Pre 1.2 CTG Chest Defence for Dummies [illustrated]

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  1. Wavve

    Wavve Squirrel

    [Edit] Please check out the steam version of this guide and help it spread if you enjoyed it :)

    Introduction :

    This guide was first dedicated to the Odyssey Gamez PvP group but it was way too big for steam discussions and my post wasn't even noticed (what a shame :eek:).
    Most of the members do know what a CTG is but i'm not sure it's the case for everyone here on TO...

    CTG (i.e Capture the Gem) :

    Basically Capture the Flag with no plugins/mods.​
    You begin with a fresh new mediumcore character. All the players are split into 2 different teams, usually blue (left) and red (right).​
    Each team has a base and a chest a few feet away from the base. Inside the chest is a gem (sapphire for blue team and ruby for red team) and your goal is to get both of the gems inside your chest.​
    The game is divided into 2 parts, the prep phase and the pvp phase.​
    During the prep, you basically get ready for the pvp phase : protect your chest, gather some ores etc... It is usually 15 to 20 minutes. You can't cross the middle before the end of the prep.​
    During PvP phase, you can cross the middle and attack your opponent's base.​
    Blah blah blah you got the idea !​

    Since most of the experienced CtG players have stoped playing Terraria, games now hosted gather together a majority of inexperienced players.
    I've been playing CtG forever and i realized what seems obvious to me now is not necessarily obvious to new players.
    Thus i've decided to write a guide about chest defence, which is a major aspect of CTG and should be mastered as soon as possible.

    Where can you play CtG ?

    In this group, a few people regularly hosts pvp gamemodes, including CTG.
    If you want to give it a shot, feel free to join it and we might fight each others sometime !

    OdysseyPvP Steam Group

    If you don't spam me, i could host a CTG for you.

    Here is a recap of the CTG rules.

    Here is the first part of an actual CtG during which I built the defence.

    I/ Team organisation :

    What is lacking the most in CTG teams (especially in big ones) is a decent organisation. You don't want everyone to go down a cave at once ! You need someone to make the chest defence, someone to make arrows...

    A) Arrows

    And yes, by "someone to make arrows", i do mean someone who will gather wood and stone during the whole prep time to make stacks of arrows and won't do anything else.
    People tend to forget that a bow without arrows is as useful as a crystal storm without mana... Too many games are lost because the team ran out of arrows !
    By the way, if you think looting a whole stack of arrows when prep time is over is a good idea... you are dead wrong ! You will most likely kill someone but get killed by the guy behind him.
    Think about it this way :
    • if you are good enough, 70 arrows will be more than enough to kill someone and loot his arrows. If you are lucky, he's just like you before you read this guide and he brought 250 arrows : you now have 300 arrows ! If he has a bit of common sense, you will get 50 arrows from him : you now have 100 arrows ! In both case, you don't need a stack of arrows...
    • if you are not good enough, you will only get killed and it would be a waste of 250 arrows. Don't bring 250 arrows.
    To sum it up : bring ~70 arrows only, someone must care about the arrows you will need during the whole game.

    B) Roles

    These are the organisations which sound good to me, the numbers of players for each category can vary a lot. The only thing you have to pay attention to, is that there is at least 1 player of each category.

    4 players Team :

    -1 chest defence guy (this is the main topic of the guide, keep reading)
    -1 arrows guy
    -2 caving guys

    5 players Team :

    -1/2 chest defence guy(s)
    -1/2 arrows guy(s)
    -2 caving guys (no more)

    6 players Team :

    -2 chest
    -2 arrows
    -2 cave

    7 players Team :

    -2 chest
    -2 arrows
    -3 cave


    II/ Chest defence

    When games start i usually ask "who's making the def ?". I realized it wasn't as clear as i thought. To me there is only one kind of defence : the chest defence. But it appears my way of thinking is not universal (what a shock) and some players consider def as a combinations of archery towers, pits and other obstacles.
    I personnaly think it is a waste of time, not only because you can easily go past them with a tiny skybridge but also because it implies the idea of staying at one spot and not moving (basically, camping).

    A) What you should not do and how to fix it !
    • Making a giant pit with the chest at its center. The other team only has to build a bridge to the chest and it's gg.

      BAD (open)
    • Covering the chest without any back walls. You don't want the other team to know exactly where to dig when they get to your chest defence...

      BAD (open)

      GOOD (open)
    • Making the defence bigger right above your chest. People will first dig where the defence is the biggest !

      BAD (open)

      GOOD (open)
    B) Long Prep Time

    The 2 biggest concerns about making a chest defence is :
    -The time you have
    -The materials you have

    This is something you will never be able to build during a CtG (you would need way too much time)

    Utopia (open)
    (every block is placed on water, i'll get back to the water defence soon)

    You have to balance the efficiency of the defence and the time it takes to build it. The more time you have, the more efficient and original it can be !!
    Here are two examples i like :

    1) Wood/Sand defence

    A well known kind of defence is the one using two type of blocks (one which can be removed with pickaxe and the other one which can be removed by hammer/axe). When building it, you make sure to altern the blocks, a wood block can only be next to a stone block :​

    Show Spoiler

    People usually combine glass and wood and even sometimes glass, wood and stone. It's true it's a bit more efficient, but you have to wonder if it's worth the time you have !​

    To me, the most efficient mix is the sand/wood one. Trees can easily be found and every tree drops several wood blocks, you can get a lot in a short amount of time.​
    Why not glass instead of sand ? Because glass is made out of 2 sand blocks, you need twice as more sand to make a glass defence than a sand defence.​
    Why not stone instead of sand ? You tell me stone can be found much more easily than sand ? True, but sand can be mined way faster and it has another great advantage ! GRAVITY !! Going through such a defence is a pain, trust me :)

    Show Spoiler

    If you don't have much time left, you can just cover the rest with wood.​

    Show Spoiler

    2)Water defence

    Levitacus used to be the best water defence maker :)

    Here is one, step by step :​
    • Choose the size of your pool, not too small, not too big. You want to have enough time to fill it !
    Show Spoiler

    • Fill it with water !
    Show Spoiler

    • Add some wood, a few improvements and here it is :
    Show Spoiler

    C) Short/regular prep time

    This will be what you want to do in most CTG (i.e. you have 20 min and less prep). You can't waste time switching from wood to sand and sand to wood, and you don't have enough time to make a water defence.
    You want something big so it takes a few assaults from the opponents to find out where the chest is situated (that's the main idea, the bigger the chest defence is, the longer it will last).

    Start with the backwalls !!
    Show Spoiler

    And make it as big as you can !
    Show Spoiler

    D) Short/regular prep time with few trees

    Your main objective here is to have enough wood to make both the chest defence and all the arrows ! As you can't craft half arrows, you will have to save up wood on the defence.
    Here is how to do it :
    • Start with a regular chest-cover with wood (the backwall missing is just to show you where the chest is). It doesn't have to be too big in length, but you want it to be quite high.
      Show Spoiler
    • Then build a box out of wood. It has to be thick enough to block the light (i make the walls 6 blocks thick). It represents the actual size of your defence.
      Show Spoiler
    • Here is the astuce ! Instead of filling the box with rare and useful tree blocks, you are going to use dirt.
      Show Spoiler
    • Before you tell me dirt blocks are easily destroyed than wood blocks, have a look at the following picture ! The size of the box walls make it so the opponents don't know there is a spot only filled with dirt, instead, they think the whole defence is made out of wood !! And since your defence is now twice as big as it was before, there are greater chances that they don't find the chest on the first try.
      Show Spoiler
    III/Pro tips
    • Make a safe drop. You want to go past your defence but you don't want to break both your legs jumping down. And you can't make it too easy for your opponent to climb up your defence. The water pit allows you to drop down safely and there is no way back. Beware, opponents can block it off !!
      Show Spoiler
    • How annoying is it to be stuck at your base, getting shot by the ennemy ? The knockback preventing you from getting closer, they stay out of range of your pickaxe...
      Here is a way to "flank" them.
      Show Spoiler
    • Try to make the opponents think your chest is situated somewhere it isn't :)
      Show Spoiler
    • Decoy chest ! Though it only works if your host is using gold/wood chest !!
      Either make it slightly visible, either try to place it on the way you think they will dig.
      Show Spoiler
      (here on the bottom left)
    • How to (prevent) spawncamp :
      Samoth's tip (open)
    Conclusion :

    I hope you enjoyed this short guide about chest defence, feel free to ask if you have any questions. I'll also be glad to discuss about a few points if you disagree with me as most of the ideas are based on a personal point of view and experience.
    Also if you have other tips, post them and i'll add them to the guide.

    Links :
    Steam Discussion thread
    Steam Guide

  2. MantasX12

    MantasX12 Hell Bat

    I love CTG,I have literaly seen every single OdysseyGamez and PsiSyndicate CTG video.BTW nice tutorial :)
  3. Wavve

    Wavve Squirrel

    Thanks :)
    Well you probably have seen me in PSI videos, i'm team ChoCo leader ;) And you might have seen my team playing without me against Ody too !
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  4. Neszy

    Neszy Squirrel

    You could try posting a Steam guide for this; more people might notice it that way. You'll also be able to copy this over to our forums when they're back up, hopefully we'll end up with a wealth of information for any new CtG-er!

    Oh, and nice guide!
    Thanks for the continued support of our terrible channel.
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  5. Team ChoCo? Fuck, I have a Steam friend on that team, and this post brought back a memory from a year or two ago when OdysseyGamez lost their first CTG match. It took me a few hours to come to the realization that he was a part of the winning team, and soon ensued the 'is that you?' messages.

    Thanks for the random nostalgia moment, I guess, :p.
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  6. Wavve

    Wavve Squirrel

    That's the next step for sure :)

    The good old time right !
  7. SamothUpaw

    SamothUpaw Face Monster

    Amazing tip by Samoth 10/10.

    But seriously, nice guide. I miss the good old days with 2 hour long CtG matches, with loads of arguments about the rules. Those were the days.
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  8. toadie4

    toadie4 Snatcher

    Holy crap where is this game hosted at? I want to play this so bad!
  9. Wavve

    Wavve Squirrel

    CTG and many other PvP based gamemodes are hosted regularly on this steam group :
    Odyssey Gamez PvP group
    Moderators here post announcements to tell people when they are hosting, and hopefully you will be able to join the game :)
  10. toadie4

    toadie4 Snatcher

    Man it's going to be hard to get in. Just like the days of trying to get into the Official (like the actual one) Survival Games on minecraft haha
  11. Chadwick9000

    Chadwick9000 Wandering Eye

    18.2% doesnt know Capture Le Gem?
    Ok xD
  12. toadie4

    toadie4 Snatcher

    I was on of the people that chose that, because I didn't read the paragraph before I responded to the poll XD
    Sorry Wavve.
    Hey, I least I know how fun it is now : D
  13. Wavve

    Wavve Squirrel

    Haha don't worry about that. Games used to fill instantaneously (around 1.1 release) but it's not the case anymore. Host will most likely post twice before starting ctg because most of the experienced players got bored of playing it.
    I usually borrow my friend's 32 slots server to host ctg and they never get full ;)
    Hopefully 1.2 will bring more players to the group :)

    (a player involved in Terraria's development told me how much more possibilities would 1.2 bring to ctg : on a scale from 1 to 10, 8 !)
  14. toadie4

    toadie4 Snatcher

    Sweet : D I want to play CtG so bad!
  15. Baih

    Baih Cursed Skull

    Cool guide, Wavve, you should do a second part for the PvP stage.
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  16. Wavve

    Wavve Squirrel

    Just thought I could update the guide and make it more entertaining with an actual live example.
    So here is a CtG we played with my team a while ago where I built the defence :)

    I'll be adding it to the guide too.
  17. walllster

    walllster Piranha

    omg, the good old days, I can guarantee it won't be the same when 1.2 comes out but I damn hope it does! I remember when Aled got accused of cheating regardless of his 5,999,999 hours playtime.

    Hopefully as a CTG community we can get people to play the game again in 1.2 and get more people playing!

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  18. SamothUpaw

    SamothUpaw Face Monster

    Pffft, not 5,999,999 hours, it's only 7034, what a scrub.
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  19. Duze

    Duze Dark Caster

    This sounds amazing.
  20. walllster

    walllster Piranha

    Yeah, what a mug of me to say that.. Only that? Wow wot a nub.
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