Do NPC's respawn?

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Demian, May 18, 2011.

  1. Demian

    Demian Green Slime

    Do NPC's respawn when they die or do they come back again when the conditions are met?
  2. Kitty-dono

    Kitty-dono Green Slime

    I think they come back when the conditions are met. They do regenerate health though, I've found.
  3. Demian

    Demian Green Slime

    I noticed that too but when the Blood Moon is on, I don't think they all will survive especially if I'm down below diggin'.
  4. MoliskScout

    MoliskScout Green Slime

    Monsters only spawn around you.
    If your town/base not safe. You should be somewhere else. For your villagers sake.

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