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  1. Cheng Dez

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    Herrroo Everyone i got a LOT Of ideas and here they Are :D

    Dragon World:

    The Dragon world would be a new a New place with only 1 Way to get to it. The way to get In the dragon world is by Making a Dragon Portal, ( Made by getting 25 Hellstone and 30 Obsidian
    at a Hellforge. ) After your in the Dragon world there is a Lot of dragons there, And there is 3 Dragon Bosses, The Element Dragons. The Dragon monsters are,

    Fire Dragon Solider
    HP: 700
    Defense: 5
    Drops: Dragon Scales, Copper and Silver coins, And Fire Dragon Ring

    Water Dragon Solider
    HP: 700
    Defense 5
    Drops: Dragon Scales, Copper and Silver Coins, And Water Dragon Ring

    Earth Dragon Solider
    HP: 700
    Defense 5
    Drops: Dragon scales, Copper and Silver Coins, And Earth Dragon Ring

    Those are the Solider's of the Great Dragon bosses, Which are Summoned by using a Dragon Rings, Tho to summon the Master of the Elements Dragon, You need all the Element Crystals, Which are Obtained by Defeating the Element Dragons.
    Here are the Element Dragon Bosses:

    Ruby Dragon:
    Bonus: Shoots fire that makes holes on the Ground
    7,000 Hp
    10 Defense
    Drops: Dragon Scales, Gold Coins, And Fire Crystal.

    Diamond Dragon:
    7,000 HP
    10 Defense
    Drops: Dragon Scales, Gold Coins, And a Water Crystal.

    Wind Dragon:
    7,000 HP
    10 Defense
    Drops: Dragon Scales, Gold Coins, And Earth Crystal.

    To put all the Crystals together and Make a master element Crystal you must go to a DragonForge (Also known as a Dragon Furnace, Also Found in the Dragon World) and Then you smelt them together and it makes a Element Crystal, Used to make the Elemental Dragon to come.

    Elemental Dragon:
    HP: 10,000
    15 Defense
    Drops: Dragon Scales, Gold Coins, And A Dragon Element Sword,

    Dragononite Element Sword: [​IMG]
    Damage: 35
    Speed: Average Speed
    How its Gotten and Rarity: By Fighting the Elemental Dragon, Rarity is 35% Drop Chance.

    Dragonite Items:
    Dragonite armor:
    Set Bonus: Fall 25% Slower, You Fly Higher with rocket boots, You do 40% More damage to Dragons, (Cause they have REALLY high HP)
    Dragon Hood: 4 Defense, 30 Dragon Scales [​IMG] and 35 Dragon Stone Bars To make
    Dragon Chest: 5 Defense, 40 Dragon Scales [​IMG] and 45 Dragon Stone Bars To make
    Dragon Greave's: 4 Defense, 35 Dragon Scales [​IMG] and 40 Dragon Stone Bars To make
    Way to get Dragon armor: You need Dragon Scales [​IMG], (Way to obtain: By Going in the Dragon World and
    Fighting Dragons.), And Dragononite Bars [​IMG], (Way to obtain: By Going in the Dragon World and mining The Ore [​IMG], and then Smelting it in the Dragonforge.)

    Dragonite Tools:
    Dragon Pickaxe [​IMG]
    Damage: 15
    Speed: Average speed
    How to get it: By Getting 25 Dragonite and 25 Dragon Scales.
    Description: A Pickaxe forged by the Dragons!

    Dragonite Hamaxe [​IMG]
    Damage: 10
    Speed: Slow Speed
    How to get it: By getting 25 Dragonite Bars and 25 Dragon Scales
    Description: A Axe Forged by the Dragons, Oh wait its a Hamaxe, Its Food for a Dragon!

    Dragonite Bow [​IMG]
    Damage: 15
    Speed: Average Speed
    How to get it: By getting 30 Dragonite Bars and 30 Dragon scales
    Description: A Great bow for Only the best Dragon Slayers.

    Power World:

    The Way to Get to power world is by making A Power Portal, Is Made by and getting Meteorite and Obsidian, ( 30 Meteorite and 30 Obsidian ).
    There are many Monsters in the Power World, Such as:

    Power Protector,
    HP: 50
    Defense 3
    Drops: Electric Metal, Copper and Silver Coins, and Power Crystals.

    Core Protector
    HP: 70
    Defense 4
    Drops: Electric Metal, Copper and Silver Coins, and Core Crystals.

    Power Warrior
    HP: 90
    Defense 4
    Drops: Electric Metal, Copper and Silver Coins, and Warrior Power Crystals.

    Core Warrior
    HP: 100
    Defense 5
    Drops: Electric Metal, Copper and Silver Coins. and Warrior Core Crystals

    Those are the Monsters in the power world.
    In the power world there is a lot of things to do such as make The two Bosses to come, Which is done by Getting a Power Crystal, and a Warrior power Crystal and putting them Together at a electric Furnace, ( In side the Power World ) and making a Power Charge, then using it will summon the Power Lord Boss. and a Core Crystal and a Warrior Core Crystal put together at a Electric Furnace ( Inside the Power world ) and then made into a Core, then use the core to Summon the Core Boss.

    Power Lord:
    Bonus: Summons Power Protectors and Power Warriors.
    HP: 5,000
    Defense: 7
    Drops: Electric Metal, and Silver and Gold Coins.

    Core Boss:
    Bonus: Summons Core Protectors and Core Warriors.
    HP: 6,000
    Defense: 8
    Drops: Electric Metal, and Silver and Gold Coins.

    Other Then fighting the bosses in the Power world, you can look for Power Stone ore, and mining to to make the Power Armor. Other then that you can look for Chests that usually have Electric Metal in them, Also they usually have Coins, Health Potions, and Other Dungeon items.

    Power Armor:

    Set Bonus: You Run 20% Faster, When you hit Something they get hurt and you do, And You Jump 10% Higher.

    Power Helmet: 5 Defense, made with 30 Electric Metal, and 35 Power stone Bars
    Power Suit: 6 Defense, made with 40 Electric Metal, and 45 Power Stone Bars
    Power Leggings: 5 Defense, made with 35 Electric Metal, and 40 Power Stone bars.
    Made by getting Electric metal ( Found in Power World ) and Power Stone bars ( Find the ore in the Power world and then smelting it in a Electric Furnace ).

    Idea: Me
    Some edits: About 5 people
    Pixel art: Delra12
    Dragonite Name: Deltra12
    Dragonite Bow: Deltra12
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  2. Stefive

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    nice, good idea
  3. jem of end

    jem of end Green Slime

    Good idea but i think some things are a bit underpowered, to start the dragons they only have 100hp! Even sharks have 300 hp i'd say bump it up to around 700. Second i think dragon armour is good but it has low defence, dragons scales should be very defencive, dragons should be built on survival. Thats pretty much it good idea.:D
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  4. Lillmunken

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    Is it okay if i suggest something?
    The names of the things are bit simple, atleast i think so. Elemental plane instead of dragon world?
    Perhaps instead of the Fire dragon maybe the ruby dragon, instead of water dragon azure dragon or something more appealing, and all the mobs in power world are called either power or core, something else perhaps? (just trying to be helpfull)
    The set bonus on the dragon set shouldn't be focusing on 1 item, maybe it should reduce your fall speed or something like that not just rocket boots.
    Finally, Soldier is spelled like this and not like that.
    Other than that, GREAT idea, all the ideas about traveling to different worlds and such are very nice. The developer will surely have many ideas to choose among.
  5. KillsForTheNeed

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  6. KillsForTheNeed

    KillsForTheNeed Green Slime

    I hope developers see this!
  7. CommandConquer

    CommandConquer Green Slime

    Only if they can manage to give the power armor a steam punk feel.
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  8. Auudar

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    Like the idea, just not the bonus the armors get :p
  9. SirVilethorn

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  10. Cheng Dez

    Cheng Dez Cursed Skull

    Are you serous? Half of the Idea is Suppose to BE Dragons xD

    Any Idea what i should change it to?

    Hmm, Good ideas, Might add em in.

    Hmm, Mk ill try to add a some of that in, :D
  11. Cheng Dez

    Cheng Dez Cursed Skull

    Thanks :D
  12. Thefall3n

    Thefall3n Green Slime

    well thought out idea! maybe u should apply to become apart of the terraria crew! :D

    You sed "A 'pickaxe' forged by the dragons!" when it was meant to be hamaxe

    and also... how the hell are you meant to kill a dragon with 10 000 hp! i would suggest that the dragon sword does 50% or 2x the amount of damage to dragons
  13. Cheng Dez

    Cheng Dez Cursed Skull

    Don't know if Thats Sarcasm or Not, But if its not, they wouldn't accept me, but thanks :D
  14. exelent ideas :D
    this MUST be implemeted in the future.
    and as jem of end said, the dragon armor should have better defence, maybe even better than the molten
  15. Wetish

    Wetish Green Slime

    Great ideas!
    I would like to see this in the game
  16. omegahunter9

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    .....this reminds me a bit too much of Minecraft netherworld portals.... but despite that I do like the idea of having a gateway to another realm.

    How about this: The Dragon Portal must be like... at a certain altitude on the map (like on top of a high hill, or just below a floating island), and it basically brings you into a parallel world that looks exactly like the one you were in before entering, except for a change in music, a slight change in color, and suddenly there's dragons everywhere. You are being assaulted by dragons constantly so the difficulty gets kicked up a notch or two. It might be fun to have a parallel dungeon in which you can get special dragon based items in the chests that you would get other stuff in (if you were in the normal realm).

    - I don't mind this set bonus, but perhaps it should be made more like the Shiny Red Baloon instead of, "You Fly Higher with rocket boots". I seem to get the feeling that the difficulty of this other realm should be higher, and so I think the defense on the armor should be closer to Molten Armor.

    To summarize, I'm only suggesting one change to your suggestion, the rest is a clarification of the conditions of the Dragon Realm :)

    Similarly to my previous suggestion (in this post), I suggest that the portal to the Power Realm be placed at a certain altitude, ideally near or at the top of the map.

    The electric furnace should look like a microwave :D

    Perhaps electric metal could be 'magnetite'.

    I like this set bonus, but I'm not so sure about the jumping higher thing.... though the idea did pop into my head about being able to magnetically cling to walls LOL
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  17. DrunkenXero

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    maybe a cool bonus is that dragon armor allows you to triple jump along with the slower fall speed because dragons fly also that would mean the dragon torso would be made of dragon wings along with the scales and a less generic name for dragon armor might be the wyvern suit (wyverns are known as lesser dragons in much mythology or just another name for dragons, so you could be a lesser dragon with this suit)

    Also diamonds are not very attuned with the sea so possibly sapphire or the pearl dragon or maybe the grand sea serpent. The wind dragon also doesn't seem to click for me with an earth crystal so maybe the emerald dragon or the terra Dragon or the gaia dragon(gaia being greek mother of the titans and another and also meaning Earth) (Terra is earth in latin) .

    Also dragons may drop different colored scales so water/blue scales, fire/red scales, earth/green/brown scales. Also with different colored scales means different armor bonuses. water/blue scales, extra breath in water. Fire/red scales maybe magma less damaging or magic less damaging. Earth/green/brown scales just solid defense maybe.

    For the electric metal maybe electrite and maybe a different name for power armor being that its most widely known for its appearance in fallout games.

    Well constructive criticism is surely my attitude for this, but don't be discouraged its a great thread but expand upon your ideas too.
  18. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    I like your idea but I think dragonite bars sound better than dragonstone bars. :3
  19. JacZac

    JacZac Green Slime

    at first i was like RUNESCAPE BLATANT COPY!!!!!! but i read it and its cool :D
  20. Cheng Dez

    Cheng Dez Cursed Skull

    Cool :)
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