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  1. Elbow

    Elbow Squirrel


    Hello everyone, this is a new mod that I have started. Instead of making a mod that expands off of where Terraria left off, I am having a mod that adds on to Terraria overall. Terraria is a great game, so to make it better, this mod is going to add more stuff and new features. This mod should appeal to people who are in the mood or are interested in replaying terraria again for another adventure. I add on things to the game to improve the overall experience. Including, newly pre-generated areas, new NPCs, friendly NPC animals, new weapon classes, more items, more crafting recipes, more vanity, more furniture, and more! :p I am also considering adding a hunger bar, like the one in the Cmod. These features will change the whole feel of terraria, and make your adventure feel epic! I do not plan on adding new ores. Though some new armor sets may be added between the current ones.

    I am Elbow, I am a spriter, and a creative ideas guy. I am currently working on Hero's upcoming mod, and I am making sprites for people like Obsidian, and Yoraiz0r. I also beta test for terraria (Not anymore, lol). The thing that I don't do is code.

    Obsidian, and Yoraiz0r will be helping with the coding of this mod, not fulltime though, since they are both busy with other projects. Hopefully one of you may be interested in coding!

    Omnir and I will be making the sprites for this project. I also am using some sprites from that Dragonith's topic (Only like 3 sprites).

    FEATURES (Some):
    -NPC Houses
    --Prebuilt houses in each world.
    ---Small world: 2-4 houses.
    ---Medium world: 3-5 houses.
    ---Large world: 4-6 houses.

    --Each house will have a friendly NPC in it, the npcs don't do anything special, you can't move them in, and they don't sell anything, or do a service. But when you right click the npc, they say something, and then you can click a tab, that says "Look through items." Then you can see all of their items and take them. But the next time you go to that NPC, they won't have the items that you took again.


    -Undersea Ancient Den
    --Prebuilt structures in the ocean biome that will have a 1/5 chance to appear in each world.
    --Many rare finds will be found...


    --Bushes will be added to the world gen to enhance the feel of Terraria.
    --When removed, they will drop seeds to grow bushes.

    -Colored Wire (PENDING)

    --Straight forward..

    -Better Gardening
    --Fertilizer to automatically grow plants.
    --Gardening Shovel to harvest plants instead of a pickaxe.
    --Heat Lamp to grow in caves and dark areas.

    --Occasional friendly NPC that appears in the forest biome
    --300 health
    --Runs away from the player when in close range, or when it gets hurt. When the player has the new "deer feed" item, the deer will not run away from the player, except when it gets hurt. SInce it i hard to kill, it will have a good drop. Something worth farming for!

    -Chef NPC[​IMG]
    --If the Hungry Bar idea goes through, this NPC is going to be wanted. No one wants to just eat Bowl's of Soup, and Mushrooms all day.
    --Will sell bowls, food materials.

    -Staff of Ungrowth[​IMG]
    --Removes grass from dirt, instead of doing the one click thing with drills to remove grass from blocks to make your house match with the dirt. Not to mention, it will help with getting rid of corruption and the hallow.

    -Make some accesories change the look of the player.

    -Teleportation System


    I realize that some of these ideas aren't original. Some of them were thought up in the suggestions forum. Some of what I am doing for this mod is listening to what people want. I love requests :3 Feel free to requests something here! Nothing crazy please.

    Now enjoy some random sprites that may appear in this mod!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    Very injteresting! I think, that for the theme of this mod, it'd sure be interesting if you were the first person to code in enemy invasions that build things. Red promised this and never came through, but for the whole theme of "Prebuilt structures for NPC's" you're going for, I think you'd be very competant!

    Downloaded it, here's to hope!

    Also, a better title might be "Pre Built NPC Mod" as that sounds a tad less generic and more interesting.
  3. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

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  4. Elbow

    Elbow Squirrel

    Yeah, I'm not the coder Klokinator. :p But I did plan on adding what you said. I'm not exactly sure about it yet. I'm going to have to think it out.
  5. DevilBro

    DevilBro Cursed Skull

    Don't steal Dragoniths sprites. :|

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  6. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    You know, I think the modding community would benefit a lot more if all the modders got together, (Possibly like the so-called community mod project.. we'll see how that ends up) and worked on one specific area of development per person.

    For example, I'd like to see gems alter the colors of everything! Colored chests, chests based on ore, colored beds, etc etc. I'd like this new colored interface to be more of clicking on a gem, dragging it over to the item to recolor (Based on a drop-down menu from the item detailing the ingredients needed to recolor it), and dropping those ingredients on the item recolors it. For example:

    I find a wooden chest in a cave, or I make said chest. Let's say I dislike the wooden look. I happen to have 5 amethyst on me, so I put the chest in my inventory, right click on the amethyst to select 5 of them, drop them on the chest, WALLA! I have recolored the chest.

    However, this might accidentally lead to recoloring items when you just wanted to swap positions in the inventory. Therefore, there could be a new NPC called the Crafter, or whatever, that has an interface for merging bars or gems with recolorable items, then you click the merge button to get the end product.

    And then other modders should focus on merging all their boss and enemy character projects together, to add lots more bosses and enemies to the game. And yet more modders should focus on enhancing the "feature" items, like the illuminator and the gravity disruptor from Obsidians new mod. Etc etc.

    This way, we don't have a random jumble of projects and ideas thrown around.
  7. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    a demo of this feature shouldn't be hard to make , and tiles can have their own interfaces , btw.
    a 'community mod' project exists already , both Elias and I are a part of the group , that said , Surfpup himself , Wik , Obsidian and omnir are all working on it too.
  8. Nightblade

    Nightblade Green Slime

    Yeah, this sounds awesome. I'm loving that icy sword.
  9. HybridXHeroblade

    HybridXHeroblade Slimed Zombie

    sorry for intruding with stupidity but where is the download link?
  10. JHoliness

    JHoliness Squirrel

    I believe there is your answer.
  11. HybridXHeroblade

    HybridXHeroblade Slimed Zombie

    thank you im dumb =D read the replies wrong
  12. Ceberux

    Ceberux Demon Eye

    release it !
  13. RestartGame

    RestartGame Green Slime

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