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  1. daleksax

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    Welcome to my suggestion thread on Enhanced Statues!

    In Terraria there are a variety of statues you can find scattered throughout the world, yet very few of them (15 to be exact) have any uses. Most of these statues are just decorative and useless, which is very disappointing because there is a lot of potential for the statues. Weather a modder or anyone else decides to use these ideas or not they are open for tweaking and use.
    Statues not in game:
    In this section of the thread I will discuss possible statues that do not exist currently in the game. Some of these are probably more reasonable then others, but I’ll just throw all my ideas out there.

    Mob Spawners:
    One thing that really disappoints me is the lack of mob spawners, we only have ten statues that act as ways of spawning enemies and it’s really lacking. Personally I would like to see a spawner for basically every single mob in the game, this would make builds so much more interesting at least for adventure maps. Yes I do realize that the spawners we have as of right now are mostly for all the mobs that actually provide resources such as glow sticks and gel, but there are still many mobs that it would be useful to spawn.
    Mob Spawning Statues (& uses for them):
    (Keep in mind that you would have to find these like any other statue, so in turn it isn’t too cheap to use them for your own benefit.)

    -Eater of soul: could be used to grind rotten chunks of meat

    -Devourer: Possibly used for grinding worm teeth

    -Harpy: would be great for alchemists needing feathers for potions

    -Shark: Again to help alchemists easily grind for shark fins.

    -Dark mummy: Use to grind for dark shards (may not want this because it would make
    getting dhow of pow to easy.)

    -Light mummy: Use to grind for light shards (may not want this because it would make
    getting dhow of pow to easy.)

    -Fairy: to get the ingredients needed for holy water

    -Demons: may have a chance to spawn a demon with voodoo doll (1/15) and could also be used to try and find demon scythes.

    -Dungeon Skeleton: To farm bones
    (If I missed any mobs that drop specific items and are not already existing statues please tell me so.)

    All the other mobs may also be given spawner statues even if they serve no specific use, besides to just spawn the mob. This would mostly help out map makers, by letting them have spawners for any enemy they wish.

    Other new statues:
    This will just be my list of ideas for statues that do not already exist in the game, this means that there is no sprite for it yet and it won’t be mentioned later on in the thread for a use for a decretive in game statue.

    Random Potion Spawning Statue: This statue when activated would drop a random potion (not including health or mana pots). It would have a cool down of around one minute to make it reasonable enough to where it isn’t cheap to use.

    Question mark statue: This statue would just spawn a random mob every time it is activated, not much of a use besides for map makers, but it may be interesting to activate a bunch of them and have 30 different time of mobs attack you.

    Ore statues: These statues would spawn ores; there would be four different statues, each one spawning a different ore. One for copper, one for iron, one for silver, and one for gold, I wouldn’t believe any of the statues should go any higher in ore tiers or else if you found a cobalt spawner at the beginning of the game it wouldn’t be OP. Even if you found one of these at the begging of the game you still wouldn’t be able to use it, because before you’re able to wire you must rescue the mechanic and to be able to access her you must have access to the dungeon, which mostly likely at that point you are past gold tier equipment. Cool down could probably take place between thirty seconds to a minute.

    More uses for Statues already in game:
    In this section I will discuss uses for currently useless decorative statues, not all statues will be given a use, mostly just for my inability to conjure an idea for how it would be used, but some statues may suggest multiple uses.

    Goblin Statue: Spawns goblin, 25% chance of being a scout, 25% chance of being a warrior, 25% chance of being archer, and 25% chance of being a mage. When killed goblin will have a chance to drop spike balls or a rare chance to drop a harpoon.

    Eyeball Statue: used to spawn demon eyes which then could be used to farm lenses, and have a rare chance for getting a black lenses.

    Hornet Statue: Spawns hornets which you could farm for stingers.

    Tree Statue: Spawns acorns to plant trees.

    Mushroom Statue: Could use to spawn mushrooms or maybe glowing mushrooms. Alternatively it could work in a way in which it had a 33% chance to drop a normal mushroom, 33% chance to drop a glowing mushroom, and 33% chance to drop a vile mushroom.

    Imp Statue: Spawns fire imp

    Sunflower Statue: Used to spawn sunflowers but once hard-mode is activated it will spawn hallow seeds instead.

    Pillar Statue: I think there could be an interesting use for the pillar statue, this is my opinion and it may not be plausible. You could place a weapon on the pillar statue and use it as a display case and when you activate it with wire glass will go up around the weapon in the display case making it impossible to pick up the weapon again until the glass is lowered.

    Boot Statue: When activated anything in the area around the statue will be given a buff making them move 30% faster. This buff is removed when out of the radius of the statue.

    Potion Statue: 50% chance of giving HP potion, 50% chance of giving MP potion, should have approximately twenty to thirty second cool down time.

    Pickaxe Statue: When in the radius of this statue Pickaxe power is increased by 20%, this buff is removed when outside the radius of the statue.

    Axe Statue: When in the radius of this statue axe power is increased by 20%, this buff is removed when outside the radius of the statue.

    Hammer Statue: When in the radius of this statue hammer power is increased by 20%, this buff is removed when outside the radius of the statue.

    Reaper Statue: Would spawn a wraith.

    Gloom Statue: Does twenty damage to the player who activates it (the amount of damage is subject to change).

    Cross Statue: Once activated blocks around it would slowly become hallowed, note this would only work once the WoF has been defeated.

    Corrupt Statue: Once activated blocks around it would slowly become corrupted, note this would only work once the WoF has been defeated

    Shield Statue: When in the radius of this statue Defense is increased by 5, this buff wil be removed when outside of the radius of the Statue

    More Statue Mechanics:
    Crafting Statues: It is an obvious pain if you are legitimately building something in Terraria and you really want a specific statue (‘s) but are unable to find it, it is even worse when you need multiple of the same statue. So I would propose a way to craft statues, this may be done at a special statue crafting station. At this statue crafting station it’ll cost one hundred stone to craft a statue, but you can’t just craft any statue, you first must have the statue you want and then put it in the crafting station to receive a blue print of that statue to craft more of them.

    Statue Rarity: As of right now all statues in Terraria are equally hard to find, but what if certain statues where more rare then others. For instances the Ore Statues I proposed earlier would be much rarer then a Bat Statue. Rarity may work like this, useless decorative statues would be most common, then there would be mob spawners that don’t drop anything, and the statue progression would work as followed.
    Statue locations: Finding specific statues may be easier if each statue is assigned a specific biome in which it can be found, mob statues could be found in there biomes (hornet statues could be found in the jungle). Rarer statues could be found in the dungeon or deeper underground, even in hell.

    Many of these statues would make adventure maps and builds much more interesting and players who want to make factories/farms would have much more to work with and farm. As long as you could imagine the possibilities with what you could do these statues, then you can understand how they’ll bring the game to life. Personally I would love t have massive farms and factories full of statues performing process, also with tons of mob spawners you could build a zoo with different exhibits each for a different enemy or biome.
    My next Suggestion threads will be:
    -Enhanced Farming
    -Enhanced Wiring/mechanics
    (Links will be imputed when threads are completed)

    If you have any comments on my suggestions, or any other ideas I would love to hear them, and please tell me what you think, much appreciated.
  2. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    Why doesn't someone try to mod this with tConfig? Nice idea!
  3. MantasX12

    MantasX12 Hell Bat

    We need more lumber screenshots ! :D.
  4. GodALLMighty

    GodALLMighty Green Slime

    Very in depth suggestion, would love to see a mod for this!
  5. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    I think a mod for this would be awesome.
  6. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Seems like it would be way too easy of a way to get materials. Perhaps the drops should be rare.
  7. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    I see where you are going with that, but you have to remember that you would have to find a statue before you could farm the item. If anything the most useful thing for it would be alchemy just because it is a pain to constantly grind for shark fins and feathers. Maybe with some of the better item dropping statues it would be better if they had long recharge times, making it seem impractical to just sit there and wait for one item to drop. Or as you said maybe with some of the statues drops from the mobs may be more of a 1/10 chance or something. I see it being most useful though just for alchemy farms or adventure maps.
  8. VVYV

    VVYV Green Slime

    The Hammer/pickaxe/axe statue ideas are an interstgng concept.
  9. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Well as we have it, slimes drop slime, and gold fish drop gold fish. This is still pretty ridiculous, easy way to get them. Yet those things were virtually easy to get in the first place. But things like feathers and bones are suppose to be a little more difficult to get hence why they can make better items.
  10. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    Maybe if these statues were not made available until late end game, because by end game I really don't want to spend my time going to the ocean or somewhere to get ingredients for alchemy, and things like bones by end game are not hard to get, they are just an inconvenience.
  11. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    Any Mushroom Statue should give mushrooms depending on biome it is in.
    daleksax likes this.
  12. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Well perhaps, when you smash a demon alter, these types of statues spawn?
  13. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    That seems reasonable.
  14. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    It would, I can mod, but not that good.
  15. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    I use to dabble in Tconfig, but kind of abandoned it...

    If I ever really wanted to I could probably pick it up again but I would need a massive incentive, it just isn't worth my time.
  16. Delta 7x

    Delta 7x Green Slime

    A couple of these seems a tad OP or redundant but nonetheless this would make a pretty good mod.

    Not only because everyone and their Uncle has statues laying around and nothing to do with them, but also because it would give people a larger incentive to try their hand at wiring and attempting to make their own unique farm.

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