Demonite ore?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Da_Boss, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Da_Boss

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    So, my dude has all iron armor and a silver helmet, and a gold sword, musket, about 200 spikey balls, an enchanted boomarand, spear, and a boat load of bombs. I have 200 health, bearly defeated the goblin army, expecting to get the harpoon gun, but didn't, and now I can't defeat skeletron, and if I can't do that, I can't defeat the eye of Cathulu. I thought I could make a demonite axe, but I need 10 demonite bars, and I have 2. Is there any way to duplicate, or do I just mine for a realy, realy, REALY long time?
  2. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    You will have to beat the Eye of Cuthulu or the Eater of Worlds to get Demonite productively and efficiently.

    Keep trying. :p

    The Eye of Cuthulu is way easier than Skeletron.
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  3. Da_Boss

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    thank you, hopefuly I can actually kill the eye before sunrize
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  4. Bullseye55

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    Having a set of Gold Armor also helps newer players. Gold can be found in the Cavern Layer, gray background. About where you see Skeletons spawn.
  5. Da_Boss

    Da_Boss Green Slime

    Yea, I kinda was being dumb and wasted most of my gold on a pick thinking it could break the stone in the corruption, didn't work out so well...:oops:
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  6. Bullseye55

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    Don't worry. :p

    A Gold pick and above can break meteorite.

    To get to the shadow orbs, only break one:

    1. Get some bombs in a cave.

    2. Build some NPC houses.

    3. Demolitionist moves in.

    4. Buy explosives from him.

    5. Blast the Ebonstone(Corrupt Stone) with the explosives.

    6. Hammer the Shadow Orb.

    This is an alternate path, though it still goes back to fighting the Eater of Worlds. Feel free to request help there too. :)
  7. Da_Boss

    Da_Boss Green Slime

    Yea, I already broke a shodow orb, and once I got the musket, I died
  8. NyanTarts

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    To add on, buy Shurikens (about 200ish) from the Merchant as it will help you a lot while fighting him. You can make Ironskin potions to reduce the damage you get especially when he turns into his second form. You can kill him over and over again to get all the current tools and weapons you can make with the only Demonite Bars, but to get the Demonite Pickaxe and the Demonite armor, you will have to fight Eater of Worlds to get the scales to make them.

    Oh, and Spelunker Potions will help you a lot when finding ores like gold, as they can be frequently be found above the ceiling of The Underworld.
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  9. Da_Boss

    Da_Boss Green Slime

    Thank you, I will try both of your suggestsions
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