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  1. Sooo

    Step 1. Load Terraria with a crapton of mods

    Step 2. Figure out how to take screenshots while building my castle

    Step 3. Take tons of screens

    Step 4. Whore them out

    Seems like a good idea right now:

    So, I started out simple. Oh, the mods I currently have being DTraps, Never Enough Devices, Story of Red Cloud, Eikester's Furniture and Wallpapers, Obsidian's mod, Omnir's Furniture and Nostalgia, Pickaxe+ Classy Vanity, methinks that's it.

    So, as I've always done with my castle, the many times I've rebuilt it from scratch, I started out with a wooden room as basic shelter, then a gray brick room for the basic smelting, and to contain stone, statues, ore, bars, etc

    Anyway, I happened upon lots of clay, and made a red brick room, expanded once I had the materials and finally got that darn Decorator.

    So, caption and inventory aside, I built upwards, made this nice main hall, and continued upward to the right and left.

    I've actually yet to do anything with this room beyond the wallpaper, but soon it will be like one big living room or something. I also forget if I put structural support under it, I could do that too. Right now, I'm building on the right side more, made my alchemy room and storage area, which is rather full though.

    Now then, let's see...

    Took literally a thousand wooden arrows, give or take a few dozen, but I beat it.

    I kind of hate it when my only option is to either exit the game because the boss won't go away, or shoop it with the Divine Boom Cannon.

    Yeah, I'll update more on that later. Actually, I'm shocked. I should have more screenshots. Maybe I forgot to upload some, I'll do so later.

    The rest of these are quite recent:

    The moral of that list of two spaced screenshots is, when I have a menu that gives me everything on a silver platter, and I'm bored, I tend to do strange things. Like summon countless bosses to fight or a couple dozen fish on land.

    More to come later.
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    PuLSe Cactus King

    Loved the recent creature features. Use F11 in the future to hide the HUD;)
  3. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    You could just post the pictures instead of the links. But from what I saw your creations were nothing at all special.
  4. Enzym

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    Too lazy to click teh links >.<
    do it this way
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  5. I know. I tend to follow the same formula every world, gather supplies, save drops like weapons, and build a giant castle of various rooms. But I sorta felt like just sharing them.
  6. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    No problem, but I would try to spice up my building a little.

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