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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Kane, Jun 1, 2011.

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    Dedicated Servers are a thing of the very near future for Terraria! Sometime within the next week or so Terraria 1.0.3 will be releasing. With Terraria 1.0.3 comes the new Dedicated Server executable that has DX stripped out so you can run it on your dedicated Windows box without having to have a special dedicated video card.

    So many settings and features will also be included like admin commands, configuration settings to toggle features such as Blood Moons, Goblin Attacks, and much much more. You can even make dedicated PVP servers where everyone is force-flagged.

    The biggest feature is that play cap is being removed for multiplayer and if your machine can handle it you can have up to 255 players online at once.

    Just remember this post covers only the new dedicated server features; there is even more new content coming in 1.0.3 so stay tuned!
  2. Newkirk

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    Awesome news! Finally dedicated servers, we really needed those. :D
  3. Dizy

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    Woo! Sounds great!
  4. Jimothy

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    Can't wait, awesome news!
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  8. SynthAura

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    YES! This will help soooo much!
  9. oldnesjunkie

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    SWEET !!!!:eek:

    Quick question, how much will this lower system requirements for hosting ??
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    wewt =D
  12. Mom

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    I couldn't help to think that Jimothy upload that pic as his avatar just to post this message. lmao

    But this is great news indeed! Dedicated servers from a dedicated staff.
  13. TheWolfie

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    this is going to be soooo fun =3
  14. SynthAura

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    Nice, can't wait!!!
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    What are the system requirements for this Dedicated server client? Or system resources usage?

    Also will we, as hosts, need to run two instances and this client? (Makes sense, just to be clear)

    Overall the dedicated server sounds really nice and the admin controls are welcomed. Also the new modes this will offer, like strictly PVP, should be fun.

    255 players on a single map is a bit overkill. I think the cap should be restricted to 24. even at that imagine 24 players within a small area.

  18. Junn

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    o_o awestruck.....this is going to be awesome!

    EDIT:the 255 player will end up becoming a double edged sword...that...is a little too much.
  19. Varkarrus

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  20. Direcious

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    Already 1.0.3! =D

    Also I Cant wait until the secret content. :3

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