically because they don't want to buy games blind and later buy it if they feel it is worth their money. This is what I did, and while technically illegal it lead to a sale (actually more then one as I since introduced my friends but that is not the point). Some people will always pirate and never give back, but more then you think will buy.
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  15. lango12

    lango12 Green Slime

    Terraria is only USD 9.99, how much more value can you get out of a free pirated copy?

    I believe the money is better spent than some "other games" that are virtually unplayable or the multiplayer feature is totally broken and yet they are released at premium game prices. Anyway, Pirates would have to find upgraded version of terraria everytime there is a new patch, this should be quite a nusiance to them.
  16. FightMike

    FightMike Green Slime

    Yes, but what i'm saying is, i think there will still be enough people willing to legitimately pay for this game, to support its development. You can't stop all piracy of the game.. Perhaps some kind of steam based CD key protection will cut it down
    enough to be worth the time and effort (like mentioned above), but there will still always be a large chunk of people pirating
    and raping the game..
    It's not a complete loss, atleast those people are spreading Terraria over a much larger audience.
  17. MadDogTen

    MadDogTen Squirrel

    Wait, you can play Multiplayer with the Pirated Version? That does need to be fixed. The Server should check to make sure the person joining has Terraria Running with Steam.

    For Example, Server Requests Key From User Client, User Client Requests Key from Steam, Steam Provides Key to Client, User Client Sends key to Server, Server Sends key to Steam to make sure the Key is a Valid, if it is, Steam Sends back to Server saying its Valid. Then the person would be able to join. Which that whole thing would only take about a Second to do.

    The Key would be randomly Generated Each time for each User for the Check. It would make it where people couldn't join without having it on Steam. There WOULD be an Option for Server Owners to Disable the Check if they need to for any reason, so they aren't forced with it, though it would be default on.

    While Pirates will be able to play Single Player/Lan/On "Open" (Key Checking off) Servers, they wouldn't be able to join most of them, which Multiplier is a HUGE part of the game. Sometimes you just like playing with others.
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  18. Zaflis

    Zaflis Bone Serpent

    What? Minecraft has had updates much more than Terraria has, and its not even released yet. They are not yet in comfortable same position where they can just finetune a mostly finished game, because Minecraft doesn't even have all of the basic gameplay done yet. Also you are exaggerating by great margin. No developer will add just any suggestion in game by a random user. There must always a long thought process behind every one of them. They wait with changes and patch the game in big chunks at the time.
  19. Troller

    Troller Green Slime

    like some people said : *piracy is non else than a way of the game being more popular*
  20. Zaflis

    Zaflis Bone Serpent

    They will simply hack and disable person check from server software then?

    Like someone said, piracy cannot be stopped. You can make their life a little harder though.
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