[Discussion] What is the best mod for improve gameplay?

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Alepaxx, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Alepaxx Green Slime

    Hi, i'm going to finish the game (get all hallow gear equipment). I would like to get my game improved can someone advise me the best mod that add new items weapons ecc like hardmode do?
    Sorry for my bad english, i'm italian.
  2. Blue Lit Spore Zombie

    Well... i would say W1K's Mods, they do add a few/lot more Things into the Game, making the game More Fun to play, but thats really the only one i've used & liked. but yesh.
  3. Alepaxx Green Slime

    It also add more bosses? Now i'm going to see it, thanks :)
  4. Blue Lit Spore Zombie

    Yes, it does add a Few New Bosses.

    please do take note that there's Some programs needed to run Mods on Terraria, tConfig is one of the main ones.
  5. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I'd also recommend W1k's , as well's as Omnir's nostalgya pack & melee weapons pack (found on the nostalgya pack).
    For gameplay mechanics , I suppose the mods I wrote in my signature such as dual wielding , holowires and holoraces will help improve the experience , as well as Shockah's extra accessory slots mod and achievements mod .
    For extra non-tier specific content , I can suggest MiraiMai's Never Enough Devices and Never enough Accessories.
    For 'more of what you originally get' in terraria , there's Classikly's pickaxe+......
    For a final boss , you'll want Draykon's endgame boss.
    These are all fine and mighty mods that should keep you plenty of joy.
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  6. W1K Another pointlessly long title with no purpose

    If you care about the contents, I would highly suggest my mod as every content is fucking well studied to fit perfectly in the game's balance (as of you'll hardly find something that is overpowered) and people say my bosses are the best around, so I guess it pretty much fits your choice. There is also Omnir's which is a pack probably 4 times bigger than mine and pretty much creates a new balance to the game adding a lot of overpowered weapons and making it also pretty much harder, there are a lot of bosses too which probably aren't as advanced as mines but can be even more difficult. For the rest, follow what Yorai posted above.
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  7. MiraiMai Fire Imp

    Well, another suggestion since most the big ones are already out there, but within the next few days I believe Obsidian is releasing v1.0 of his mod, which adds a new world to explore and has tiers above hallowed gear, I do believe.
  8. Alepaxx Green Slime

    Thanks guys! I ve a question!can this mods run together??
  9. W1K Another pointlessly long title with no purpose

    Yes, as long as you have tConfig, all the mods can be mixed. There might be some compatibility problems once in a while obviously, but they mostly work well enough.
  10. Sorya Green Slime

    Maybe I should point out that some of Yoria's mods may be a bit... over powering. Dual wielding, holoraces, and some other mods will improve the experience, but use it at your own discretion. OP is a bit vague about 'how' you would like to improve your gaming experience (add more content yet keep a certain balance? or good mods regardless of balance?), and most of the more popular mods are already stated so I can not add much more.
  11. Alepaxx Green Slime

    I want To mantain the game balanced :)
  12. MiraiMai Fire Imp

    Do you want to keep the game's original balance, or just keep the game balanced as a whole? Keeping the original balance is hard, almost any mod will make the game a little bit easier, but having mods balance each other out isn't too hard. If you add strong weapons, add strong bosses and monsters. And if you find the game still isn't balanced enough, there are mods that change the strength of all enemies(such as w1k's difficulty changer and Arkhalis's dynamic difficulty mod) to try making things more difficult.
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  13. Sorya Green Slime

    Without getting into much detail, W1k, Omnir, and Obsidian's mod are big content packs that may improve your play through yet keep somewhat of a balance. Even though I already have Obsidian's mod installed, it may be wise to wait until version 1 release, as some bugs will be fixed and new contents be added.

    edit: and what Mirai said, adding mods will alter the game's balance (some more than others), especially using several mods at once, but difficulty changers may make it closer to the desired balance you are aiming for.

    edit2: oh if you don't mind a revamp of terraria with a more thematic approach and some new and interesting content, Zoodle's necro pack seems pretty neat, I think this mod is better to be used alone though, but difficulty changers may work.
  14. Alepaxx Green Slime

  15. Alepaxx Green Slime

    can i play online with this mods??
  16. Sorya Green Slime

    You can, some may have a few bugs here and there, but it is playable.
  17. Alepaxx Green Slime

    Thanks a lot guys!!

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