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  1. Stray_Mongrel

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    Since I updated, my client keeps disconnecting from the server whenever I click another window, like Firefox, or Steam.

    Is there a setting I need to adjust on my server or client to fix this?

    Ok, so I am adding the bug report data:

    *Your games version number: 1.0.5

    *What you feel caused the bug: Clicking the Firefox Window to shift the focus from Terraria to my Web Browser for a few seconds.

    *Error Information: There was no error message, just the start menu.

    *Screenshots: I believe we are all familiar with the initial start menu.

    *Your Version of Windows, memory, and other PC info:
    Clientside: Windows 7 64-bit, Running on a laptop with an Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T7700. 4Gig of Ram, and using nVidia GeForce 8600m GT.

    Serverside: Windows XP 32-bit, Running on a desktop with an Athalon XP 3200+. 1Gig of Ram.

    * Crashlog.txt Text- Game didn't crash, it just boots me off the server, which incidentally is 2 feet away from this machine.
  2. Thyrius

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    Man its very strange.

    I think Terraria doesn't take too long to download, so redownload it and try to do that again.

    If doens't work again, let me know :)
  3. Stray_Mongrel

    Stray_Mongrel Green Slime

    I figured out what was happening.

    I would be playing and get to a point where I opened inventory/crafting menu, and I'd switch to Firefox quickly to look up a recipe, or tidbit on wiki, and meanwhile, the game is still accepting commands from the keyboard and mouse. In the process of navigating in Firefox, it would activate the "Disconnect" command in Terraria while it was in the background. This only happens on the server, because the game does not pause when the window is backgrounded, like it does in single player.

    I would classify this as a bug, albeit a minor bug, now that I know what's happening, and I can take preventative measures by making sure to close the inventory screen before switching to my web browser or other windows. This ensures I don't activate the "Disconnect" button, but can still spam potions if they are selected.

    I am surprised nobody else has had this problem.

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