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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Bobb1118, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Bobb1118

    Bobb1118 Green Slime

    Maybe a bit more difficult to make than Minecraft skins, but we should be given the option to change them from a menu. If this game is like some others that I know, you could probably just edit the graphics in the main files, but your skin wouldn't be visible to anyone else that way.. or instead of custom skins, let us choose colors for each part of our body, if its a free-for-all server.
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  2. CrazyCoco

    CrazyCoco Nipple Lazers

    Great idea.
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  3. Zeus

    Zeus Green Slime

    From the LP, The two people have different skins, so maybe a avatar creator, but not that indepth
  4. JacZac

    JacZac Green Slime

    like, switching heads? or Pixeling them urself? wouldnt there be pr** skins then? (please dont ban): )
  5. aavri

    aavri Cursed Skull

    It wouldn't be that hard to use. If they set up a template like with 3d block heros but just a 2d version, it would work most likely.
  6. Ponygon

    Ponygon Green Slime

    Yeah I like the sound of that.
  7. Rellow

    Rellow Green Slime

    This being a pixelated game, the downloading for a custom skin probably wouldn't be that large.
    Any player with an "offensive" skin could easily be kicked/banned anyways.
  8. aavri

    aavri Cursed Skull

    It's a 2d pixelated game. I don't think offensive will be easy to pull off on a 32x32 sprite that has barely any detail.
  9. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    I think custom skins would be pretty nice. But I think they should be relatively limited, as in you can't really make a non-humanoid skin. It would still look like one of the character, just with slightly different traits and colors.

    Otherwise, it could just be... awkward.

    To make things more controllable, maybe have a "customize character" option, where you can more or less choose what color each part of your character is. This has a few advantages over skins and skin sharing in how its handled.
  10. totompole127

    totompole127 Green Slime

    Custom skins would be awesome i could be Ryu.... if only they added hadouken!
  11. darklol

    darklol Green Slime

    lets think of the first thing most people will play as...
    theres you reason it shouldn't be in the game.
  12. oblivious12123

    oblivious12123 Green Slime

    It wouldn't be that hard, I mean in the Drawn to Life games on the NDS you can create your own player design. There's a basic template to distinguish the head/arms/body/legs.
  13. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    Are you done bumping topics from April to add nothing to them?
  14. MasterSorez

    MasterSorez Dark Caster

    Umm. This guy meant, so you can colour your character's skins, hair, etc.
    Remember this tipic was made in 24th April.
  15. darklol

    darklol Green Slime

    pretty much
  16. oblivious12123

    oblivious12123 Green Slime

    Umm this topic was bumped and I was adding to the suggestions list for this topic.
  17. Zygrograxgra

    Zygrograxgra Green Slime

    I would enjoy this, and make a REAL avatar. Like an Anthro wolf, or a dragon perhaps. Maybe a sheep.

    Poisson anybody?
  18. QuantumMonkey

    QuantumMonkey Green Slime

    The "editing some image files to change how your player looks" isn't really possible, since it's written in XNA, the image and sound files are in their own format, unable to be edited by people except the creator, so the custom skin idea would be awesome ;D

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