Crystal or Cursed Bullets?

Discussion in 'PC' started by vPixel, Dec 25, 2011.


What bullets should I use?

  1. Cursed Bullets

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  2. Crystal Bullets

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  1. vPixel

    vPixel Green Slime

    I just got a Clockwork Assault Rifle, and I want to know what bullets to use.

    I feel like Crystal Bullets will be easier to make, because I have a load of crystals underground near my hellavator.

    But, I can deal more damage with Cursed Bullets, plus I can inflict Cursed Inferno.

    Which one should I take?
  2. oreo

    oreo Bone Serpent

    Crystal bullets, they spread out when they hit something and do a lot of damage. (IE, you can shoot something and you'll get 4 more hits than usual which will be 9-ish damage each)
  3. nelsolla

    nelsolla Green Slime

    Cursed are easier to make too, with a few battle potions and an underground corruption you get a nice stack of cursed fire per hour
  4. Roddy

    Roddy Cursed Skull

    I would go with Crystal because of the piercing effect, but I'm not a Pro Gunner, so better check with others.
  5. Alciqro

    Alciqro Green Slime

    It really depends on what you'll bbe using them for, Cursed for high armor enemies and crystal for bosses or small groups on monsters.
    I personally like Crystal bullets better
  6. nelsolla

    nelsolla Green Slime

    I use cursed on caves because my caves are all flooded and when you shoot one at an enemy he get the greenfire debuff wich is so cool because they not extingish in water
  7. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    thats impossible, you cant get unreal on a clockwork assualt rifle unless you hacked it in
  8. vPixel

    vPixel Green Slime



    I know, I'll change it back to normal.
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  9. Koto

    Koto Green Slime

    I would use Crystal bullets since they spread into 3 pieces which deals decent damage :)
  10. Marak

    Marak Devourer

    They both have pros and cons. Keep in mind that it takes 10 Flames or Crystals to craft a single stack of 250 bullets.

    Crystal Bullets


    * It's pretty easy to farm Crystal Shards. If you made a Hellevator anywhere near the center of the map, you will typically have a point where Pearlstone will meet up with your Hellevator. Fall down, grab Hammer, ???, Shard Profit.
    * Splash damage. Upon impact, the bullet shatters into shards that deal lesser damage to nearby things in a small radius. Useful for grouped up enemies or "sectioned" enemies (Wyverns, the Destroyer and his probes, Skelly Prime with all his arms)


    * Not as strong on single targets that aren't being hit by multiple shards.
    * No burning debuff for extra damage over time.

    Cursed Bullets


    * More damage than Crystal Bullets, both up front and in total, because of the debuff.
    * If you spend any time in Deep Corruption and don't completely ignore Clingers and World Eaters, you'll be swimming in Cursed Flame in no time. I actually have more Flame than I do Crystals most of the time.


    * Not as useful against groups of monsters or monsters with adds or sections, since there is NO area of effect from these bullets.
  11. Shotte

    Shotte Dark Caster

    Granted you asked Crystal VS Cursed Bullets, But I'd personally recommend Meteor Shot!


    *If used in a certain way, They can bounce back and hit enemies twice.
    *Even if the enemies aren't grouped closely together, and in a line instead it can hit all of them, and for higher damage than crystal bullet Splash.
    *They are much more fun to use than the new bullets, in my opinion.
    *You'll be swimming in meteor bars after a while.
    *Better mob control from what I've seen than Crystal Bullets, with only a slightly lower damage per hit. (Also, Overall, With a few mobs in a row, which is particularly good on the surface, A higher amount of average damage delivered to each monster.)
    *Also Brilliant for PvP
    *Also good against bosses such as The Destroyer, as the bouncing capabilities, particularly in enclosed arenas or onto the ground mean double the number of hits can be scored. And it pierces, Which is useful against The Twins with some luck and Skele Prime.


    *Harder to gather than both of them
    *No DoT (But anyways, you end up either wasting bullets or waiting for enemies to die)
    *Both DoT And Crystal shards provide light (Albeit the bouncing abilities produce their own light)
    *Poor against single targets.

    I know the new bullets might be, well, New, But don't exclude Good Ol' Meteor Shot, please. (Trust me, It's still handy.)
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  12. tomimrbone

    tomimrbone Penguin

    One thing about Meteor Shots I hate:sometimes(alot) they just pass trought enemies and they dont hit them,wich is really annoying:confused:,even Silver Bullets are better!:p
    Now I use both of them,still trying to find out which I like more.Alot of people said Crystal Bullets dont do so much damage on a single enemy,thats not true!If you hit any monster with a Crystal Bullet 80% of the time all shards hit the enemy.I like Cursed Bullets better because they look awesome xD
    Thats you opinion wich one you like.
  13. Shotte

    Shotte Dark Caster

    My Bad, I neglected to notice that it was Clockwork Assault Rifle rather than Megashark.

    Right now, Meteor shot with the C.A.R Is a bad idea, as due to a bug/anomaly only 1 or 2 shots of each burst hit the enemies. But, When using Meteor Shot with the Megashark, you can quickly lay down a veritable curtain of fire due to the bouncing effect.

    So, With C.A.R Meteor Shot is terrible, but if/when you get a Megashark, it's fully worth using.
  14. tomimrbone

    tomimrbone Penguin

    Yesterday I was testing every bullet with every endgame gun,the Meteor Shots for me have the same issue with the Megashark too:eek:,even with the Shotgun 2-3 of 6 bullets go trought enemy without hitting it.
  15. Mikoto Misaka

    Mikoto Misaka Voodoo Demon

    Crystal Bullets IMO, 4 shots in 1 :)
  16. tomimrbone

    tomimrbone Penguin

    Actually not because the 3 shard's only do a little damage,what can be equal with Cursed Bullets bonus damage and Cursed Inferno damage.
  17. fruitbatsalad

    fruitbatsalad Penguin

    I know what you're saying, but here's another factor to consider: each one of the 3 shards has a chance to be a critical hit. So, even though they might not do much damage most of the time, each one has a chance to do really nice damage. It averages out pretty nice. I'll let someone else do the math for how it all works out, but in my experience I'm happier with the results I get from crystal.
  18. darkstarzx2

    darkstarzx2 Voodoo Demon

    Crystal bullets seem to work much better, despite the Cursed Inferno caused by the Cursed Bullets. Plus, you don't have to kill any enemies to get the crystals.

    Also, Cursed Bullets are useless against the Destroyer because he cannot be inflicted with CI.
  19. Mr. Mystery

    Mr. Mystery ★ SECRET THINGS ★

    I'm not one for giving big explanations. But do crystal. SO much better. Make a crystal farm out of pearlstone or go to underground hallow.
  20. tomimrbone

    tomimrbone Penguin

    True about critical hits,but depends who what likes :p!
    I still not decided wich one I like more:confused:
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