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Discussion in 'Released Texture Packs' started by Akataki, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Akataki Green Slime

    Something that has bothered me about Terraria at the moment is that the female icons are very, well.. crappy. I was wondering is if anyone knew of any texture packs that happen to have female icons that look good. Thanks :D
    [IMG] Just so.. crappy o.o
    note: I have looked myself and i just cant seem to find any :/
  2. Lord Carver Possessed Armor

    o. O I'd like to know about this too. They look so generic and rushed.
  3. Akataki Green Slime

    Every time I look at it i think of the stereotypical thing an old librarian women would wear. Then I cry myself to sleep.
  4. NiraExecuto Corrupt Goldfish

    What exactly do you mean by "look good"? Because I think the Icons from The New Zelda Pack look pretty good, but of course, that's just me thinking.
    Otherwise, maybe I could try, however, I can't promise anything.
  5. Akataki Green Slime

    Welp, the thing is I really like the style of iconing on the default textures for Terraria and most of the texture pack's I've seen that are good tend to change the style completely. What I'm going to do if i find one with nice female icons is just replace all the icons other than the female ones with the default textures. This means to find one that looks nice like a dress or even a school uniform or something but is still in the same style that the original textures are in :/
    Thinking about it it's pretty specific ^^'
  6. NiraExecuto Corrupt Goldfish

    There you go:
    You need TCCL.
    The folder inside the .zip goes into the Custom Content folder.
    Tell me what you think!
  7. Akataki Green Slime

    This looks a lot better thank you :)
  8. NiraExecuto Corrupt Goldfish

    You're welcome!
  9. ZoroFlame Mouse

    These texures should be in Vanilla Terraria...

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