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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by guyguyga, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    Just Curious. What is your favorite mod?
    I just wanted to know who liked what. I like asking questions. Feel free to post whatever you want.​
    No personal attacks- everybody is entitled to their opinion. Don't make derogatory comments just because you disagree with someone.​
    Mod doesn't necessarily have to be Tconfig. It could be any mod whatsoever.​
    You don't have to, but it would be nice if you also said why it was cool.​
    That's all. I personally don't have a favorite mod, and I tend to be biased towards my own mods anyways.​
  2. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    I swear I saw a similar thread before..
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  3. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

  4. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    Most of those threads are pretty ancient though, I don't see the harm in this thread.

    I'm currently playing with the Holowires and Never Enough Devices mods, they really enhance the wiring in Terraria. I just love using the Holowires to create fascinating and complex wiring schemas.

    In addition, the Epic Loot mod really enhances the game and gives it sort of a Diabloey style with the item prefixes and suffixes, giving them random variable stats that affect how they work. I just love this mod to death.

    Finally, the Metroid mod also has really improved the game. If nothing else, the auto-climbing 1-tile blocks has really made the game play faster, it needs to be integrated into terraria ASAP.
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  5. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    OK. I've looked at a lot of the mods, and my favorite is a tie between the Re-skilled mod's mystery items pack and Omnir's modpacks. Omnir excels at npcs along an epic array of weapons to choose from, and Yoraizor has not only incredible weaponry, but also extremely creative things from his well coded blade cloak to his mining laser. Both of them are extremely cool mods, and I could never pick one over the other. I'm really into "familiars" or "pets", along with weapons that create an amazing display, and I have to say that both exceeds my standards for satisfying an radiance. WELL DONE!
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  6. Vengyr

    Vengyr Cursed Man

    Omnir's for sure. It enchances the game with lots of content so much, lots of choices for equipment, challenging enemies and bosses, a bit of rebalance (viable melee endgame).
  7. Eikester

    Eikester Possessed Armor

    my favorite mod is Eikesters Furniture and Wallpaper Mod.. xD
  8. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    Mine too!
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  9. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    I giggled like a girl.
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  10. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    Nice...I see what you did there.:D
    Also, I checked it out. It looks epic, but I still prefer Omnir's mod-pack and Yoraiz0r's Re-skilled mod. I think that those two are unbeatable.
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  11. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    The one with my hat.
  12. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    Cool. Can I have a link to that? I'm an extremely curious person, and I like to know new things. If it's the same one as the one on your avatar, then I WANT IT NAO!

    Seriously, though. I want that hat.
  13. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    I just got that reference.
  14. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    That's sad.
    Sadly, no. It's from an old Chef avatar. So it's a chefs hat named the dueche hat or something like that. It's in Classiklys Pickaxe mod.
  15. FreyModder

    FreyModder Yellow Slime

    I like Wierd Weapon Mod, Omnir Modpack, Necro Pack and Toparia RPG Modpack (actually its not a mod or Modpack its a New game) :)
  16. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    Now I have to try that out. Seriously, though. Do you have a favorite mod that you would like to share with us?

    I'm pretty sure that's not it. I looked it up on google, and it said that I meant "douche hat", LOL.

    Judging on it's shape, I'm guessing that it's an origami hat. I can't really see it clearly, so DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT!

    What was the reference?
  17. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    It's a joke. Douche = Asshole. Asshole = Me. So it's my hat.
  18. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    I'd be remiss if I didn't plug my own mod.

    Not sure of my favorite. I'm actually not a huge fan of Omnir's mod. I prefer mods that blend seamlessly with the vanilla content. At no point while I was playing Omnir's mod did I feel like any of the content belonged in the game.

    I like Scooterboot's Metroid mod, and from what I've seen the next update to it is going to be awesome.

    I also like Eikester's furniture mod, though he has a very serious problem with his doors, which I should really post in his thread about.

    I also like W1k's mods and Tunnel King's "meteor barrier" mod. I like the Curtains of Bullets/Magical Girls mod too, but it's been abandoned, sadly. :\
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  19. MantasX12

    MantasX12 Hell Bat

    spacechase0 and Pickaxe+ mod's are the best for me !:p
  20. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    Wow...I can not believe that I didn't get that. I shall now be depressed for quite some time.

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