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Discussion in 'Art' started by NO Body, May 23, 2011.

  1. NO Body

    NO Body Green Slime

    im a custom sprite artist and iv been a big fan of the game as far as i seen it.
    when i saw the game i was all "man i wish i could make sprites for something like that"
    ether way while dreaming along i made some custom sprites.

    this isnt my best work, but its all custom, gues you can call my version if i had made it.(hair & colors would be changeable of course)
    example is a try to make Isac from golden sun.
    also some lizard thingy.
    (also this sheet doesn't have all animations needed, i was planing more, like drowning)
  2. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    They are pretty nice, all you need now is a coder and you could make a game! (I can't code... yet :p)
  3. NO Body

    NO Body Green Slime

    Aint it the Truth -.-
    i can make tons of custom sprites, but finding a programmer is always hard.
  4. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    Give me 6 months to learn, and we can make a Pacman look-a-like :D.
  5. Zaine

    Zaine Squirrel

    I started to create a terraria game in game maker just to educate myself, i am no where near any sort of skill at creating games but its still kinda fun, i just dont have enough patience to stick to it.
  6. Cyprex

    Cyprex Squirrel

    I propably got a talented programmer for ya. pm me please, I'll ask him when he's online
  7. Brad Cypert

    Brad Cypert Green Slime

    I can program ^.^
  8. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    What language do you know? If you know C# I would love to speak with you :) If so add me on Steam.
  9. Tom Peart

    Tom Peart Green Slime

    I am currently working on a game called Adventure to Nevermore in C#! I am following some online tutorials for the things i need like adding to lists. It's one of those Welcome to Room, there is a handgun on the floor. Player:pickup handgun etc. type games.

    I thought I would make one of those instead of a simple Hello World app. I did java before this (not much) so I thought I would set my hopes higher than making a command prompt that says "hello world"!

    To my point when I am finished if you want you could make an icon for the program.
  10. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    Just curious. Are you making this in a console application or using the XNA framework?
  11. Brad Cypert

    Brad Cypert Green Slime

    C, C#, C++, Java, Python, PHP, HTML, Javascript, Jython (if you really wanna get technical). Oh and Visual Basic, but who the hell doesn't know VB?
  12. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    What did you use to learn C#?
  13. Brad Cypert

    Brad Cypert Green Slime

    Well. C# is in theory - Java with Solid access to redistributable C++ libraries, so C# kinda came naturally after I took an Advanced Placement Java Class in high school and bought 2 C++ books and learned them. For dummies books are great, they're great for everyone and start with background and a steep learning curve, but do a lesson a week and you'll be learning code like crazy. I can't really recommend a C# book or website because I've learned nearly all of it myself. Sorry.
  14. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    No problem. I have used some sites and videos to learn so far. Currently, I have taken a break due to things going on, and the videos are over an hour long, that is just one of 'em. Thanks for the response. I think I will take a look into Java, not sure where to sure, but I will find out :3
  15. Christian Sandford

    Christian Sandford Green Slime

    Hey do any of you wanna work on a game with me and a good friend of mine we have some coding experience and we have a full (we think) amazing idea but we are gonna need some help... any1 interested?
  16. Hey with the lizard sprite in the image, you could make a texture pack with that as your character :p
    I like the idea of transforming into something else.

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