Dirt Turns To Mud When Touched By Water.

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Raccoon Sam, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Raccoon Sam

    Raccoon Sam Dark Caster

    Pretty much what the tiltle says. When water touches dirt, it turns to mud, the when water moves away from the new mud, it slowly dreis and becomes dirt again. Thats one of the things I think is missing in Terraria :D. Tell me what you guys think?
  2. Tommyx42

    Tommyx42 Cursed Skull

    Sound interesting :)
  3. Thunderchild

    Thunderchild Green Slime

    I think that, given mud's importance for mushroom farming, it ought not dry out over time. Perhaps mud+lava=dirt?
  4. Raccoon Sam

    Raccoon Sam Dark Caster

    I mean mud that has recently been touched by water. Or, if its in a cave, it could stay as mud, since its wet and cool in caves.
  5. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    I think it would be good. Maybe they could add a watering can if they do this and add farming..?
  6. Fuber

    Fuber Penguin

    It may be difficult to convey to player which kind of "mud" is new mud and etc.

    I would suggest the following.
    Dirt -> Mud
    Dirt will convert to mud if there's water directly above it (not just adjacent, above, perhaps relax that to within 3 blocks above the dirt). So most body of water would have at least a layer of mud below it

    Mud -> Dirt
    Mud will convert to dirt if all the followings had been met.
    1. It's not next to water.
    2. It's not below "0 ft" elevation (must be above ground).
    3. It must sit in front of an open back-ground wall (the background of the mud-block must be sky).
    4. The top of the block is clear (cannot have another block on top of it).
    5. The block must not have stuff growing on it (either jungle grass or glowing mushroom, either one will keep mud as mud regardless of situation.

    Having lava adjacent (maybe within 3 block of the mud) overrides condition 1~4, and will convert mud -> dirt if condition 5 is met.

    These behavior applies to all mud and dirt, not just recently converted one.
    So if you harvested a lot of mud, you can turn them into dirt by fulfilling condition 1~5 for mud->dirt, or just place lava nearby and fulfill condition 5.
    It's easier to make mud, have a pit of dirt covered with a layer of water, sooner or later you get mud.
  7. Fuber

    Fuber Penguin

    Perhaps watering can is not needed, buckets may be sufficient.

    Or we can always use the "magic" component, have wand that can "toggle" between different types of basic blocks (like dirt, mud, clay, etc. Obviously, no ores).
  8. Descole

    Descole Green Slime

    They should improve some more important things first.
    But a nice idea. :)
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  9. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    Or... maybe the Aqua Scepter could come in to use!

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