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  1. Cyprex

    Cyprex Squirrel

    This likely will not be updated anymore due to the wiki being released

    For a changelog look in the second post

    To find a certain item try pressing CTRL+F or STRG+S and writing the item name. That should work in most browsers

    Formatting is as follows: item name things needed to craft/buy or how to obtain it otherwise description/additional Information
    1g 10s 15c would mean something costs 1 gold coin, 10 silver coins and 15 copper coins
    x3, 1x Slime Gel, 1x Wood means 1 Slime Gel and one Wood grant 3 of the item
    Tiers are there to give you an idea of what you get for an item when bartering

    More Crafting Options
    Anvil 5x Iron Bar Needed to craft Armor and some other things
    Workbench 10x Wood Needed to craft Most Basic things in Terraria
    Furnace 20x Stone, 4x Wood, 3x Torch Used to smelt ores
    Alchemy Station 1x Table atop which you put a bottle
    Chains 3x Iron Bars

    Light Sources
    Torch x3, 1x Slime Gel, 1x Wood Provides Light
    Candle 1x Gold Bar, 1x Torch
    Copper Chandelier 4x Copper Bar, 4x Torch, 1x Chain
    Gold Chandelier 4x Gold Bar, 4x Torch, 1x Chain

    Pots & Shrooms
    Lesser Healing Potion 2x, 1x Mushroom, 2x Slime Gel, 1x Bottle Heals 100 HP
    Healing Potion x2, 1x Lesser Healing Potion, 1x Glowing Mushroom Heals 200 HP
    Lesser Mana Potion 1x Fallen Star, 2x Slim Gel, 1x Bottle Restores 100 Mana
    Mushroom Heals 20 HP. Has cooldown.
    Glowing Mushroom Heals 50 HP.

    Wooden Hammer 8x Wood 2 Damage, Very slow speed, 25% Hammer Power
    Wooden Axe
    Wooden Pickaxe

    Copper Hammer 10x Copper bar, 3x wood 4 Damage, Very Slow speed, 35% Hammer Power
    Copper Axe 9x Copper Bar, 3x Wood 3 Damage, Slow speed, 8% Axe Power
    Copper Pickaxe 12x Copper Bar, 4x Wood 2 Damage, Average speed, 35% Pickaxe Power, These are great for digging holes

    Iron Hammer 10x Iron Bar 3x Wood 7 Damage, Slow speed, 45% more Hammer Power
    Iron Axe 9x Iron Bar 3x Wood 5 Damage, Slow speed, 9% Axe Power
    Iron Pickaxe 12x Iron Bar, 4x Wood 5 Damage, Fast speed, 45% Pickaxe Power

    Gold Hammer 10x Gold Bar 3x Wood 9 Damage, Slow speed, 55% Hammer Power
    Gold Axe 9x Gold Bar 3x Wood 7 Damage, Slow speed, 11% Axe Power
    Gold Pickaxe 12x Gold Bar, 4x Wood 6 Damage, Fast speed, 55% Pickaxe Power

    War Axe of the Night 10x Demonite Bar 21 Damage, Slow speed, 15% Axe Power
    Nightmare Pickaxe 12x Demonite Bar, 6x Shadow Scale 11 Damage, Fast speed, 65% Pickaxe Power

    Meteorite Hamaxe 35x Meteorite Bar 20 Damage, Slow speed, 60% Hammer Power, 20% Axe Power

    Wooden Sword 7x Wood 7 Damage, Average speed
    Wooden Bow 10x Wood 6 Damage, Slow speed

    Copper Shortsword 7x Copper Bar 6 Damage, Very Fast
    Copper Broadword 8x Copper Bar 8 Damage, Average Speed
    Copper Bow 7 Damage, Slow Speed

    Iron Shortsword 8 Damage, Very Fast Speed
    Iron Broadsword 8x Iron Bar 10 Damage, Average Speed
    Iron Bow 7x Iron Bar 8 Damage, Slow Speed

    Silver Bow 7x Silver Bar 9 Damage, Slow Speed
    Silver Broadsword 8x Silver Bar 11 Damage, Average Speed

    Gold Bow 7x Gold Bar 10 Damage, Slow Speed
    Gold Shortsword 7x Gold Bar 11 Damage, Very fast Speed
    Gold Broadsword 8x Gold Bar 13 Damage, Fast Speed

    Demon Bow 8x Demonite Bar 12 Damage, Average Speed
    Light's Bane 10x Demonite Bar 16 Damage, Fast Speed
    Yellow Phase Blade 20 Meteorite Bar, 10 Topaz 25 Damage, Average Speed, "mmmmm"
    Minishark 50g 8 Damage, Insanely fast speed, Uses Musket Balls, "Half shark, half gun, completely awesome."
    Star Cannon 1x Minishark, 20x Meteorite Bar, 5x Fallen Star 30 Damage, Slow Speed, Shoots fallen stars
    Musket Found in shadow Orbs 10 Damage, Extremely slow speed
    Flintlock Pistol 5g 4 Damage, Fast speed
    Blade of Grass Found in the Underground Jungle
    Enchanted Boomerang Found in Chests 13 Damage, Very fast speed
    Muramasa 25 Damage, Fast speed

    Mana-Using Weapons
    Vilethorn Found in shadow Orbs 8 Damage, Slow Speed, Summons a vile thorn 5 Mana/Use
    Aqua Scepter 15 damage, Slow speed, 3 Mana/Use, Sprays out a shower of water
    Magic Missile 30 damge, Fast speed, uses 15 Mana, Casts a controllable Missile
    Space Gun

    Consumable Weapons & Ammo
    Wooden Arrow 10c 4 Damage
    Flaming Arrow x5, 5x Arrow, 1x Torch 6 Damage
    Unholy Arrow 1x Demonite Bar 7 Damage, Pierces Mobs
    Jester's Arrow Found in Chests 8 Damage
    Musket Ball 10c 6 Damage
    Bones 22 Damage, Very fast speed

    Bomb Found in Pots/10s A small explosion that will destroy some tiles
    Grenade 10s 60 Damage, Snail Speed, A small explosion that will not destroy tiles
    Dynamite Found in Chests/1g Destroys most tiles in a large radius

    Shuriken Found in Pots 12 Damage, Very fast speed. "I meant to hit the Zombie"
    Vile Powder x5, 1x Vile Mushroom 8 Damage, Very fast speed.

    Copper Greaves 15x Copper Bar 1 Defense
    Copper Chainmail 25x Copper Bar 2 Defense
    Copper Helmet 30x Copper Bar 1 Defense

    Iron Chainmail 30x Iron Bar 3 Defense
    Iron Greaves 20x Iron Bar 2 Defense
    Iron Helmet 35x Iron Bar 2 Defense

    Silver Greaves 20x Silver Bar 3 Defense
    Silver Chainmail 30x Silver Bar 4 Defense

    Gold Greaves 25x Gold Bar 4 Defense
    Gold Chainmail 35x Gold Bar 5 Defense
    Gold Helmet 40x Gold Bar 2 Defense

    Meteor Leggings40x Meteorite Bar 5 Defense
    Meteor Suit 45x Meteorite Bar 6 Defense, Slowly regenerates Mana
    Meteor Helmet 50x Meteorite Bar 5 Defense, Slowly regenerates Mana

    Miner's Helmet 10g 1 Defense, Provides Light when worn
    Googles Some Iron Bars, Some Lenses 2 Defense, Likely removed from the game

    Gray Brick 2x Stone Used as a Nice stone-ish building material
    Copper Brick 1x Stone, 1x Copper ore
    Red Brick 2x Clay Block
    Silver Brick 1x Stone 1x Silver ore
    Gold Brick 1x Stone 1x Gold ore
    Obsidian Brick 2x Obsidian Same texture as stone, but darker
    Blue Brick Dungeons are made up of these
    Green Brick Dungeons are made up of these
    Pink Brick Dungeons are made up of these

    Wooden Wall x4, 1x Wood
    Dirt Wall x4, 1x Dirt
    Stone Wallx4, 1x Stone
    Gray Brick Wall x4, 1x Gray Brick
    Blue Brick Wall x4, 1x Blue Brick
    Green Brick Wall x4, 1x Green Brick
    Pink Brick Wall x4, 1x Pink Brick

    Copper Ore Found randomly around the world in packs
    Iron Ore Found randomly around the world in packs
    Silver Ore Found randomly around the world in packs
    Gold Ore Found randomly around the world in packs
    Demonite Ore Dropped by the Eye of Cthulu "Pulsing with Dark Energy"
    Meteorite Ore Found in Meteors Damages the player when touching the block

    Copper Bar 3x Copper Ore
    Iron Bar 3x Iron Ore
    Silver Bar 3x Silver Ore
    Gold Bar 4x Gold Ore
    Demonite Bar 4x Demonite Ore "Pulsing with Dark Energy"
    Meteorite Bar 6x Meteorite Ore "Warm to the touch"

    Chest 7x Wood, 2x Iron BarUsed to store things in your house
    Wooden Chair3x Wood Combined with a table these lure some NPCs to your house
    Wooden Table 8x Wood
    Wooden Door 5x Wood

    Copper Coin x100, 1x Silver Coin
    Silver Coin 100x Copper Coin or x100, 1x Gold Coin
    Gold Coin 100x Silver Coin

    Other Blocks
    Wood Harvested from Trees
    Sand Block Affected by gravity
    Cobweb Slows Players who walk trough it, even when falling
    Mud Block
    Ebonstone Block Abundant in Corruption
    Obsidian Created when water hits lava
    Hellstone Found in the third layer of the map
    Ash Block Found in the third layer of the map

    Sunflower 2sStops Corruption
    Glass 2x Sand
    Bottle x3, 1x Glass Used in crafting potions
    Grappling Hook 1x Hooks, 3x Chains Used to climb Walls quickly, 5 Damage, Fast speed
    Sign 5x Wood
    Wooden Platform 1x Wood
    Rocket Boots Allows the wearer to fly freely
    Angel Statue "It's not gonna do anything"
    Vile Mushroom Found in corrupted areas
    Snorkle Enables breathing while underwater
    Empty Bucket 3x Iron Bar
    Books Found in Dungeons
    Magic Mirror Teleports the user to his home
    Ivy Whip Found in the underground jungle sometimes Improved Version of the Grappling Hook
    Silk 10x Cobweb

    Miscellaneous Consumables
    Suspicious Looking Eye 10x Lens at a Demon altar "May cause terrrible things to occur"
    Crystal Heart Found randomly in caves Increases Life by 20 up to a maximum of 400
    Corrupt Seeds
    Mushroom Grass Seeds Earned by Chopping down Mushrooms Needs to be planted underground
    Grass Seeds 20c
    Acorns Harvested from Trees/10c Can be placed to grow new trees
    Purification Powder 75c
    Worm Food 30x Vile Powder, 15x Rotten Chunks "May attract giant worms"
    Clay Pot 6x Clay Block


    Monster drops
    Gel Obtained from Slimes"Both tasty and flammable"
    Lens Dropped by Demon Eyes Used to summon the Eye of Cthulu
    Hook Rare drop from Skeletons Combine with chains to make a grappling hook
    Rotten Chunks Dropped by Soul Eaters Looks Tasty!
    Heart Dropped by all monsters sometimes Restores 20 HP on pickup
    Star Dropped by all monsters sometimes Restores 20 MP on pickup
    Shadow Scales Dropped by the Eater of worlds

    Hermes Boots Found in Chests These Boots drastically increase your run speed
    Cloud in a Bottle Found in Chests This item allows you to double-jump
    Ring of Regeneration Found in Chests Slowly regenerates your life. The health regeneration seems stackable
    Flippers Found in Chests which are underwater Wearing these allows you to swim in Water
    Obsidian Skull 20x Obsidian 2 Defense, Grants Immunity to fire blocks
    Band of Starpower Found in shadow Orbs Slowly regenerates Mana
    Depth MeterShows the current depth of the player
    Lucky Horseshoes Mitigates fall damage
    Cobalt Shield Grants Immunity to knockback

    Mana-Related Items
    Fallen Star These fall during night but disappear at day Restores 20 Mana
    Mana Crystal 10x Fallen Star Increases the maximum mana by 20 up to a maximum of 200
    Lesser Mana Potion 1x Fallen Star, 2x Slim Gel, 1x Bottle Restores 100 Mana
    Dirt Rod 20g Allows the user to move Dirt 5 Mana/Use
    Orb of Light Found in shadow Orbs Creates a magical orb of light 40 Mana/Use

    Thanks for contributing to everyone who posted an item in this thread!
    Special thanks to: Cytrix4, TheWolfie, Xamllew, Xuhybrid and especially Farsoul, Bob_The Angry Bunny
    Thanks to Kane for the Sticky!
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  2. Cyprex

    Cyprex Squirrel

    v0.01 Reupped the old list
    v0.1 Update Information, took clay out since i think it was renamed to mud, took tiers out
    v0.1.1 Update notice in red, linked #terraria-fans
  3. Cyprex

    Cyprex Squirrel

    Post reserved for future Usage
  4. Cyprex

    Cyprex Squirrel

    Post reserved for future Usage
  5. Cyprex

    Cyprex Squirrel

    Post reserved for future Usage
  6. Blizzards

    Blizzards Green Slime

    Cyprex is my new account. The author of this list is still the same.
  7. Cytrix4

    Cytrix4 Zombie

    Well I found the item list; I was wondering where it had gotten off to.
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  8. Excitium

    Excitium Zombie

    Vilethorn can be crafted.
  9. Xair

    Xair Squirrel

    Flamarang <-- Check it out on the WIKI
  10. Bob_The Angry Bunny

    Bob_The Angry Bunny Doctor Bones

    There was the Water Bolt spell from PBats PL. I dont know damage, or mana, but it was a blue book, and the bolt would bounce off of walls

    also, you have yet to add the necro armor
  11. Victini17

    Victini17 Green Slime

  12. mokaiba

    mokaiba The Groom

    whyd you need a new account for that?
  13. Cyprex

    Cyprex Squirrel

    I am not sure if i want to stay in the clan Blizzards and after all it's my personal item list. Also, people will stop calling me Blizzards now :)
  14. MrV

    MrV Green Slime

    I found a "Breathing Reed" in a chest. It's pretty much a snorkel. :3
  15. herromotobro

    herromotobro Green Slime

    can we still use molten pickaxes?
  16. herromotobro

    herromotobro Green Slime

    is there molten pickaxe?
  17. Cardinal

    Cardinal Green Slime

    In the released version 16th may:
    Bed 15 Wood & 5 Silk Doesn't seem to do anything (yet?)
    Silk 10 Cobwebs
    Shackle Dropped by Skeleton Accessory Slot, +1 Defence

  18. chrabeusz

    chrabeusz Green Slime

    Does skeletons still drop hooks? I've killed about 50 and still nothing.
  19. Cardinal

    Cardinal Green Slime

    chrabeusz - no hooks dropped for me either. I did get a Shackle though :s.. Maybe two shackles = a hook...

    Damn you Devs, release SOME documentation will you, we are after all giving you money here.
  20. eTavish

    eTavish Green Slime

    Very Useful, thank you for that :D
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