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Discussion in 'PC' started by shanesflufy, Oct 4, 2013.

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  1. shanesflufy Cave Bat

    First off I'd like to say, I did not hack these items in, someone else did. I got them from an all item map. Secondly, don't flame me about abusing the game blah blah, I'm not wearing them, I just like looking at them on a mannequin because of how awesome they look, almost like paying my respects to Redigit and his team by looking at them every time I come back to base.
    Anyway, this is for people to see what they look like in case anyone was wondering.
    Also, Jim's stuff is a little glitched I think. When you add his legs to the mannequin, it makes the chest dissappear. And I'm not sure if the tiara went on Cenx's dress or armor set, or if I missed out on grabbing a helmet of some sorts.

    Anyway enjoy to those who were curious.
    ORDER FROM RIGHT TO LEFT- Red, Cenx armor, Cenx dress, Jim (jimmarn), Will (phlebas), Aaron, D-Town, and Crowno.

  2. QuackersDelta Fungi Bulb

    Well its not like you CAN wear them.
    Anyway, they look pretty nice, I can see why people are going crazy over them.
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  3. shanesflufy Cave Bat

    Yeah but they're the Devs, so they deserve the right to keep them to themselves, for the most part at least :p. But at least its cool they let them be spawnable to put on display
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  4. Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    "Changelog Dev armors now exit and uninstall Terraria when detected."
  5. shanesflufy Cave Bat

    That.....would blow. There goes my world lol. I honestly don't see any harm in just looking at them.
  6. Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Me neither, but I have a knack for trying to guess how a dev can make things... Interesting.
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  7. shanesflufy Cave Bat

    That's not interesting, just cruel lol. I'd be fine with an explosion destroying blocks when I load up the world but not deletion lmao
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  8. piinyouri Lava Slime

    Oh that's what they look like? Wow, they actually put effort into those. I was under the impression that it was some janky recolor of something else with uber stats or something.
    I can see why people would want those.
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  9. Chadwick9000 Wandering Eye

    You're thinking of 505games, not Re-Logic.
    Anyway, I still don't see why people are going all crazy about it.
    Some of them really aren't that great in my opinion.
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  10. Vizendel Fire Imp

    D-Towns armour is still the best.
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  11. Lucas Watson Zombie

    They are really cool! I like how you now combust into flames if you are caught wearing them on a MP server now :D
    No joke. You will catch fire and receive countless debuffs if you put em on.
  12. Charmander27 Eyezor

    I'm not sure why they don't have them just act as vanity items, Crowno's armor is probably the coolest set in the game.
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  13. QuackersDelta Fungi Bulb

    Because the devs need something.
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  14. Eater of Forums Cursed Skull

    I wish I could see them, but I can't. The image is broken. Care to fix it?
  15. shanesflufy Cave Bat

    woops accidently deleted pic, fixed now
  16. piinyouri Lava Slime

    Wait, I just realized..
    Are they all supposed to be references from other games or media?

    Red's looks very similar to Golbez from Final Fantasy 4.
    The space suit looking one is from Edge of Space isn't it?
    The one on the far left looks like the doctor outfit from Assassins Creed Brotherhood.
    And the one to the right of that looks like something from Dark Souls.
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  17. Charmander27 Eyezor

    Yeah, the only special set which I don't like much is D-Town's armor. So, what exactly does it do when you put them on? I hear it debuffs you, but couldn't you just wear the Ankh Shield to counter it?
  18. Elk160 Penguin

    i just tried that but you still get blackout, the walking on fire and -1000 defence
  19. Blu Moderator

    One of them sets you on fire and immobilizes you, IIRC. They exist as vanity only, so I'm baffled people are so obsessed with hacking them in - whatever they can't have, they want most of all. Looks great on display, though.
  20. Vizendel Fire Imp

    It's because the dev armour is by FAR the best looking.
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