Do NPC's respawn if i kill them with lava?

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Litokunan, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Litokunan

    Litokunan Green Slime

    Hey guys, so i have a clothier in my house.
    i want to kill him for his red hat.
    but im scared that if i do, he wont come back.
    will he respawn in my house again? :O
  2. Perker

    Perker Cave Bat

    I killed him, he came back later.
  3. Foxx64

    Foxx64 Penguin

    Well, I don't personally know the answer, however! If you can defeat Skeletron, you could always make another world, and get him, kill him with lava and take his hat. ^^ Might be a bit of work.. But. Fighting Skeletron is fun anyways.
  4. Litokunan

    Litokunan Green Slime

    will he respawn back in my house?
  5. Foxx64

    Foxx64 Penguin

    If he respawns, yes, he should eventually make it to your house again.
  6. chc4'

    chc4' Doctor Bones

    Yes, NPCs respawn. They wont spawn directly in your house, but just barely a screen away.
  7. Fewd

    Fewd Cursed Skull

    Make sure you drown them with a little amount of lava, so you can pick up the items they drop. *hint hint red hat with clothier*
  8. Onyx Tanuki

    Onyx Tanuki Green Slime

    Yes, any NPC that dies will come back to you. Though not necessarily in the same house. If you want to ensure s/he respawns in the same house, make sure that's the only one vacant.
  9. Litokunan

    Litokunan Green Slime

    Alright! Thanks guys :D
  10. CoreNeX

    CoreNeX Green Slime

    this is odd when i killed my npcs with lava they didn't come back
  11. Green Moose

    Green Moose Green Slime

    It might take some time for the NPC's to return. I was fighting Eater Of Worlds around my house and he killed sevral of my NPC's before I killed him. The only one that didn't come back was that demolition guy but that's because his room was taken by the Dryad.

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