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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Philly D, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. foodmetaphors Cursed Skull

  2. bobbykilla95 Eskimo Zombie

    Mine... Nice, firm, and clean for all of my icons XD EDIT: Made the squiggly line thing in photoshop..
  3. Nappa Green Slime

    I have the default windows one :cool:
  4. Gaijin Green Slime

    At 1680x1050

    I thoght mine was cool.
  6. Us Strike Demon Eye

    Mine is a Thing i made in belnder but i am not on my pc now so i will post it later.
  7. zol Green Slime

    I thought there was already a thread on this....oh well.

  8. Rip Angry Nimbus

    There are at least 3 current ones. Several more dead ones.
  9. Rich Voodoo Demon

    Am I the only one that just uses the basic one that came with the computer? :confused:
  10. shipoopie Cursed Skull

    no your not i do the same thing
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