TConfig Error Documentation - In-Game Errors past compiler

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  1. Bullseye55

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    Paste any in-game errors here and how to solve them. When a error gets a response, I'll put it on the Tconfig Wiki.

    Errors must be in-game. Meaning that it happens when the mod is loaded, not compiled.

    Errors what need explaining and an explanation of how to fix:

    1. Buffer is invalid. Ensure that the buffer length is non-zero and meets the block alignment requirements for the audio format.

    Rest to be filled in when I get responses.

    I will update this post based on replies of how to fix, then I will add it to the wiki on its correct spot.

    Happy posting! :)
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  3. Bullseye55

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    This one focuses on catching the in-game Tconfig ones. Some of them are not really documented that well.
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