Ethereal Mod: Anyone like the idea?

Discussion in 'Working in Progress Mods' started by CinderTheCat, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. CinderTheCat

    CinderTheCat Squirrel

    Hiya! My name is Cinder [herp da dur] and I'd like to introduce a new idea to your brains. :D

    I was thinking of maybe modding something that would add an entirely new mode to Terraria. After hardmode and doing something somewhat similar to the Wall of Flesh sort of thing, you would be warped into a completely new world. Like, the entire terrain would change, etc. I envision it to look SOMEWHAT like Netherstorm from World of Warcraft. It'll have all new ores, mobs, generation, and elements of the game, really. It seems like a pretty darn cool idea in my head but i'm not sure that it would ever be able to happen in a game, let alone by myself. So a few of my friends are tagging along to help me with sprites, but I may need some other spriters aswell c:​

    Anyway. I have thought up a list of ideas, only scraping the surface, really. I don't intend for it to add much to the vanilla and hardmode [except for the mode's initiation in hardmode] but I might if you guys really want me to.​

    Corrupt Jelly​
    Resembles a jelly cube from Spiral Knights. The main mob of the world, like Slimes.​

    A black soul-looking thing. You could relate them to Wraiths. Replaces Skeletons. [?]​

    Pterodactyls [because i can]​
    Normal pterodactyls. Replaces Bats.​

    Replacing hell will be Skeria, the Land of Ice. cx​
    Replacing the Corruption will be ?​
    Replacing the Jungle will be something to do with acidicness.​
    Replacing the Hallow will be nothing! :D

    Hades - You all know who he is. He's come because you've frozen his world!​
    Blind Cthulu - You get to face the real dude this time.​
    Vomiter of Worlds - Hur hur, backwards EoW :D [?]​
    Raithon - A cute kitten that is more than it seems.​
    Cyborg of Flesh/Wall of Steel - [description to be added when boss decided upon]​

    Nether Alloy - Made from combining Heine Ore with Ethereal Ore.​
    Heinee Ore - Extremely rare, found in the lava layer. [hurr heinys]​
    Ethereal Ore - The equivelant of Copper. >Pick, Hammer, Axe, Sword, Bow [​IMG][​IMG]
    Sereek Ore - The equivelant of Iron. >Pick, Hammer, Axe, Sword, Bow [​IMG]
    Aarkeen Ore - The equivelant of Silver. >Pick, Hammer, Axe, Sword, Bow[​IMG]
    Terehek Ore - The equivelant of Gold. >Pick, Hamaxe, Sword, Bow​
    Neirek Ore - The equivelant of Demonite. >Pick, Axe, Sword, Bow​
    Ikeree Ore - The equivelant of Hellstone. >Pick, Hamaxe, Sword, Bow​
    Acbutes Ore - The equivelant of Cobalt. >Drill, Chainsaw, Hamaxe, Sword​
    Oreiek Ore - The equivelant of Mythril. >Drill, Chainsaw, Hamaxe, Sword​
    Kheerek Ore - The equivelant of Adamantite. >Drill, Chainsaw, Hamaxe, Sword​

    Crystal Sword (not sure why this turned out so small! temporary sprite, i goose)​
    Damage: Undecided​
    Speed: Medium​
    Materials: 1 Aarkheen Bar, 3 Sereek Bars, 3 Ikeree Bars, 5 Khereek Bars, 10 netherwood​

    NEW PWNHAMMER: Swaghammer. //shot (probably not lol)​

    IDEAS OUT OF DEVIANTART: [I posted a journal there >:u]​
    none so far​
  2. Cavious

    Cavious Demon Eye

    This seems like a cool idea. Love to see this mod created.
  3. RussLeeIV

    RussLeeIV Tim

    I think it is an interesting idea. While reading I thought of an idea for moving between worlds. A portal that when used, saves your game and loads you into the other dimension / world and places you at a portal that would take you back. The first time the portal is used you could create the new world using your specific world generator saving global variables with the world names to switch between in each. This would only work in single player mode though, although maybe some of the others here may know how this might be made to work in multi player, not sure if a single person can host multiple worlds. I really dont do much with multi player.

    Any hoo, I think you have a cool idea.
  4. CinderTheCat

    CinderTheCat Squirrel

    I do want it to be multiplayer. However, what I plan to do for the multiplayer solution is when you defeat the entry boss, it instantly performs a biome change [such as the hallow generation from vanilla to hardmode] that changes the thing. When you destroy something that spawns on a floating island as a result, it'll add in the ores, and change anything else that wasn't affected by the biome change.

    I also added two temporary sprites for Ethereal and Sereek ores.
  5. Skye.EXE

    Skye.EXE Green Slime

    Only ore sprites are currently temporary, I plan on giving them their own shapes because originality. :D
  6. >:SYNTAX

    >:SYNTAX Mouse

  7. CinderTheCat

    CinderTheCat Squirrel

    A. You spelled it differently

    B. You never put a copyright claim on it, and mine will both look different and have completely different stats.
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  8. >:SYNTAX

    >:SYNTAX Mouse

    ok fine i was just asking :)
  9. CinderTheCat

    CinderTheCat Squirrel

    however, i'm not finished. cx
    I was wondering if you could maybe help me with coding? I've never made a mod before, and you seem like you're a pretty damn good one. cx
  10. >:SYNTAX

    >:SYNTAX Mouse

    the c# or c++ i canot help you with but the .ini file yes i canjust tell me how strong you want the weapon to be and il work something out
  11. pionoplayer

    pionoplayer Yellow Slime

    this is a great idea, I've never seen anyone creative enough to try making an area where you could fight a new level of mobs without having them demolish you at your home base.
    good luck with this!
  12. SilverBird

    SilverBird Blood Crawler

    so the Wall of Steel?
  13. CinderTheCat

    CinderTheCat Squirrel

    no, it'll probably be like wall of demons or something
  14. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    Cinder, if you need help with C# Tconfig coding, you can ask me, and I'll try to answer it. :)
  15. Skye.EXE

    Skye.EXE Green Slime

    I want something that can look 12x more gruesome than WoF. Because wof isn't as gruesome as it sounds.
  16. CinderTheCat

    CinderTheCat Squirrel

    i didn't really intend for it to be a wall of anything anyway
  17. pionoplayer

    pionoplayer Yellow Slime

    wait, not wall of demons, make it a technological version, like with the other hardmode bosses. The death wall, it's like a massive metallic version of the WoF with chunks of the flesh showing, he gets lasers, cannons, bombs, and even a machine gun! you can use it if you like, I don't mind, I come up with random ideas all the time and usually it never happens. the exceptions are when someone else uses 'em
  18. SilverBird

    SilverBird Blood Crawler

    thats the wall of steel lol
  19. pionoplayer

    pionoplayer Yellow Slime

    no. I came up with the death wall back when I was doing Terraria Ideas Weekly. The death wall is, hmm. Take the WoF, then give it a metal coating, sheer off a few pieces here and there, and mount grenade launchers, lasers, and a few machine guns and you have the DW
  20. SilverBird

    SilverBird Blood Crawler the first thing on there is the wall of steel and your idea seems a bit like it

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