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  1. Surfpup

    Surfpup Arapaima

    Epic Loot (v0.2.7) (Beta)
    Requires tConfig v0.29.0​
    Source/Obj (7-zip archive)​
    The Epic Loot mod is designed to add more variation to your loot! Currently it features a new dynamic affix system that overrides the vanilla prefix system. Additionally, Epic Loot may end up making the game easier or unbalanced in some ways - this could be taken care of by using other mods that make the game harder, and I will probably work on balancing a bit in the future.​
    This mod isn't finished, and there may be bugs, so be sure to back up your save files. It hasn't been tested in multiplayer.​
    Epic Loot is released under the GNU GPL license, so you may use the source code however you like, but please do give credit where credit is due.​
    • Overrides the vanilla prefix system entirely. To clarify, this means vanilla prefixes won't appear when reforging or when items are spawned. Custom prefixes added by mods that use the vanilla prefix system won't appear either.
    • Items that currently have vanilla item prefixes should keep them, but back up your save files if you're worried about losing them.
    • Dynamically generates affixes with random values
    • Higher values are more rare than lower values; it will be very difficult to get the best affix combination
    • Includes ~37 affixes. See this google doc spreadsheet for details.
    • Adds up to 4 affixes to an item
    • Affixes are applied whenever the game would normally apply a prefix. Reforging is possible currently (mostly for testing purposes), but may be disabled in the future.
    • Adds a magic find stat that can be increased by affixes; the stat increases the likelihood of getting higher stat rolls for affixes, and increases the chances of getting multiple affixes.
    • Other modders can create their own affixes in this system. See the Elemental Add-On as an example. The add-on is a separate mod, but requires the Epic Loot mod to be loaded, and adds new affixes. The add-on is very incomplete, mostly just a proof of concept at this stage.
    • Enemies drop random loot which is affected by your magic find stat, and the enemy's damage & defense.
    What's a dynamic affix?
    To clarify, the affixes defined and used in this mod are different from vanilla prefixes in the way that they may have random numbers, within a defined range, that are rolled when the affix is assigned to the item.​
    For example, the Angelic affix adds between 10 and 50 HP upon respawning. When you get this affix, the amount of HP it restores varies based on the dice! One that restores 50 HP will be rare and valuable.​
    Random Screenshot:​
    Here you can see an accessory that has three affixes, all of which got the lowest possible rolls. The "Avg Rand" is supposed to give you an idea of how rare your prefixes are - the closer it is to 1, the more rare they are. In this case, the value is really low. I'll probably change how this value is calculated, since taking the average isn't really an accurate assessment of rarity.​
    • v0.2.7
      • Added new functionality for affixes that can access an array of randomly generated values
      • Added Sacrificial and Kamikaze affixes
    • v0.2.6
      • Fixed issue with npc affixes appearing as 'bla' in multiplayer
      • Improved NPC syncing logic to use a RNG seed, reduces network data transferring significantly
    • v0.2.5 (April 9th, 2013)
      • Removed the 'Complete' system that overrode health/mana crystal use.
        • This will reduce confusion and simplify the balancing act by giving everyone the same experience instead of splitting it into two versions.There may still be affixes that add to mana and health outright, but the values should be reduced.
      • Slightly nerfed health and mana affixes
      • Fixed to work in tConfig 0.29
    • v0.2.4 (March 4th, 2013)
      • Updated magic find bonuses - Magic find is increased for each of the three (pre-hardmode) bosses that are defeated in the world.
      • Playthrough magic find bonus - For each boss you defeat, your magic find goes up for the current playthrough. Exiting the world or restarting the game will reset this bonus.
    • 0.2.3
      • Now utilizing a new method for adding HP through affixes (requires tConfig beta 0.23.8h)
    Older Changes
    Show Spoiler

    • 0.2.2
      • Fixed NPC syncing in multiplayer
      • In the default health system mode, HP affixes should be disabled (until I can figure out how to make them work)
    • 0.2.1
      • Added affixes:
        • 'of Willpower' - Adds mana cost, increases damage
        • 'Vengeful' - Increases damage based on how low your health is.
      • Added requirement for Painful affix to ensure that weapons that get the affix actually get bonus damage
      • Increased minimum bonus damage of Painful affix to 10%, altered some other affix minimums
      • Removed possibility of pickaxes, drills, hammers, or axes being dropped
    • 0.2.0
      • Added networking code for syncing NPC affixes
      • Added Leeching and Vampiric affixes for ranged/magic weapons
      • Fixed a out-of-range bug in loot drop function
    • 0.1.9
      • Nerfed NPC Rejuvenating affix
      • Began work on elemental damage/resistance, but code is disabled for now
      • Rearranged code utilizing new modpack builder feature (available in 0.28.2 beta) - the code is now managed as a visual studio solution.
      • Added 'Heavy' and 'Light' melee weapon affixes. Heavy reduces movement speed, and increases damage/knockback, while Light does the opposite. These may need to be rebalanced a bit.
    • 0.1.8
      • Fixed tooltip for Thirsty affix
      • Disabled Summoner affix for now
      • Balancing:
        • Nerfed loot a bit
        • Fixed loot for worms
        • Nerfed magic find affix
      • Magic find is now increased by 20% in a hardmode world
      • Added 'Stabby' melee weapon affix
    • 0.1.7
      • Added NPC affixes:
        • 'Quick' - Runs the AI() method multiple times
        • 'Rejuvenating' - Adds life regen. Might be overpowered or underpowered, haven't been able to test much yet.
        • 'Summoner' - NPC Summons another npc of the same type semi-frequently
    • 0.1.6
      • Added rare chance of obtaining random weapon or armor loot from NPCs. Affixes for the loot and chance of dropping is affected by the NPC's affix power. The items dropped will have damage <= the NPC's damage and defense <= the NPC's defense.
      • Removed Color affix - I'm thinking about making all affixes affect color in some way instead...
      • Added Vampiric and Leeching affixes for weapons (get health or mana on hit)
      • Furthermore, by default you cannot get any extra health or mana from crystals. All health and mana increase must come from affixes.
        • It saves your player's original life stat so if you disable the mod, you will still have the health from before you used the mod.
        • You now start with 100 mana.
        • With the current +health and +mana affixes, you can get up to +320 health/mana (with 5 accessory slots) making the max be 420.
      • There is an option to play with default health/mana system, just toggle it in the tConfig Settings menu. This version should be compatible with other mods that add to health.
    • 0.1.5 - Added a few basic NPC affixes.
    • 0.1.4 - Fixed projectiles
    • 0.1.3 - Rebalanced some affixes
    • 0.1.2 - Fixed some minor things. Rebuilt for tConfig 0.27.5g
    • (Partially Done) - Determine how to decide what items monsters will drop, and what item drop rates will be. Could be handled in a separate mod.
    • Synchronize magic find stat over multiplayer (add up or average players' values)
    • (Partiallyl Done) - Define environmental magic find modifiers; for instance, hardmode should increase magic find. Maybe different biomes will have different base magic find values as well.
    • Add more affixes
    Main Concepts (some WIP)
    • Item Affixes - Variation for items! Woot!
    • NPC Affixes - Variation for NPCs. Even more woot! NPCs that are strong might drop better loot!
    • Tile Affixes - Tiles that are spawned during worldgen might have a chance of giving off an Aura that affects the surroundings. Basically, like any other affix, but affects players/npcs in a certain area.
    • Elemental Damage / Resistance - Weapons might get elemental damage applied, along with a debuff or some other effect. NPCs might get an element assigned randomly, with a higher chance of getting the element associated with the biome it spawned in.
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  2. Snirk Immington

    Snirk Immington Arapaima

    No, but really, this is cool.
    Looking forward to stacking "Legendary" type prefixes on my Excalibur.
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  3. Darkercloud

    Darkercloud Lava Slime

    Very nice mod surfpup. This should make the game far more interesting. :D
  4. Sephu

    Sephu Piranha

    Affixes have always been lacking in terraria, And I want them. This seems to be the answer to my call. :O
  5. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Demon Eye

    Will definitely try this out once you release. Looks very nice, but from what I see in the spreadsheet it'll need a LOT of balancing to be usable without any other mods, the defense buffs are kinda ridiculous. I really am loving the variety in buffs though, like the mining or spawn chance boosts that'll make it possible to have different useful sets of armor.

    Edit: Oh, there actually is a release, I didn't see it the first time. I guess I'll look at it ASAP.
  6. Surfpup

    Surfpup Arapaima

    Yea, some balancing may need to occur. I can easily nerf the range of possible values for a modifier and the change will automatically be reflected on existing items. So, you say the Defense buff is overpowered? I suppose right now you could get +80 defense from affixes in total, but that would require a lot of luck. I suppose the upper range should be more like +20? That would mean reducing it to range between 1 and 3 defense.

    Edit: Another idea regarding balancing - I might look into adding 'Affixes' for enemy NPCs. There could be some simple ones that increase defense, damage, or health, but there might also be some more interesting ones, like having an NPC randomly fire projectiles when it normally can't, or making an NPC turn into lava when destroyed (ah, everyone loved that one, right?). Anyway, it seems like a cool way to further add variation to the game while increasing the challenge a bit.
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  7. Kefka

    Kefka Squirrel

    Oddly, with this mod loaded I get a quick crash pertaining to items generated with the new affixes when I start a multiplayer (go figure right?) server, then after that, blocks no longer drop from, well, anything. (Trees, dirt, stone, ore, etc.)

    I tried this on a previous world too while bring over an affixed item, it caused the crash to pop up and blocks stopped dropping, as if the server stopped communicating, which isn't the case as players are still able to move, and we can still collect mob drops.

    I also thought it might have been just a frozen server, but it persists even after I get rid of the error message.

    Quick screenshot, NOTE, it's not just for the item in the error, it pertains to every affixed item:
  8. Surfpup

    Surfpup Arapaima

    Yea, it seems to be broken in multiplayer. I haven't yet figured out why it's doing that, but I'm looking into it.
  9. Kefka

    Kefka Squirrel

    Well thought I'd let you know regardless, hope it gets fixed soon, we really want to play with this.
  10. SneakyCreepah

    SneakyCreepah Cursed Man

    This mod looks pretty sweet. Definetly gonna try this out.
  11. Surfpup

    Surfpup Arapaima

    It turns out the ModGeneric class isn't being initialized on the server! This is a tConfig issue, which I'll work on fixing right now.
  12. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Demon Eye

    Loving these ideas you keep pumping out. 1-3 seems reasonable to me, especially if NPC's get buffed. I think as a general rule for balancing you should never have any one affix be better than it could be in the vanilla, since you can get 4 on one item (ex don't have any defense boosts above 4 points because warding only gave 4). That should help with the balance quite a bit.

    If you're looking for other ideas for enemy NPCs, I always enjoyed the mechanic from games like phantasy star online where you would run into a recolor of a basic enemy, which would be significantly more powerful or have some special moves, but would drop amazing loot. If you're adding both loot and affixes through this mod, why not kill two birds with one stone here?
  13. Surfpup

    Surfpup Arapaima

    I'll probably do something like that. My initial idea regarding NPC affixes is that they will roll the dice similar to how item affixes do, and if they roll really high numbers (thus making the NPC really powerful) then there will be better loot.

    Edit: tConfig has been updated, and multiplayer should work now.
  14. Wigglesniff

    Wigglesniff World Feeder

    What are the plans for the mod? Is it going to be self-contained, or is it going to be added as a part of tConfig? If it's not added to tConfig will it have plug-in add on to allow other mods to inherit the multiple prefixes?
  15. Surfpup

    Surfpup Arapaima

    It's not going to be a part of tConfig because it's a completely different system, and it doesn't utilize the vanilla prefixes. However, I will probably add a 'hook' to allow other mods to define new dynamic affixes.
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  16. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Demon Eye

    Finally tested the mod out, forged some stuff from scratch and got a couple individual affixes on armor. Reforged angel wings 15 times, and got absolutely none, just plain angel wings every time. Will edit this post with more comments later.
  17. Kefka

    Kefka Squirrel

    Happended again, this time it was a GameTime error, who knew!

    I underlined what I thought was important, I'm not a programming wiz so...


    EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention that Boomerangs don't work for me anymore after installing this, not sure if related so feel free to ignore this text!
  18. Surfpup

    Surfpup Arapaima

    What were you doing when you got this error? Multiplayer again? I'll check out the boomerangs.

    When testing, I give myself stacks of platinum coins and reforge repeatedly. But yea, RNG is RNG, you might not get any affixes... Unless there's an error there.

    Also, I had an idea today about expanding the affix concept and applying it to tiles. It might not work out technically, because adding new save data to every tile might be too much of a burden, but I think I'll try it and see what happens.

    My idea with tiles is that they can get affixes that grant them auras, which modify the environment, players, or NPCs in various ways. Examples of auras might be: Grants Life/Mana regen, increased or decreased magic find, increased power of nearby NPCs, etc.

    Also, I don't believe I've mentioned this, but I am thinking about adding elemental damage/resistances to the game. Each element is associated with a biome and has an associated effect (usually a debuff). NPCs would get an element assigned randomly as an 'affix' but the element they obtain is more likely to be the one based on the biome they spawned in, so for instance, in the Underworld NPCs might have a 65% chance of spawning with the Fire element.

    Again, all of this is just concepts for which I've yet to decide whether to implement. The main reason I'm thinking about doing elements is to add more variety to weapons, since right now they don't have that many possible affixes.
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  19. Kefka

    Kefka Squirrel

    Yeah, that's all I do, singleplayer is just no fun. (And yes I realize this mod wasn't tested for multiplayer, but that's what I'm for!)
  20. Sephu

    Sephu Piranha

    Since the newest update.. This mod breaks all magic in the game for me. o-o; If I use it.. magic will take mana, But nothing fires off, Or no event occurs. (Depending on what magic.) It even breaks vanilla spells. Both prior to and after a rebuild.

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