Exclusive vanity armor for Japanese PS3 version

Discussion in 'Console' started by BueAlvaro, May 23, 2013.

  1. BueAlvaro

    BueAlvaro Mouse

    I've just stumbled upon a let's play video on niconicodouga (equivalent of youtube in Japan) and I've noticed there is an exlcusive vanity armor set for their PS3 localization (I guess they had to justify its high price)


    The items' names are
    Sandogasa (samurai straw hat)
    Fuurainin no fuku (wanderer clothes)
    Fuurainin no koshiate (wanderer bustle)

    They are based on Shiren the Wanderer (link)

    I wonder if there are other items exclusive for Japan

    Edit: I should have watched the whole video before posting.
    There is also a decorative item based on Monokuma character (link)

    RiEdit: Actually this is vanity set too, equipped on a mannequin

  2. Chadwick9000

    Chadwick9000 Wandering Eye

    So they have 1 extra vanity set because the game is more expensive in japan?
    ... *imagines a japanese server full of people only wearing this armor set*
    i guess i can live without that set though
  3. Nich123132

    Nich123132 Eskimo Zombie

    Wow, this is interesting I've never heard of it.
  4. BueAlvaro

    BueAlvaro Mouse

    Actually that was just my speculation. A lot of Japanese fans complained about its high price and there was already a lot of resentment towards Spike Chunsoft, the publishing company.
  5. KrymzenNomad

    KrymzenNomad Mouse

    AAAAAHHHH! I want a panda :( or is tht pedo bear?
  6. BueAlvaro

    BueAlvaro Mouse

    You can see both vanity sets in this video at about 50 seconds

    It's a black and white bear
  7. PleasefixPS3terraria

    PleasefixPS3terraria Green Slime

    can US players play with eu/jpn versions or is it region blocked?
  8. dish0ut

    dish0ut Gastropod

    Awww man, japan exclusive stuff. Darn. I really want the shiren the wanderer stuff. the bear is also pretty cool.
  9. blaze9990

    blaze9990 Cursed Man

    So EU didn't get anything for the delay but Japan get exclusive stuff for a high price?
  10. I've never heard of that:confused: ....... also, we need that panda!!!!!!!!:mad::(
  11. xXDiehardXx

    xXDiehardXx Snatcher

    The one on the stand looks like a polar bear. :?
  12. LucaExplo

    LucaExplo Green Slime

    Oh God here come the whiny posts about exclusive content...

    I liked the English console trailer a lot better than this one, but it was still pretty cool!
  13. Wizyrd

    Wizyrd Slimed Zombie

    The only thing I really want is the cape like shirt thing, so epic O.O
  14. dish0ut

    dish0ut Gastropod

    Yes. I agree. I also like the hat.
  15. Wizyrd

    Wizyrd Slimed Zombie

    lol X)
  16. elephantkey

    elephantkey Piranha

    I loved Dangan Rompa good anime i NEED MONOKUMA

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