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Discussion in 'Art' started by Duckmuffin, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Duckmuffin Green Slime


    While playing hardcore Terraria with my pals one day, I thought it'd be an interesting exercise to make portraits of their various characters as a tribute to them when they died. Here are a couple of them!

    I am open to requests! Just post your character below along with any specific details you want included in the rendition, such as their name. I'll reply to your post with confirmation of the request and I'll get to work on it! Because I have other obligations, it may take a while for me to complete each request, but I will be working on them!

    If you're interested in commissioning me for something, stop by my DeviantArt commission journal for more information!

    Thank you for your time and support!

    Queue (open)


    Characters from this thread:


    Kethma (open)

    First post:

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    Skullbutt (open)

    k223s (open)

    Chis (open)
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  2. lizzzard01 Pixie

    Your pictures are broken. You should fix them so we can see.

    Edit: and also let us know what it is that you are doing

    Edit2: I feel like that post was kind of harsh sounding and i apologize :) Without the pictures it kind of was confusing as to what kind of art it was. Great job!
  3. Duckmuffin Green Slime

    Oh gosh, that's embarrassing. Thank you for letting me know! I hoped I fixed it!
  4. m31k Clown

    You fixed it. Not bad, not bad. That is strange, I think I seen that pink/purple girl somewhere.
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  5. Duckmuffin Green Slime

    Thanks! Until now, I've only posted the pink/purple girl on DeviantArt. Maybe you've seen it there?
  6. lizzzard01 Pixie

    Neat! Can you do mine?
    • Girl with ponytail(downwards, not upwards)
    • Blonde hair
    • Adamantite armor
    • Red hat (clothier's hat)
    • angel wings
  7. Duckmuffin Green Slime

    I've updated the original post to say that I'm opening up requests! I'll get started on your character first, and if you have any additional details you want included in the rendition, or have a name for the character and want it included, just let me know!

    I didn't expect people to be interested! While I’m flattered by the request and would absolutely love to work on others’ characters, I've been super backed up with other obligations. Really sorry! I am open to commissions, however. If you’re still interested, please check out my commission information.

    Sorry again, and thank you for the request! I’ll update the original post in case anyone else would be interested.
  8. Space Sphere Dark Caster

    What an interesting art style!
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  9. Duckmuffin Green Slime

    Thanks a bunch!
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  10. Chroma-Equinox Yellow Slime

    I cannot describe how cool these look, it's amazing how you make them look so 3D. Shame you aren't taking requests :/
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  11. Duckmuffin Green Slime

    You've convinced me! It may take me a while, but I'll open myself up to requests and edit the original post to reflect that. Thank you for the reply!
  12. lizzzard01 Pixie

    So you'll do mine when you have time then?
  13. MantasX12 Dungeon Guardian

    Now a moment of silence please.......thank you.
  14. Duckmuffin Green Slime

    Yep! If you want a specific pose, prop, name for the character, just let me know and I'll add it.
  15. Chroma-Equinox Yellow Slime

    Thanks bro, would be epic if you could do my main, Chroma. Here's a pic. He's meant to look just like me and acts like me. Layed back and relaxed. I also use Demon Scythe a lot. I really apreciate this, make sure you add it to the OP after.

    TerrariaOriginalBackup 2013-02-08 22-21-58-340.jpg
  16. Duckmuffin Green Slime

    I'll get started on him as soon as I'm done with lizzzard01's! I hope I do him justice!
  17. Chroma-Equinox Yellow Slime

    You will for sure, I have no doubt in my mind it'll be great. Can't wait to see it! But no rush, I really dont like to rush people ;D
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  18. lizzzard01 Pixie

    There's nothing I want really specific, but if you want to add her name, it is Kethma. :)
  19. Duckmuffin Green Slime

    Thanks! I'll get to work on Kethma as soon as I can!
  20. Chroma-Equinox Yellow Slime

    I would provide some aditional pics but due to my change of computer, I no longer have the picture I'd like to show you. It is, however, uploaded to Steam Cloud. If you could find the image of Chroma built in-game as a statue that could be a great help to you.

    Also, I like Phoenix Blasters alot.

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