Pre 1.2 Escape the Cave

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    Escape the Cave
    Map by mbran139

    A bit of background

    mbran139 here. Recently, I have released a few of my multiplayer gamemode maps to the public (a list of which can be found here). Once the maps had been released, I many people requested that I make a solo version of the map for people to play themselves. So I did, and I decided to post the map on TerrariaOnline.

    Content and getting started

    Escape the Cave is an extremely hard parkour map. Of me hosting it publicly around 100 times, nobody has been able to complete the map, besides me. Upon entering the map, you start out in an enclosed area with a barrel, a sign, and a lever. The barrel contains vanity hats, and the lever opens up a "secret" passage. The passage will lead to a chest containing various items.
    Pictures (open)
    Pictures (open)
    Pictures (open)


    No prefixes on any items btw

    Once you loot all and equip your items, you will drop down and head to the right. There you will find a lever. Flicking the lever will start the map. Make sure you are under the demonite ore when you flick it!

    Here are a few pictures of the map. There may be spoilers!
    Spoilers (open)
    Spoilers (open)
    Spoilers (open)




    Think you can win?

    As I've said before, I've hosted this around 100 times publicly on an 8 slot server. No one else has been able to beat it besides me. Record yourself winning and you will win the grand prize of... massive bloating rights.

    Download link

    The map can be found here :

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    One of the best gamemodes ever. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm getting close! :D Measure your skill here!

    Record so far: 85%
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    If you people were curious, I've beaten the map 11 times so far. 1 of those times has been in the solo version (making sure it's possible).
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    Show ooooooooff.
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    etc 2 plz where are you

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