Devil's War Call

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    Devil's War call

    This is a sequel to Terraria generations

    You don't have to read the first story because the prologue explains most things, but it might make more sense.

    [7/12/12]Double chapter debut (prologue+chapter 1)


    To my dear Esther,

    It's been a while since I last wrote, and thus I am sorry a lot has happened and I haven't had time to write. The war effort tug-of-war is starting to lean to our side, it's about time I'd say. We pushed their forces back from Hurlan, partly at least, I'm confident we will be able to take it from them soon. The prisoners there were important, mages, powerful and wise, unfortunately very little were in shape to fight. Those who were...had gone insane. Who knows what he did to them...
    In the very deepest of the dungeon we found the elder Mage he was the last Wizard, he was unharmed but chained with demon shackles. We tried everything to release him, nothing worked.
    He looked at us with hollowed eyes and a slight grin saying,
    "Fate ain't gonna lemme leave this place alive, wastin' time on a ol'e hag like me ain't gonna help 'em un' ones. Leave me in piece." He closed his tired eyes and sighed.
    Me and my men left the dungeon with heavy hearts and went back to the camp which we had set up in the town square with the mages which we had released from the dungeon. There were other soldiers which we had found seemingly forgotten by Doom, they came with us.
    Our commander, Morgan, was growing old quickly, you could see the war taxing his body. Streaks of white went through his dry hair, wrinkles starting to show on his frowned forehead, his muscles which he had relied on so long started to sag and his knuckles had started to swell from arthritis. He couldn't retire in the breaking point of war, but you could see that the next time he went into the battlefield he wouldn't come back.
    I was constantly urging him to retire, as second in command I care for the well being of Morgan, but I also secretly want to lead my squadron to victory.
    Morgan is a stubborn one so he refused each time saying, "I don't want you to have the death of your comrades on your conscience, your too young." And that was it.
    Eventually he will crack but I fear by then it'll be too late.

    Last week Doom came out to fight with his soldiers, we clashed at the Montgomery River. There was no flowing river, it was just a muddy dam surrounded by fields of dead grass and corrupted grass. Do not fret it was only purple grass no monsters showed up.
    It was a sunny day and the atmosphere was brighter than usual, the reason for this was that the goblins were retreating.
    It seemed they had figure out that they weren't going to get riches beyond their dreams or acres of land when the war was over. Our scouts told that the ships are heading east instead of west, no one knows where their going just as long as they never come back.
    There leader, Ark' rashak, is in chains somewhere in the royal dungeon.
    Morgan lead the charge at Doom's forces, Doom was camping at the back of his forces with his hood over his head. No wonder that he was once mistaken for the grim reaper.
    He watched for a while before getting bored, Doom pulled out a slim pink blade, it shined under the sun.
    Our Army was prepared for this, I pulled out a hollowed bull horn and blew, a deep, muffled noise resonated through the battlefield. That was our armies warning call, the enemy seemed to acknowledge that their leader would also be firing down on them. So we all stepped away from the opposing army and put on some iron hats, funnily enough the enemy repeated the same action. Usually we would of already had our hats on but Doom surprised attack our camps by the river. Their arches started firing down on us and screams went through the battlefield, no doubt the tips of the arrows were on fire.
    The grass caught fire luckily it was stomped down quickly. Our own arches were getting to the battlefield as fast they could.
    I was in heat of battle with a guy with a metal lance, he thrust forward aiming to stab me through the heart, I evaded it to the left and brought up my silver blade before forcing it through the gap in his armor between his head and neck. I felt my blade hit home.
    I pulled out my blade and about a tenth of the guys blood, needless to say he was dead.
    I was about to get back into the battle when a bitter cold washed over my body, I felt a blade against my neck, the battlefield seemed to silence. I raised my head an inch to see a hooded face looking at me curiously, he squat down to my current height and said something that shook me to the bones,
    "Sullivan?" He looked again, "No, your his brat."
    I couldn't move, I was paralyzed. Mother always said father died from a mine explosion, I remember when she cried so much when I joined the army, she later died from pneumonia.
    Our forces were pushing them back. My senses recovered and I realized that I was in a dangerous situation but it was also an opportunity. Doom was rambling on about some nonsensical shit, I started to see his blade lower a millimeter and used it as a time to strike.
    Jumping back I swung my leg up kicking him on the chin, he cursed as he bit his tongue - drawing blood. I picked up my blade and swung it down as he was reeling. Doom saw the oncoming blood and attempted to evade by lunging to the right but it wasn't enough, with my full swing I raggedly cut through his left elbow.
    His scream nearly deafened me.
    I attempted to get another swing at him but his soldiers jumped in front and parried the attack, I jumped back and started retreating, my body exhausted. I blacked out and woke up in a camp bed.
    The devil calls for bloodshed, I will write to you again soon but not too soon, war don't wait for letters I'm sure you'd know that.

    "This land has been holding its breath for so long that the air starvation has already caused permanent damage, if we hold it any longer this land will die. I know it's nearly over but once it's done we will never recover from the damage which has already been done."
    The king said this, heard it from him myself, he knows its nearly over.

    God bless

    -From Your Love Cpt. Ryan Sullivan, 4th squadron

    P.s Still no word from the ninja clans, bloody cowards they all are first sight of war and they turn tail and run.

    Chapter 1

    "It's not good enough Enoch," Doom growled. Enoch's eyes narrowed, he was not used to listening to orders. Someone scolding him seriously pissed him off but Enoch wasn't stupid in fact he was once considered one of the most ingenious man to ever live. He was former Wizard, the youngest to ever live but his title was stripped when he went renegade, believing that the laws of the Guilds restricted the Magicians from greatness. He left looking to revolutionize the world, that's when he heard of a foolhardy assassin who had killed the king.
    Naturally Enoch seemed him out.
    The damage on Doom's arm was severe, bits of flesh drooped raggedly, the white bone could be seen under the dripping blood. Pain could be visibly seen on Doom.
    "That is a really nasty cut."
    Doom responded in stare which probably would of made Cthulhu cry. Enoch looked away before his eyes were bored out.
    He took out a red pot and poured it on the nasty wound, it sizzled and bubbled as it killed off bacteria and attempted to seal the wound.
    The wound still looked as bad as it had before but it had cleared away the bacteria and dried the edges. Enoch concentrated around his fingers and summoned a ball of flame on the palm of his hand, he put the flame against the wound to seal it.
    Doom barked in response, "What. THE. FU-," before he could finish his sentence Enoch increased the size of the flame and released it. The flaming ball dispersed around Doom's shoulder, the pain could be visibly seen on his face. Tears burst from his eyes.
    Enoch couldn't help but feel smug,
    "Oh, how is the great Doom crying how very shameful."
    Doom responded through clenched teeth, "....fuuuuu...yooou...."
    "That is very mature."
    Enoch knew that he would be punished severely for his actions but he didn't care. He sewed up the wound with silk before putting some medicinal liquid on it for good measure. Enoch bandaged it up and attached a wooden cast over the wound.
    "There, done."
    Doom got up and into a sitting position and moved around what was left of his arm. When he was satisfied he swung a punch powered by absolute hatred.
    Enoch ducked neatly, the punch missed by a mile.
    Doom growled and picked up his grassed blade, "I'm going to enjoy this."
    "We both know his stronger here."
    "I don't give two shits that you were raised up as a ninja, all ninjas are bloody cowards." Doom practically spat out the sentence.
    "So be it."
    Enoch watched carefully at the shining blade giving off a green tinge, ready to evade it. Both of them were rounding each other both like coiled springs ready to pounce. Enoch scanned the cobblestoned room to find any escape holes, Doom sensing the distraction pounced, the green blade whistling as it was brought down towards Enoch.
    Enoch gracefully evaded it and advanced forward. Locking onto the pressure point between Doom's head and neck. He jabbed with two fingers forcing the flesh back, disconnecting the nerves to the brain temporarily.
    Doom collapsed on the floor as his nervous shut down, his blade slid away harmlessly. Enoch watched the twitching mess, he stood over him,
    "What happened Matthew? You were once such a good person, what corrupted you?"
    Doom's pupil's dilated. The veins in his eyes, clearly seen. Foam started leaking from his mouth as he started hyperventilating. Enoch saw a movie being played in Doom's eyes.
    A flashback
    The sun was starting to set as a black clad figure trudged though the grass. There was a distant roar, as the sky reddened, the sun lowered under the mountains.
    The cold was unforgiving and red demon eyes lurked around the figure waiting for a chance to strike. A silver blade hung from the cape of the figure it flashed in the eyes of the enemies daring them to come closer. The earth rumbled as the creature approached. A giant eye from the distant land of Cthulhu.
    In a second the eye was upon the figure, its eye glaring into the hood. In one swift movement the silver blade stabbed at the Demon's body. The hard skin of the Eye took most of the blow but didn't leave it unscathed. Screeching it attacked, the Demon moved swiftly with a ear piercing screech.
    Matt lunged to the left only barely avoiding the Eye, his lungs were already strained from exertion. He got up, sword at the ready. The Demon was nowhere in sight but Matt knew it was watching him.
    He felt the slightest tingle on his neck in a split second he turned around to see six rows of purple needle sharp teeth glaring down at him.
    It roared fiercely as it attacked.

    Doom cursed as he hit his head hard on the cobblestone floor, he had a pounding headache and a numb body. He lied there for a moment to recollect the past, he cursed again. "That damned Enoch, fucking hell..." he picked up his green tinged blade and got ready to go hunting.
    Enoch couldn't of gone far, all exits of the city we're manned by soldiers. He went to check the south gate, when he reached it he saw guards arguing with a man in a large straw hat, the hat covered the whole mans head, and he wore leathered gloves, pants, jacket, shirt and shoes covering his whole body, not revealing any of his skin. The colors were patched from brown, black, blue and purple.
    "I'm just a merchant looking to make a living,"
    "You expect us to believe that? You show no license to be a merchant and we can't even see your face!"
    "What do you have to sell?" The mysterious man and guards all looked at Doom in surprise. The man regained his composure and showed off his merchandise.
    "Well first off I'd like to show off my boots, now these aren't any ordinary boots..." The man rambled on about his products and Doom watched carefully to confirm his suspicions. Halfway through his sentence Doom waved his hand signaling him to stop.
    "Come with me."
    And so the man obediently followed Doom into the city. The gates boomed behind them as they were closed.
    The merchant looked around curiously at first before he got progressively more nervous and really no one could blame him, the city itself was relatively safe with stable structures and stone houses. It could be almost be passed as normal if you ignored the horrible stench coming from the meat markets which smelled of rotten flesh. What was more alarming was that it was not animal flesh. Beads of sweat started swarming on the merchant's forehead as he saw a large tree stump in the city square with fresh blood spattered across it and axe stuck in the middle of the tree stump.
    He considered turning around and making a run for it but he changed his mind after seeing the green blade at the hip of the hooded figure. The large castle in the middle of the city loomed over him like a lion might over a small mouse.
    "You're a goblin yeah?" The merchant was caught off guard by the question but decided that it was not the time to lie.
    "Yeah...wha..w..what do you want with me?"
    Doom looked over his shoulder showing one black eye to the goblin,
    "Do you know where they've gone?"
    The goblin responded bitterly, "No they left me behind, or should I so I missed my ride? Either way they didn't go back to Gorban, I'm stuck here until I can get the money to buy a ship back home."
    Doom stopped walking and cocked his head at the response, originally he planned to beat the answers out of the goblin before killing him but a new opportunity had arose.
    "How about.... I buy you a new ship, if you serve as a soldier for me?"
    The goblin scratched his chin for a moment considering the offer, he viewed Doom as a unstable, insane dictator and he was absolutely correct. Refusing the offer would most certainly mean death and to become a soldier would mean killing others, originally the goblin, Relles, had come as a politician believe it or not.
    It was basically a lose-lose situation but he could run away the second he was out of Doom's sight.
    "I'll accept your offer,"
    "Oh, good. Now your first job is to find a guy named Enoch he has black hair and should be roaming around the city somewhere, find him and kill him and..." Doom got out a large stone bracelet before Relles could react. He forced the close fitting bracelet onto his wrist.
    "In the bracelet you are wearing right now are four small grenades, there is lit fuse in it which will go off in twelve hours. I can cut it off with this blade," Doom raised his grassed blade in example. "Get Enoch and I will release you."
    The goblin had paled to a ghostly white, his wrist heavy at his side.
    "You don't want to waste time do you? c'mon off you go." Doom spoke as if he were sending a boy to play in the park when in reality he was sending a man to the gallows.

    Gorban; land of goblins in goblin tongue.

    Ninja war in the next chapter, I'll see when I can get one in, hope to get it in a week 2 at the max.
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    Good to see you back :p

    I had better catch up on the end of Terraria Generations before reading anymore though xP

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