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  1. EpicInventor

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    Can I talk about my game I wonder? hehe ;)

    We're working on a new PC game called "Epic Inventor". It's essentially a mashup of side-scrollers (like Terraria) and RTS's (Age of Empires II was an inspiration), with a dash of Sim City.

    While we are the only ones testing it right now (as well as some close friends/co-workers), we will be looking for more testers in the near future. Here is a screenshots followed by a link where you can read about what this game is like...


    I am "Weem" over in the forums. I am the game designer, artist and community manager. Our team consists of myself and two programmers. We all live within one block of each other and do (or have before) worked together at a web development company for many years, so we're pretty close.

    The game has only been in development for a little over a month now, but we have come a long way in that time. Our familiarity with each other, close proximity to each other, and general excitement about putting out our first game means we have been working on it a lot.

    Anyway, here is some more info on the game...

    "This Is Epic Inventor" - (a detailed look at what the game is about)

    And a few more in case you are interested...

    >> twitter.com/epicinventor
    >> facebook.com/epicinventor

    Thanks guys n gals! Now, time to get back to browsing :)
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  2. Bump

    Bump Dark Caster

    This looks interesting. I like the graphics because they are simple and not cluttered. If you need a new tester I would love to help.
  3. Tybirion

    Tybirion Blazing Wheel

    Oh I wanna test! I welcome any sandbox game! I signed up on forums and followed on twitter a few seconds ago. forum name MrShinzu ^^
  4. Lopezruy

    Lopezruy Green Slime

    I'd also like to test. I signed up on your forums awhile ago. Same username. I'll keep watching this game. Love the crafting window.
  5. EpicInventor

    EpicInventor Slimed Zombie

    Thanks for the responses everyone, I appreciate it ;)

    If you are interested in testing (when we get there) being on the forums will be required. The cool thing about that is that in the near future I will running some contests looking for your ideas in specific areas, some of which will make it into the game!

    Oh, one more thing - we have a Steam group as well...


    Not only will I be hosting contests allowing people chances to get some of their ideas into the game, we may offer prizes in the way gifts (games) via Steam. I'll have more info on that soon (on the forums).

    Anyway, thanks again everyone!
  6. EpicInventor

    EpicInventor Slimed Zombie

    Update: We're working on the networking aspects over the next few weeks with the full intention of their being multiplayer (co-op) in at release! I especially excited about this as I am a huge co-op fan ;)
  7. Assassin129

    Assassin129 Yellow Slime

    OMG another game like terraria/minecraft!
    EPIC!!!! i cant wait!

    Also i would love to test the game :3
    joining the forums and the steam community now!
  8. Tybirion

    Tybirion Blazing Wheel

    Not to rush but do you have a release date/time period in mind?
  9. Dsc

    Dsc Clinger

    I have no idea why, but I think the player character is just adorable.

    I think a lot of things are adorable though, oh well.
  10. EpicInventor

    EpicInventor Slimed Zombie

    Excellent! We have some similarities but (as I think you are seeing on the forums) it is very different as well, hehe.
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  11. Assassin129

    Assassin129 Yellow Slime

    Looking at the first pic i can already tell its different XD
    once this game comes out The story of my life will be:
    99%playing terraria,minecraft,epic inventor 1% actually moving somewhere
  12. EpicInventor

    EpicInventor Slimed Zombie

    We're not exactly sure, but we have felt safe saying "this year". Now, that might be a sort of Beta release, or it might be a full release - that aspect we aren't too sure about just yet.

    I'm hoping to have the game at a state where we have people testing this month (August) though.
  13. EpicInventor

    EpicInventor Slimed Zombie

    Why thank you! I created a few variations of him but went with this one because... well, I thought he looked "fun". He seemed to be ready for anything just standing there. I think it's because he is looking up - as if into the distance ;)

    I've been told he reflects me though, as I have a shaved head and am short and stocky. If so, it wasn't intentional, hehe.
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  14. Tybirion

    Tybirion Blazing Wheel

    Yeah i like the character. He seems as though hes always in the middle of a reverie.
  15. Teanji

    Teanji Blazing Wheel

    I'll keep an eye on this when I get my Laptop back (or replace it for a desktop). I find multitasking on an ebook difficult xD.
    You've definitely got me interested though.
  16. EpicInventor

    EpicInventor Slimed Zombie


    One new development - I will likely be running contests from time to time on the forums asking for submissions for various things. For example, I may be asking people to select a weapon from a list (ex :Spear), give me a highlight color (ex: red), a speed (ex: fast), a name (ex: Crimson Spear), and finally a name that we can credit for the input. I would then choose one or more of these, create them in the game and then give them a status message (that you see when you mouseover the weapon) that says "create by __" etc.

    Anyway, I may start these in the near future (within the next week or two) so if you want to leave your mark in the game in this kind of way, drop in and let me know!

    Your Feedback: Create a Weapon/Armor Set?
  17. Ace19

    Ace19 Green Slime

    I love the concept, and would like to test the game. I'll be reading more about the game and signing up for the forums soon.
  18. Limeth

    Limeth Green Slime

    Mmmmm... Lookin' nice! Keep it up please :)
  19. Roll Volnut

    Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

  20. EpicInventor

    EpicInventor Slimed Zombie

    Thanks Ace, very glad to have you over there ;)

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