Pre 1.2 [Discontinued] tConfig - A Mod To Make Mods

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Surfpup, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Deanthelis

    Deanthelis Eskimo Zombie

    Oooh. Shiny. Don't suppose I get a peek, though?
  2. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    Welp. If you were on our IRC channel... I dumped some codes and stuff there :p. But it's too late now~~, #tapi (#tConfig redirects to #tapi automatically, until it breaks, which it does pretty often and randomly)
  3. Pigbear

    Pigbear Mouse

    Its there TAPI and I want it now.
  4. PoroCYon

    PoroCYon Crimera

    There is no tAPI (yet), so you can't have it.
    This mod doesn't run on tAPI, just the Terraria source code (and the .NET and XNA libraries).
    But, i'll work on tAPI when I have access to the repo *stares at other tAPI devs*
  5. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    -wrong thread-
  6. Ikke99

    Ikke99 Angel Statue

    Is there an exact release date for tAPI?
  7. PoroCYon

    PoroCYon Crimera

    No, not at all.
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  8. Ikke99

    Ikke99 Angel Statue

  9. PoroCYon

    PoroCYon Crimera

    Just have some patience :p
  10. Darkercloud

    Darkercloud Lava Slime

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  11. OH OK thanks for the help so much :eek:

    KILLERWILSH Yellow Slime

    Installed this and then uninstalled it aaaaaaand it destroyed my players... anyone know a fix?
  13. YOU ARE DOOMED (lol...)

    KILLERWILSH Yellow Slime

    No not funny I have no idea why they were deleted. The only thing that should have happened in the Players folder was a folder being added NOT it removing my bloody players.
  15. Zoodletec

    Zoodletec Wandering Eye

    Tconfig does not work with Terraria 1.2. Tconfig it's self is now disscontinued. Should have read the OP...sorry to hear about the players though :/
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    KILLERWILSH Yellow Slime

    By OP im assuming you mean the opening which I skimmed twice to see why it was discontinued and then read once more after your post and I didn't see it say that tConfig doesn't work with 1.2.
  17. rjcline

    rjcline Giant Worm

    OP is original post and ya man 1.2 isn't supported.

    KILLERWILSH Yellow Slime

    I know it isn't supported but what I was referring to was after reading it three times I didn't see any mention of it not working with 1.2
  19. Deanthelis

    Deanthelis Eskimo Zombie

    tAPI(oca) is in development, and is tConfig's successor. It will be compatible with 1.2. tConfig is a Discontinued mod; therefore, it should be quite obvious that it doesn't work with the current version of Terraria. If it did, it wouldn't be Discontinued. So yes, it does mention it not working with 1.2. It requires you to read the title of the thread, and a health dose of common sense.

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