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  1. Rydian

    Rydian Blood Crawler


    I no longer plan to update/maintain this trainer, for two main reasons.
    1. Terraria, unlike other games, changes a lot internally each update.
      Partial Explanation (open)
      In, the part of the player structure for your health and max health looked like this.
      5ead3aa8  40013da      228         System.Int32  1 instance      500 statLifeMax
      5ead3aa8  40013db      22c         System.Int32  1 instance      500 statLife
      Max health was offset +228, current health was offset +22c.

      In 1.2.4, it's...
      59d63aa8  4001761      250         System.Int32  1 instance      240 statLifeMax
      59d63aa8  4001762      254         System.Int32  1 instance      240 statLifeMax2
      59d63aa8  4001763      258         System.Int32  1 instance      225 statLife
      Max health is offset +250, current health is offset +258, and there's an offset +254 between them now for something else.

      This is just one example of how the structure changed. All the structures I've seen tend to change their offsets around, which not only changes how and where the data is located/organized in RAM, but also changes the code controlling all the player's stats in-game. This means that each Terraria update actually shares very little compiled assembly code with the previous one, unlike most games.
      Due to the above and other quirks with the way Terraria is built and runs, every time Terraria updates, I have to re-make almost 3/4ths of the trainer from scratch. This takes a few hours each time.

    2. Terraria is almost three years old at this time, and I simply don't play it much. I'm tired of re-doing that work it for a game I rarely even play anymore every time it updates.

    However, anybody else can make a continuation if they want.
    (Just if you copy some of my stuff directly, include credit.)

    Below this line is the original first post, including download links for the older versions.

    This is not a third-party client. This is a tool that you run alongside the official game.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Last Update: 2/19/2014
    Updated for, fixed the remaining scripts I'm bothering to keep updated.

    Videos (open)
    Here's a quick 1.2 video showing the trainer working with some older codes.

    And here's a bigger video showing some effects from the initial 1.1 version I made and explaining some of how this works.

    Download For
    Download For 1.2.3:
    Download For 1.2.2:
    Download For 1.1:

    1. Admin access. This is a program that modifies the memory/assembly of another running program, and under recent versions of Windows programs need admin rights to do that. It'll ask automatically, just be warned that if you can't give it admin rights it can't work properly.
    2. A legit, unmodded version of Terraria, launched from Steam.
    3. .NET framework 4.5.1. If you still only have 4.0, some cheats might not work. Seriously people, I'm bolding this so that you read it. Most people still have an old version of .NET installed, so if some codes don't work you should update.
    1. Start Terraria, let it get to the title screen.
    2. Start the trainer.
    3. Click "About" for important info about enabling the codes.
    4. Press the shortcut key to enable a code. It'll take anywhere from 1-5 or more seconds to scan, and if successful it'll turn red to show that the cheat is enabled. Press the same shortcut again to turn the cheat off.
    "But what about griefers?" You ask? If a server is worried about griefers then the server shouldn't be running vanilla and be open to everybody. Tshock, on the other hand, is well aware of cheats like this, and can and will cause kicks/bans with the various anti-cheat plugins available for it. This trainer makes no attempts to bypass any of tshock's protections (or any other server cheat protections that may exist) and I will not be adding any circumvention to this. If a server owner does not want you using this on their server and you try anyways and get banned, that's your own fault.

  2. skulledrebel

    skulledrebel Zombie

    Sounds useful enough under certain circumstance. Is this with or without tConfig? I assume without as I've seen things like this already done with tConfig.
  3. Rydian

    Rydian Blood Crawler

    It's without, it's a standalone executable that hooks into Terraria.exe when you launch it.

    I sorta' stopped playing Terraria before Tconfig came out... so I don't know if this will even work with it, been way too lazy to mess with it.
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  4. skulledrebel

    skulledrebel Zombie

    It's just convenience then if it works with it. I'll check it out my self since I've not got much else to do.

    I've seen similar things like this available with tConfig but nothing that is exactly the same for whatever that's worth. Plus this tool of yours is available without tConfig and I would think that will stand out for some people.
  5. Ijwu

    Ijwu Crimera

    I'd be really interested in seeing the source behind something like this, hooking into another process is something I'd like to see a good code example of.
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  6. Rydian

    Rydian Blood Crawler

    Sent 'ya a PM with it.

    This was just built using CE's Lua stuff (auto assembler, aobscan()) because I'm lazy. If you want to see a lower-level example of how trainers find the process to hook into and actually write to the memory space of something else and all that fun jazz, there's tutorials in C++ and in VB and other languages out there (it all looks like it's in the win32 API anyways).
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  7. Ijwu

    Ijwu Crimera

    Very cool stuff, thanks for the info!
  8. Rydian

    Rydian Blood Crawler

    It's cool. The way I worked this was with assembly modification (not normal memory modification) since the game uses pointers out the butt, and unfortunately their base isn't Terraria.exe, but the process that launched the game from what I can see.
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  9. wewpt

    wewpt Green Slime

    I'm fairly new to Terraria, I'm starting to tinker with creating my own server mod. I'd be grateful if you'd consider releasing your trainer. Nice and simple, straightforward, does what it claims. I'd really prefer to keep this sort of modding separate from the game itself so being standalone is a plus.

    Have yet to compare to tConfig, still doing the research and learning before I get serious.
  10. Rydian

    Rydian Blood Crawler

    Alright, there doesn't seem to be nearly the opposition to this that I was expecting, so it's released now.
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  11. Nomig

    Nomig Voodoo Demon

    Why is there no HELL YEAH option in the thread?
  12. darklink1010

    darklink1010 Slimed Zombie

    Does this work with having Terraria gui because i cant get this to work
  13. yestoA

    yestoA Bunny

    no or not for me anyway i tried on my main pc and it doesnt work with tconfig installed
    lucky me i had a good laptop and so i mod main pc and default laptop so fun using this
    wish it worked for tconfig
  14. Rydian

    Rydian Blood Crawler

    I'm not sure what that even is...

    Looks like tConfig Allows people to modify how the game's engine works, so even if I made a version compatible with tconfig itself, a single mod could break half of it and I'd need to make a trainer for each mod combination with the way this is written... so don't expect tConfig compatibility, sorry.
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  15. Ijwu

    Ijwu Crimera

    I think the question is if the trainer would work with the TerrariaGameLauncher GUI. It replaces your Terraria.exe and allows you to launch various Terraria versions (tConfig and Vanilla, mostly) with Steam integration. Mostly, to make your trainer compatible, you'll have to look for TerrariaOriginal.exe instead of Terraria.exe. Well, at least that's my guess with my limited knowledge.

  16. darklink1010

    darklink1010 Slimed Zombie

  17. yestoA

    yestoA Bunny

    its fine it was a long shot anyway i still have my clean terraria on my laptop to use if i really want the cheats also Final Cheat Menu 2 by Shockah has a God mode in it and with a few mod items from other mods can gain the rapid fire and Stacks Up! from Shockah helps with a semi infinite ammo supply so there is a "work around" for tconfig users who really want a few of the abilities from this
    in other words about 1/4th this trainer with mixed mods for all you tconfig users

    still an amazing trainer very fun to use
  18. darklink1010

    darklink1010 Slimed Zombie

    ya i guess but i forgot to create a back-up of my terraria.exe
  19. yestoA

    yestoA Bunny

    have to ask will you update this after the new update is released?
  20. Rydian

    Rydian Blood Crawler

    When the new update comes I'll start playing actively again, so I'll try to update it.

    It might not be for a few weeks after it because Terraria tends to have bugfix updates, and I don't want to update it three times in a week. :p And there will be new mechanics for me to hack, and all that jazz.
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