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  1. Pfhoenix Demon Eye


    Enhanced Combat Mod adds new combat and gameplay mechanics to Terraria. The following is a list of the current changes/additions :

    Players have a new armor slot for shields. There is a new keybind as well for using wielded shields. Shields can provide melee, ranged, and/or magic damage reduction. They can also be used to bash enemies (dealing damage and knockback), accomplished by using the shield such that it contacts an enemy immediately. The faster you're moving when you successfully bash, the harder you'll hit the enemy.

    The following is a list of currently planned changes/additions :

    - while shield is being used, player movement rate will be affected (dependent on shield)
    - while shield is being used, large weapons will swing more slowly or be less accurate, depending on melee versus ranged. Haven't decided on magic stuff yet.
    - there will be a number of different shields. Each shield will have a damage protection rating (melee/ranged/magic), a usability rating (how much it affects weapon swing / accuracy), and a stun rating (see shield bash below)

    - I want to enable directly equipping armor from mannequins (swapping armor like you do from the inventory)

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    If you have any further ideas or suggestions, I'm open to considering them. I'm also looking for someone interested and capable of producing sprites for the shields.
  2. Zero-Exodus Wraith

    you know .... yoraizor jus released shields for tconfig right?
  3. Jordie Demon Eye

    This seems interesting... I just starting making my own mod.
  4. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Sounds neat =o
    1 thing though , I seem to have found it kind of funny.
    'when using a shield , two handed weapons would be slower'.......but two handed weapons won't even be held in two hands if you're using a hand to hold a shield......so....what.......did we start becoming spiderpeople?
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  5. Jordie Demon Eye

    Have you fixed your duel wield problem yet sir? I would really love to use it again when it's compatible.
  6. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    not the right thread.
    however (open)

    yesterday.......surfpup got a crash......and.......he logged it..........and.........its..............not......................my.............................fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Jordie Demon Eye

    Alright Yoraiz0r... Well Pfhoenix, looks like "your" shield mod doesn't have a error.
  8. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    I originally started with the idea that two-handed weapons couldn't be used while holding a shield. I then decided against that but still stuck with calling the large swords two-handed (or any weapon or item big enough to be considered a two-handed weapon).

    What exactly does your shield mod for tConfig do?
  9. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    feel free to test it out , lol.
    I added a stamina bar , currently shields have a defense rating-like thing , rather 'efficiency'.
    when being hit with a shield out , and being hurt by either a projectile or a monster , your stamina will get depleted instead of your health , the loss will be multiplied by the shield's defense rating.
    additionally , shields can have special effects using stamina (as any other item).
    shields are taken out like chainsaws , meaning they are active items.
    there is a hotkey for taking one out too , C.
    The stamina bar goes up to 500 , just for shitz and giggles (I don't like other people's definitions of 'balance') , the mod is just an API for other mods , really (for example , my shields pack is COMPLETELY detached from the stamina mod , yet it uses it perfectly fine).
  10. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    So it's quite different from my approach, which is fine.
  11. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    would it ever not be fine , in any form or way , to make a particularly awesome mod? =o
    If you'd like any assistance , feel free to ask! =D
    (also , just noting here , the engine was to achieve compatibility for Omnir's and Tim's mods , I don't like stamina myself , I am only in love with my visible stamina bar. xD)
  12. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    I've pieced together the sprite for the wooden shield, in order to test. Any help with creating the shields themselves would be much appreciated.
  13. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    I've updated the OP with progress.
  14. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    hmm , awesome.
    since it was not clarified yet , this is a tConfig mod , right? =o
    also the shield is neatly picking its place near the accessories. =) (i'd suggest adding alpha to it , however)
  15. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    No, this is not a tConfig mod at all. The "place near the accessories" is a new slot that I added. I placed it there to avoid having to move everything around.
  16. Darkercloud Lava Slime

    Was really looking forward to this until you said "Not a tconfig mod". :(
  17. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    Can tConfig modify how players render?
  18. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    tConfig has the option to draw both before and after the player draws.
    I wrote a mod , for example , which lets you utilize these two key points to wear accessories , someone made a shield for that , too , which is held like the one in your picture.
    As for adding a new item slot , that is very much possible as well , you have methods that draw before and after the interface draw , so you can easily add your slot.
  19. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    Does tConfig allow you to modify how players take damage?
  20. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    yup, there is a method to modify damage both before and after the hit , you should look up a bit more about tConfig before asking more questions xD

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