[Enemy Spawns] Dungeon Spirits are Too R

Discussion in 'NPCs & Enemies' started by Wall of Steel, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Wall of Steel

    Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus

    Yay, another balancing thread.

    I have a problem with Spectre gear. Dungeon Spirits are TOO DAMN RARE. Not only getting Ectoplasm requires you to defeat Plantera (Unlike other end-game armors.), it is dropped by a rare enemy that spawns once another enemy is defeated and you usually get only 1 Ectoplasm, rarely 2.

    There are 3 solutions to this problem:

    1) Making Spectre Armor pre-Plantera: My worst favourite solution. It will be enough to shut my mouth, but it would be confusing - where would the Dungeon Spirits spawn? Pre-Plantera Dungeon (ohgodpleaseno)?

    2) Increase the amount of Ectoplasm dropped: Simple. Make Spirits drop double + some Ectoplasm, like maybe 5-6.

    3) Increase the chances of a Spirit spawning: My personal favourite. And by increasing, I mean make them the same as pre-1.2.1.

    Why? Because as a player who doesn't build automated farms until end-game, the Spectre Armor is impossible to get! Pre-1.2.1, I usually get it after 1 hour of farming (Same as Turtle Armor I think.), but in 1.2.1, I just cannot get it. I was barely able to craft a Spectre Pickaxe after 1 hour.
  2. The Warick

    The Warick Corruptor

    Battle potion, water candles and plenty of time to kill shouldn't make it too hard to get ectoplasm.
    Yes it was much easier to get....

    I sold heaps of it after I crafted everything out of it that I wanted to at the 1.2 launch.
    When I saw what you needed for the pumpkin moon event I was kicking myself.

    Still they made ectoplasm harder to obtain because most items crafted with it including Spectre Armour are well awesome! XD

    If you don't think it's worth obtaining legit don't worry about it.
    If you do well as mentioned battle potions, water candles and plenty of time.

    Good luck! :)
  3. Sable

    Sable Wandering Eye

    Spectre stuff is too OP. Ectoplasm used to be too easy to get. With the vast amount of enemies out to get you, and 10% of them guaranteed to give you an average of 2 Ectoplasm, it stacks fast. Or at least it used to before it got more rare. I'd get so much that all of my full stacks would take up more space than there is Dirt in the world. Shroomite wasn't the easiest to get, and Turtle Scales were kind of rare. Making Ectoplasm rare made it so much balanced. We don't need to worry about Spooky armor, since the Pumpkin Moon Medallion requires a decent amount of Ectoplasm and Spooky Wood is pretty easy to get.
  4. Joe Dolca

    Joe Dolca Cursed Skull

    >Enter dungeon.
    >Come out 15 minutes later.
    >Have 30 ectoplasm.

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Have you tried battle potions, water candles and the such?
    Ectoplasm is still easy to get, only not as much as it was before.
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  5. origamania

    origamania Giant Worm

    RNG gods hate you.
  6. m31k

    m31k Clown

    It is okay, but you need kinda much Ectoplasm to craft Pumking Moon Medallion, 5 per one, why not 3?
  7. Wall of Steel

    Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus

    So I just farmed in the Dungeon for about 45 minutes with a Battle Potion and a Water Candle.

    I managed to get 11 Ectoplasm.

    It's either bullshit RNG, or Ectoplasm hard to get.
  8. ZV151

    ZV151 Unicorn

    I'm gonna just leave a farming tip here...

    Wire up a chest statue in the dungeon with an one second timer.
    Make a 4 block tall tower on both sides. On the 3rd block, make a horizontal 1 block. And then place a platform on the opposite.
    Fire the weapon. (needs to be magic or ranged so it works)/ Use Nimbus Staff (if you have one)

    This way, I got 99 Ectoplasm over 2 days.
  9. Wall of Steel

    Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus

    I completely forgot about the Mimic trick! Thanks for the reminder, although yes, it is effective, the normal way of acquiring Ectoplasm is still very luck-based.
  10. Wooren

    Wooren Possessed Armor

    This is bullshit. After like 1 hour I got enough to make full armor and I still had like 10 Ectoplasm for some other things. (Ectoplasm sword pls, Me needs blue cool sword)
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  11. Wall of Steel

    Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus

    Apparently, it isn't bullshit, considering it happens to me.
  12. kraidou

    kraidou Giant Worm

    let's just consider extremely bad luck! :D

    find a place where lots of enemies spawn, get on a high place (or build it)
    nimbus rod the shit ouf the enemies on the bottom, safe farm.
    won't take more than 30 min to get enough ectoplasm for anything
  13. MaxwellDemon

    MaxwellDemon Mouse

    I built a house right outside my dungeon, made about ~10 descents after mirroring back/death, and was constantly getting overwhelmed with the sheer numbers of enemies with ONE water candle. I have 90 ectoplasm at present, the dungeon is really epic and shouldn't be changed.
  14. legendforlife99

    legendforlife99 Eskimo Zombie

    So this is why i have 130+ ectoplasm and not a single inferno fork or specture staff.
  15. Dragrath

    Dragrath Blazing Wheel

    I got like 3 stacks of this stuff and no Inferno fork... that drop is so low...
    besides ectoplasm is common enough... I think RNG hates you OP...
  16. dresden88

    dresden88 Fire Imp

    i've farmed almost 2 max stacks of ectoplasm in the span of about 2 or 3 days, spending about 2 hours or so farming each time. i dont see the issue with the ectoplasm or spawn rates. as someone had suggested, if you dont like the spawn rates/chances, you can try the water candle/battle potion combination to boost it up. everything seems to be working fine for me at least :)
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  17. Fox³

    Fox³ Giant Worm

    Hmm, with the chest statue technique can you get ectoplasm before hardmode? Or before you beat Plantera?
  18. legendforlife99

    legendforlife99 Eskimo Zombie

    The best part is how the drop rate of the inferno fork is not even that low its 3.33% and the specture staff is 2.5%. Thats a 1/40 drop. This is why I hate rare drops and would rather go and collect resources.
  19. drsonic2

    drsonic2 Pigron

    Basically, here's the way Dungeon spirit spawning works:
    The following conditions must be met:
    • Plantera must be killed
    • The enemy must be in the dungeon
    • The enemy must have over 100 health
    Fulfilling these, each dungeon monster has a 1 in 15 chance to spawn a Dungeon spirit.
    Also, I'm not sure what OP is talking about.
    My first visit to the dungeon left me with 30 ectoplasm, and it was only about a 30 minute session.
  20. xXAwesomlyXx

    xXAwesomlyXx Snatcher

    Spectre stuff is uber powerful. Ectoplasm is uber rare. Sounds balanced enough for me.

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