Pre 1.2 Easy way for grinding Hardmode ores!

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Seranes, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Seranes

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    Hey guys it's me Seranes again with my second guide to make your live in Terraria easier!
    Many people have problems getting the Hardmode ores early. After testing a little bit I found a good way (maybe not the best) for everyone to get your Cobalt (or what ore you need) fast and save.

    Things you should prepare before going into hardmode:
    - Molten Pickaxe (So you can mine Cobalt)
    - ~5 Spelunker Potions
    - Grapling Hook/Ivy Whip/Gravitation Potions (optional)

    After you beat the Wall of Flesh (if you have problems beating it, click here to read my guide to kill the Wall of Flesh as melee fighter) you should grab the Pwnhammer, go into the corruption and destroy as many Demon Altars as possible (make sure you still have 1 or 2 to craft boss items etc.) After you destroyed ~12 Demon Altars, go to the hell, use you Spelunker and search on top of the Underworld for the ores. After searching for only 12 seconds, I found some Cobalt ore. Image
    This is a pretty easy way of farming the hardmode ores, and of course a save one cause you will run in almost no hardmode enemies which will eat you.

    Let me know if this guide is useful, thanks for reading and happy grinding!
  2. Z0MG Pixelz

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    No offense, but this method has already been well known for quite a long time. Nice try though.
  3. Razor Knight

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    Better method: Break every altar you find in your world. Mythril will be the new copper. Cobalt? You'll be dropping it into lava to make room in your chests for other, less rare ores. Like mud.
  4. rubeszilla

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    Every Demon Altar outside the corruption spawns at exactly the same depth. So, before hardmode, find a Demon Altar outside the corruption then dig a horizontal tunnel to each edge of the map - you will find every Demon Altar this way and thus unlock the maximum amount of ore.

    Some find this tedious, I call it loving work. You have to work in Terraria, it's fun. "Up! Down! Up! Down! Come on! More energy!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Also, some peeps may not be fully prepped for the harder enemies near hell, so you can revisit this tunnel and usually find enough Cobalt just in the tunnel alone to gear yourself up.
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  5. Seranes

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    This is amazing, didn't know that! Thanks for the hint!
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