Easier Alternative to More Active/Inactive Blocks

Discussion in 'Game Mechanics' started by rousseau, Jan 19, 2012.


Would you prefer:

  1. My proposed alternate wire, for the active/inactive effect?

  2. Or giving (potentially) every block a craftable active/inactive variant?

  3. If you don't understand the suggestion, select this. Thank you.

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  1. AnonTheMouse

    AnonTheMouse Floaty Gross

    Fair enough. In that case, I really do think that the addition of an extra bit on each block would be a good thing. It only needs to be an "Is toggled" check. The main problem I see with this, though, is that it has a different problem in function. It can be just as much a pain to make certain that a wall does not go under certain blocks, and can affect the look of things.

    Sadly, the only alternative I can think of to address both does not fit here, as it would require a device rather than a wire (that being a placeable item which can store two blocks/walls and toggles between them).
  2. rousseau

    rousseau Cave Bat

    I'm not sure what you're describing here? If walls were under something other than a toggle-able block, blue wire would behave like normal wire. A device allowing multiple blocks and toggling between them would be interesting but that seems a bit different- and probably belongs in a new thread ;)
  3. AnonTheMouse

    AnonTheMouse Floaty Gross

    Well, what I mean is that in building, I would have to place gaps in the wall to have blocks that make an opening.
  4. rousseau

    rousseau Cave Bat

    Oh oh oh. I see, making a door with blocks. Yes you would have to leave the space behind the blocks without walls. But to the player trying this, and forgetting to remove the walls behind the blocks, it would be immediately apparent what was going on, and they would see that they have to remove the walls. This wouldn't be an issue aesthetically either as the blocks would conceal the wall-less space. Seems like a minor special-case issue that isn't really that much of an issue, but thanks for pointing that out. <3
  5. Joshyswag

    Joshyswag Cave Bat

    1 problem cloning of resources I will explain better tomorrow
  6. Scizor300

    Scizor300 Eskimo Zombie

    I like the idea. It would definitely be easier to implement than creating a ton of more blocks that do the same exact thing.
  7. rousseau

    rousseau Cave Bat

    Thanks Scizor<300 (<-see what i did there?)

    @Joshyswag: Is it to do with the ratio at which walls are produced from blocks/bricks? because this has already been addressed:

  8. rousseau

    rousseau Cave Bat

    Welcome to the past. i mean.. the future... or.. something like that.

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