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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Blue, May 15, 2011.

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  1. Blue

    Blue Blue Personified

    "Hey Guys!" Blue here. Just wanted to let you all know what to expect from the release tomorrow.
    As it is an earlier release than we had originally planned, for a few reasons; one being everyone's desire to play the game even at its current state. The following should be taken under consideration by anyone who plays the game tomorrow.

    The game itself is fully playable at this time. However certain features and services are currently incomplete and on their way in the near future.

    1. Current Steam Integration.
    At its current state, the game allows for access to steams friends-list and chat services while playing the game. And you must have an account on steam with steam open to access the game using steams built in account system. However, no achievements or statistics are tracked yet. And servers are not handled via steam in the release build.
    What you can expect later: During the first few weeks of updates you will see full integration to utilize most of, if not all of steams resources.

    2. Biomes lacking content.
    The Desert and Floating Island biomes are present but have little to no features in this build.
    What you can Expect : We will be adding content to these two biomes over the next few weeks.

    3. Multiplayer Hosting
    Hosting a server in the release build will not use steams built in server system, and requires you to port forward and use IP addresses to connect. You CAN start two clients of Terraria at once on a single PC from steam and use one of those to launch your server and the other to launch a client. However, it is not possible to use ONE steam account to launch a server on one PC and a client on another PC at this time, as steam will think two users are using the same account at two separate locations, which is not allowed. Also, until the stand alone servers are usable, the limit of 8 players per server will remain intact.
    What you can Expect : We will be creating a stand alone server launcher within the next few weeks. And we will be integrating steams Server lists and removing the cap of 8 players per server.

    4. Wiki-less
    At this time the wiki is incomplete and may not be ready for a short while.

    5. Forums and Website, we will be doing an overhaul of our website and adding a official forum in the coming weeks as well as a development blog to keep you up to date on update and upcoming features. Until then, please continue to use the unofficial forums.

    6. Language Support
    Currently English is the only supported language. We will endeavor to support more at a later date.

    7. Kickless.
    Currently there is no KICK button on the server screen. But you may launch a server with a password to prevent people you do not know or want on your server from logging in.
    What you can Expect : This will be added in one of the first updates. Perhaps even later this week.

    8. Five is the Limit.
    Currently, five characters per PC are able to be saved and played at a time. (However you can manually move them out of your documents folder to save elsewhere and return them later to use more than 5.) The same limit is set for worlds as well.
    What you can expect : We will be raising the limit as we re-arrange/improve the character setup and world gen screens.

    9. Options
    Currently you can only alter the games options from the main menu, and not mid game while playing.
    What you can Expect : We will be adding either hot-keys to toggle certain options or simply make the options menu accessible mid game.

    But I am also happy to report that we have in the last day and a half since my arrival in Indiana to help prep for launch, been able to polish the game, add new sounds and even finalize the new sprites and their animations to make the game cleaner and ready for this release.
    And yes, the female characters now have their own hurt sounds.

    Also, to clarify as some seem to be under the impression the game will be released on the dot, tomorrow, there is no set time in the day we plan to have the game available, except that it will be BEFORE Tuesday (Eastern Standard Time). So the countdowns you see made by fans are not accurate.

    Thank you for your understanding on all of the above points, and keep an eye out in the next couple days to couple weeks for the solutions to all of these incomplete functions as well as many more additions to the game.

    We here at Re-Logicâ„¢ hope you enjoy the game.
  2. Alm1ghtyJesus

    Alm1ghtyJesus Green Slime

    Thanks Blue for giving some more info on the well awaited release. I hope the best for you on first day sales, and can't wait to get my hands on this game.
  3. Bryran

    Bryran Squirrel

    Can you please give an accurate time? It would put the plentiful rumors to rest.
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  4. Xaintrix

    Xaintrix Green Slime

    The time is what it will be. Steam's choice really and not the devs. Thanks for setting things straight!
  5. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the update.
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  6. Huck29

    Huck29 Green Slime

    For Steam all you do is buy the game then it will download then u go to "library" and u can play the game from there correct?
  7. Cytrix4

    Cytrix4 Zombie

    I do love some good info
  8. agentknife

    agentknife Green Slime

    inb4 release at 11:59PM tomorrow.
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  9. Xair

    Xair Squirrel

    Thank you. Need I say more?
  10. Kelp

    Kelp Moderator Staff Member

    Re-logic eh? Catchy. Thanks for the update Blue!
  11. Welltrashed

    Welltrashed Green Slime

  12. Fishy

    Fishy Green Slime

    Hmmm. Early release of not-quite-finished game. Presumably this is due to the leak.

    Still, I don't mind getting involved in a late Beta.

    Good work with the speedy release!
  13. 1thecop

    1thecop Green Slime

    Byran, he just said there is no set time. Read the post before adding your two-sense. I'm not being mean, just practical. Anyway, thanks for the information Blue.
  14. Zacros

    Zacros Green Slime

    Great with an update!
    Looking forward to play the game!
  15. Ravenshadow

    Ravenshadow Green Slime

    Steam also allows you to make an icon on your desktop with which to launch games with (although they still connect to the Steam account before loading).
  16. InTheLittleWood

    InTheLittleWood Green Slime

    Thank you for the info, shall post this on my FB fan page now for 1.2k+ people to see, they're all as excited as me! :D
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  17. Oempa

    Oempa Green Slime

    So basicly, if you have the saved account folders on your computer, you can edit them just like that? i also heard you can actually cheat engine your stuff, and you can dupe aswell? is there any plan to prevent this?

    Can't wait for it to release though xD!
  18. Simo

    Simo Green Slime

    If you buy it on Steam for PC and it later comes out on Mac (theoretically), would you have to buy two copies?
  19. countchocula86

    countchocula86 Dark Caster

    Re-logic, loooooove it!
  20. Gorodo

    Gorodo Squirrel

    Thank You :D
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