Pre 1.2 [Discontinued] tConfig - A Mod To Make Mods

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Surfpup, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. PoroCYon Crimera

    do you have a 7-zip loaded with the MPB? Or try installing 7-zip. (it should normally be loaded when you install tconfig...)
    And are you rebuilding with tConfig itself or the ModPack Builder? You better rebuild them with the MPB.
  2. SonicR Bone Serpent

    How would I freeze the player in the falling/jumping animation frame? And once that's accomplished, get a gold particle effect to emit from the neck/head and arm regions (if particle effects can be coded to be that specific, otherwise a general golden effect will suffice).

    atcually i ahve a similar problem -when i try to launch the terrarai game launcher to use tconfig it says object reference is not set to an instance of an object but my game aluncher did work previously and randomly stopped whne i was in teh middle of creating my mod.I have a windows seven with AVG anti virus protection
  4. PoroCYon Crimera

    set the Player.frame.Y, and the gold particle effect with Dust.NewDust. type is 57.
    that's probably some mod. what version of tconfig do you have, and what mods have you loaded?

    i haven't actually loaded any mods but i was in the middle of creating one when the terraria game launcher stopped working-do you think the problem is with something i was creating at the time?
  6. PoroCYon Crimera

    probably. can i see your cs codes? [PM please, i don't want to flood the tconfig thread]

    i don't actually have any cs files yet in my mod it's just items because i wa sgoing to do npcs and buffs later on
  8. PoroCYon Crimera

    1: don't double-post.
    2: reinstall the GUI/tConfig?

    I've already reinstalled the GUI,tconfig, terraria, the modpack builder, the extractor builder and i've deleted my mod and every single file that ever existed inside of it
  10. PoroCYon Crimera

    can i get a screenshot of the error?
  11. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    there's a playerframe hook , you can change the player's frame to be stuck on the said mode.
    Otherwise , handle it within a buff and stick the player's position and direction as well.

    The dust can be very specific , up to a point where you can make it appear from a 1x1 box on the player's toenails.
    -you can even choose the direction of the dust's velocity.
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  12. SonicR Bone Serpent

    How exactly would I do both? Not experienced in these areas of coding, unfortunately.
  13. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I myself do not dwell much in the subject of player animations , I guess you should refer to Phlebas for that (too lazy to look up what does what in the code atm) - you could check his ladders mod - it has its own thread!
    as for Dust.NewDust.....
    the first 3 parameters Dust.NewDust , the method that spawns dust , takes are these...
    Vector2 Pos,int width,int height
    these 3 define the 'box' in which the dust will spawn , where Pos is the top left corner of the box.
    Knowing where your player is (player.position) , where he looks (player.direction , player.gravDir) , and the sprite sheet size to determine which areas you need to cover , simply build boxes that the dust will spawn out of.
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  14. SonicR Bone Serpent

    Thanks a ton, I've finally worked it out now!
  15. 16dhampton Green Slime

    I keep trying to install this, but it keeps saying "could not find TerrariaOriginalBackup.exe"
  16. Darkercloud Lava Slime

    Can someone make a tutorial of the packaging multiple versions of mods in one package? I've looked at the sources of multiple mods that have done it but can not seem to replicate how to exactly they do it.
  17. SonicR Bone Serpent

    Is it possible to reduce damage taken from the front of the player (projectile/mob colliding face-first with the player), or conversely, increase damage taken from the player's back?
  18. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    its a little bit tricky , but I guess you can make a generic damageplayer hook for either projectiles / npcs / the player itself and make it so the damage changes based on the position relativity of the player and the hitting object , and the player's direction (player.direction)...
  19. PoroCYon Crimera

    go to your steam terraria directory, copypaste Terraria.exe (not the gamelauncher) and rename it to TerrariaOriginalBackup.exe
  20. GrtAndPwrflTrtl Eskimo Zombie

    How to I make custom NPC able to spawn in midair like harpies?

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