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Discussion in 'Books, Music, Movies, & Television' started by levoto, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. levoto

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  2. EWA

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    this should be in the music and tv section anyways i dont really like Enrique Iglesias
  3. Xylord

    Xylord Green Slime

    I would punch him, he has written the rapiest songs I have ever heard. Ok, just kidding (or not) he look like an average pop song maker. Average pop song maker meaning he sucks, in my very personal opinion, but it might not be yours. Also, he has a sexy a**.
  4. Mistress Rarity

    Mistress Rarity Nightmarity

    Moving to right section ♥
  5. stephen

    stephen Green Slime

    To everybody his/her own opinion. I am not a fan. I haven't really given him a chance though. I guess that means my opinion doesn't really matter til I give it a try.

    -sulks in corner-
  6. megnum

    megnum Green Slime

    I think his tracks are awesome and I sometime I use to listen his songs.
  7. anflecher

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    I am the big friend of the Enrique Iglesias. I love the all song of the enrique. I think he is best singer the in the world. I like all the song on love. My favorite song of the Enrique is "i can be a hero baby".

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