CC Creation Compendium: Sports (Next Week: Memes)

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Kane, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    This week's theme is Sports!, Now this one is a bit more challenging for many of us, but hopefully we can still illustrate what sports look like from back when we were wee active little ones!

    There is much to see, create, and discover in the world of Terraria, so the aim of this recurring piece is to focus on a small part of it and see what you all have come up with.

    Richard Ma
    Next week's theme is Memes, Now rather then explain this I'm just going to ask you guys to try to keep this appropriate and PG 13, After remembering the titanic I decided PG :p, I know you trolls to well!

    To submit images or videos, please post directly on my profile.
    • Width of 525px or more is preferred - I can work with more, but less is difficult for my post flow.
    • Thread links are best, so people can go directly to your galleries and comment. Other image links are accepted as well still.
    • Compendiums go out Wednesday or Thursday, it depends on my schedule at the time. For best results, submit by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning at the latest.
    We want your submissions! Most, if not all, end up in the weekly posts unless there is a clear clash with the theme or evident lack of effort.

    Here are themes for the next several weeks - however, please only submit for the current week:
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    Contraptions & Wiring
    Misc (Anything and Everything)
    Wall Art

    If you have suggestions for themes, mention it in the comments. Both vague and specific themes are welcome - it's fun to leave things open to interpretation sometimes!

    Thanks Varler for compiling a nice new list for us. Now we just need to color code them :)
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  2. Garneac

    Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    Erm, don't you mean this week's theme is about sports, not Escher? =P
  3. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    Lies!, I had changed everything but that one word =(
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  4. Jaguargirl

    Jaguargirl Devourer

    Oh yes. Memes.
    I know what I'm doing.
    Also what's a sport? :confused:
    Lolno I know what a sport is
  5. m31k

    m31k Clown

    You don't know what is SPORT? It is something like activity, big activity. It is Football, Basketball, ... Don't say you parents don't let you play any sports.
  6. connery0

    connery0 The Wiremancer

    sarcasm, dude, sarcasm. (It's hard to talk sarcasticly on the internet, but that was prety obviously sarcasm)
  7. kingicarus

    kingicarus Floaty Gross

    Didn't we already do memes?
  8. Dogat

    Dogat Yellow Slime

    I'd like to see bombball in real life, dart traps and the like.
  9. AyeAye12

    AyeAye12 Paladin

    Cod damnit I never did finish that fencer >_>

    Oh well. Not doing memes because too meme-y.
  10. Nakano15

    Nakano15 Devourer

    I hope the meme competition does not be about whales.
  11. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    No you wouldn't, believe me.
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  12. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    So next week the nyancat will be featured.
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  13. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    So I made a tennis game too. Influenced by Richard, then even more by Gernot

    The player on the left hits the switch to start the game then quickly serves a dirt over the net. When you hit the switch a dart comes out timed on each side. The goal pretty much is to get the dirt over on the opponents side before the dart trap goes off. If you don't get it over in time, the dart will knock the jelly fish off your opponents side, pushing him into the pit and then spawning a new one. Then you start a new point. So at the end of the game, which ever player has the most Glow sticks in their pit wins.

  14. What if the the jellyfish don't drop drops?
  15. Nakano15

    Nakano15 Devourer

  16. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    The point continues until the dart goes by. The jellyfish fall every time they get hit.
  17. connery0

    connery0 The Wiremancer

    he means if the dying jelly fish doesn't drop loot (glowsticks)
  18. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Ah, I thought they always dropped some. But I guess it will always equal out in the end if you play long enough.

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