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  1. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Damage - Featherfall Minicourse Version: 1.0.3

    This is Minicourse designed for use with the featherfall potion containing 4 Levels where you will need to use the featherfall potions effects to navigate the levels.

    Currently there are also some extra challenges requiring featherfall potion in the map
    as well as some small normal parkour challenges.

    Overview of map
    -Overall difficulty range of map unkown (I'd say medium-hard)
    -Made to support 1-8 players
    -4 levels + some optional hard parkour jumps and other challenges
    -playtime: 10mins-1hr+ (based on your skill level / knowledge of these mechanics)

    A great Installation guide for terraria maps can be found here:
    However if you already have 5 worlds you will need to back one of them up and then replace with this one. You do not have to rename the file for it to work.

    Start a new character
    Read the signs for directions
    Try not to break any blocks
    (none are needed to be broken to complete the map, cobwebs you make break if you want or excess sand)
    Take the torches off the walls if you want
    Common sense ;p


    Overview of the map

    One section of the map - Yes my trees are pink ;p (using a texture pack)

    Grievances will be considered and feedback + bug reports are appreciated.

    Lets Play's

    Alternate Download link: (901kb)

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  2. Matthew Dryden

    Matthew Dryden Green Slime

    To start with, it was nice being out of the freaking dungeon.

    Next, the parkour in this map was much easier having know learned the mechanics of bows and featherfall...but the sand part was ingenious! What a clever way of using it!

    The spelunker potion at the end...very clever! and awesome!
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  3. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    Ok, I bit. Mostly out of sheer silly hope that featherfall potions would somehow make me like parkour a bit more. I still die repeatedly, but this map was certainly clever and interesting. Feedback is mostly flow/map related. My performance on the parkour isn't worth thinking about.

    Don't read this if you haven't played already (open)
    One of the first things I noticed was the chest at the beginning would take a little bit longer to sort out on multiplayer than it would if you organized it slightly differently. I reorganized one to show you what I mean:

    Not worth fixing on this map but something to think about in the future - this lets each player grab a row since it is immediately obvious how much of each item is in the chest. (Yes, teeny tiny gripe. I notice teeny tiny things :p )

    Another small detail like that was the intersection of the "easy" and "hard" parkour routes to the featherfall course. An arrow on the background wall pointing the way would go a long way towards making it obvious that you're not supposed to backtrack to the other route. (I actually went partway back down the "hard" route until I realized that it was connecting back to the cave at the beginning.)

    The third thing I noticed, and probably the most major, was that you are given the bow two challenges earlier than you get any arrows for it and then are given another bow when you get to the hellfire arrow section. This felt a bit redundant and left me wondering if I'd somehow missed a stash of arrows for my currently useless bow.
    Side note: Why did I need the boots? The only place I used them was to get that chest below after setting my spawn.

    Other notes:
    • I either did the water section wrong (very possible) or it was many times easier than the previous two sections. I used the damage from the hellstone to ricochet my way to the end (didn't grab the bonus chest).
    • The use for the sand took a lot of playing with. I figured out fairly quickly that I was supposed to damage myself with it but never could find the correct angle. I kept knocking myself back/down instead of forward/up. With a single stack of sand I built myself a tower and skipped the section completely. Cheater cheater me.
    • The signs could be improved to be a bit more clear about which accessories you are intended to have on each section. The only ones that say specifically are the sand challenge and the very first featherfall section.
    • Love the use of spelunker pots to reveal hidden messages. Never would have though of it, but that just made me grin.
    • The spider web bit to the left at the very beginning just made you feel clever, as did the tunnel up out of the "hard" way into the course. Both were fun, if slow, and made you think about how your momentum was changed.
    • Your time estimate is probably very low. Even cheating horribly it took me about an hour to poke my way through the map since I was stopping to read every sign, click on the bed a half dozen times, and check every chest.
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  4. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Thanks for the feedback, ill get to work on a small update to fix all the things you've suggested, even though it is just a small ideas map its best to get it done right.

    I feel like I did some silly things which you pointed out. (late night syndrome strikes again)

    Cheers for feedback (open)

    Ty for amazing feedback =)

    Mostly I just wanted to get the ideas in this map out in the open so other people could use them/make their own derivatives if they've never seen it before.
    - Sand + Featherfall and using walls to initiate
    - Featherfall + Cobwebs
    - Hidden message / hint use ( idea behind this being in an adventure map the player would recieve limited 'hint' potions and if they got stuck they could use it and reveal the main path/secrets etc. )
    The rest I think everyone is fairly familiar with by now.

    I'm not sure why I arranged the chests by column rather than row...
    I usually do it the other way eheh, i'll switch that up when I update the map.

    I'll try to add some sort of very obvious "Go this way" Arrow in the sky (probablly walls again) for the intersect between the two areas.

    I generally try to avoid explaining fully the "how to's" on how to get past obstacles so i'm glad you figured out how to do the sand part =)
    ( I intentionally made some of the angles in it difficult, at one point you have to reach as high as you can just to reach a wall to use sand in, then dodge into the sand as it falls )

    I'll get rid of the redundant bows and replace with with more hermes boots from the storage =)
    (initial plans were changed forgot to change the chest, sorry about the confusion)

    As you said the signs could be alot clearer, I was kind of rushing it.
    Rocket boots are meant for the first part, the secret chest you went for, the water area and last area to make it easier so i'll reword the signs as well to reflect this. ( as well as in the hard parkour section and also the challenge featherfall level )

    Cheers for posting your rough time, ill change the op to reflect this.

    Thanks for taking the time to post feedback
  5. Dsc

    Dsc Clinger

    Dsc plays!

  6. Homam

    Homam Bone Serpent

    Hillarious! But, looks too hard! Gonna give it a try ASAP! :D
  7. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Updated to 1.0.1
    -Reworded/added to all the signs at the start of each level
    -Rearranged equipment in chests and removed alot of redundant items
    -Added some extra wall pads, using a different wall type so people can challenge themselves if they choose to.
    -Attempted to make "where to go" Very clear for first featherfall level (arrow, multiple signs saying go that way etc)
    Everything else mostly unchanged.

    Updated to version: hb to get map working for 1.0.6
    -removed goldfish (spamming doesn't work anymore)
    replaced with regeneration potions (its not the same but it'll have to do)
    -reworded signs
    -added shortcut to last hard section since its also featherfall
    -added explantion sign for featherfall level 3
    -added woodenplatform checkpoints inside level 4 featherfall so you have time to heal up now
    -reworked final chest items and end path =)

    gg patch1.0.6 I win ;p
    I look forward to our next battle in 1.1.0

    Try it singleplayer since the sand mechanics are alot harder to pull off on a multiplayer server.
    The map in general is actually alot easier than it's supposed to be since this was made pre1.0.6
  8. nex122399

    nex122399 The Groom

    it is a nice map but i ran out of mana add mana potions in the map somewhere and a was about to rage when i found out nature's gift didnt give you mana/hp when you respawn and i raged in the first part and i hope you make another one involing the 1.0.5 potions like obsidian skin or gills
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  9. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Cheers for playing, it was made during 1.0.5 so all the items were meant to be balanced for the mechanics back then.

    The first part(assuming you took the left route and into the hard parkour) is kind of trivial now since they removed the boost from hellstone blocks. Had to put in some spikes as platforms to just make them doable, wasn't going to redesign the entire layout just beacuse of the changes sorry.

    Yeah the changes to the nature's gift and the nerf to the potions has made making parkour maps a bit more challenging since we can no longer create long expansive continuously dangerous chambers without checkpoints or wait points. (eg the wooden platforms in the final featherfall part)

    I had considered making maps based off obsidian skin(however it had already been done before I got to it) and I had a amazing idea for the gills potion but the patch was kind of disheartening so I kind of threw it out the window and investigated the new lighting mechanics instead.

    Anyway I'm rambling again..
    Hope you managed to enjoy some parts of the map.
  10. nex122399

    nex122399 The Groom

    lol i just had a regen pot on during the whole thing because i am getting use to new keyboard so i was walking into spikes/lava/hellstone a lot and i like what you did at the end very creative
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  11. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Just when this thread was nice and buried like I like it and then you go and bump it =/

    Oh well might as well update the map.
    Edited sand level sign to include multiplayer mechanic of getting through the level.
    Now should be easier to do in multiplayer than trying to force the singleplayer method.

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