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  1. It is another end of the week again. I again do not have the concept art ( I am working on it! I want it to be even better that it can be in-game! :D).

    Let's start off with an older build which I modificated a bit to fit this week's CC - Heaven/Aether

    What has been added/changed:
    - Clouds!
    - Floating island changed from snow to mushroom grass and mud
    - Statue is now more like a statue
    - Garden changed to hallow
    - Moved music boxes

    Even more stuff:

    Desert Arena v2 now has an actual arena. There is a lot of space on the other side of that tower - which now has space for viewers.

    This might look like not much but it took me a lot of time. Hope you enjoy! Remember to leave some feedback if you can :).
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    Note: There is a TL;DR in the bottom.
    Maybe add pressure plates on the arena part? (a pressure plate will make the platform it is on inactive and one near it active. This can add a challenge, as after pressing a pressure plate it will fall down, meaning you need to be careful where you land. One small misstep or landing from a hit can make you die.
    Instead of making spikes and lava in the middle, make it all lava to make it more punishing. And, idk, make the lava deeper so it's harder to get out? (Maybe add switches on the sides of the arena that make inactive pressure plates RIGHT above the lava turn active, so that the player can get on them and get back up? (AKA as: Fall in the middle, and you're good as dead.)
    Incase you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about this:
    Idk if thats the arena, but you can use it as one. Also, maybe make it bigger? you could add like more floors, make places that archers can shoot from, or do whatever comes to mind that has to do with battle. This can be used as fighting minigames, for example, a magic missle duel. There can be a floor with a short and not too hard magic missle maze, where you need to get through it and damage your enemy. If you DO make floors, you can make all three floors have the pressure plate things. If you fall and land on an active stone block on the first floor, you'll probably die. If you fall in lava, you can be shot from above, and again, die. I'd call it the "Battle Tower" or something. You can make a lot of stuff from this.

    TL;DR: you can make a bunch of fighting minigames similar to this current arena.
  3. That is an option in the arena. From the control room you can choose if you want the stone blocks to disappear every 5 seconds or not. I placed the spikes and lava so that it is the worst when you fall in middle. If I added pressure pads on the stone blocks it would duplicate them a lot if someone stepped on one and I do not want pressure pad items all over the place :).
    As for even more arenas then I will be adding some options for this one as well as
    Show Spoiler
    Add another arena, much more interesting, on the other side of the tower

    Feel like making list of suggestions... going to edit OP.
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    Wow, I really like the idea. The only things I can think about in order to improve it are adding crystal shards for some wonder lighting and make some swirls inside the clouds. It looks fantastic.
  5. Once again I am busy this weekend and there might not be anything happening here (don't even know what to do now, will probably have to completely re-make the arena... don't like how it is right now). But don't worry! I should hopefully have loads of time around halloween.

    As for
    I tried to do those swirls and it did not look too good. Crystal shards I too tried. Might change that thing above altar to one crystal instead of having many crystals around.


    This is what I was able to make... Just rough idea
  6. Hello There

    As I said before, today I had a lot of time to create stuff. I mean I could but something caught my attention. As I was making my way towards the Desert Arena v2 build site I came across a place I never been to before, as if I somehow entered a different dimension or something. In this place there was one giant house and for some reason I felt that I just had to go and explore it. It took me a little longer than I expected because of... you can go and see for yourself.

    World download at the bottom of this post!

    This is a spoiler! Only only only click this if you do not have time or just don't care. (open)

    This is still not all of it. Rest would be just too dark to show.

    Let's not forget the rules:
    1 - It would be best to use a new character but feel free to use your maxed out one
    2 - Only use the items found in chests(Applies for armour, weapons, light source, consumables, etc.)
    3 - Don't run around with a torch or any light source when ABOVE GROUND, underground (not basement) it is pretty much a must
    4 - It would be best if you only went there during terraria night time for lightning purposes
    5 - Try not to step on same pressure plates twice

    Also, please leave feedback if you find any bugs!

    EXPLAINATION: It should be halloween if I am correct. I had time so I prepared this. It is a small map where I used very basic mechanics and some creativity. I then made it available for everyone.

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    Really good. Oh, and is it just me, or is the thread dead? =/
  8. Since I was interested in this week's CC theme (and had ideas which almost all terribly failed), I created this little shrine :)
    Escher CC week theme entry potato:

    I know it is small, but I tried to put in as much detail as I could. I quite like it :).

    That's all for CC, now come world updates.
    First off, I was making some sort of time measuring device for arena(made an hourglass. There is sand for that on those floating islands) when I realized that I have no place to put it in since it was so big. I wanted to keep it so I found a different place for it.

    Right in front of my heaven temple.

    I want to complete Desert Arena v2 soon so I got working on it. Re-did the arena floor to more closely look like the one of old arena. Only a lot better. Have a look.

    Wanted to add some colour to it so put all that weird grass stuff up there. Also added harpy protection. See how many active stone blocks there are? Good. Want to see the wiring that connects them ALL into that little room at the bottom of the tower? If you find a way how to simplify it then please do send me a PM... This is way too confusing(At least for me :eek: took me quite some time figuring out how to connect what and where.. and have it not interfere with other things.

    Yep, I hope you can see what wires lead to what.

    And that is the end of this weekend's update post. Feel free to comment, leave feedback or even a like and most of all, enjoy.

    Edit: I lied. It is not the end. Before that I have stuff to say.
    No, it's viewers are.

    - Not sure if bugged alerts or what but I noticed that there was not much feedback/views on the world download for my previous weekend's creation. It could be because of people not having time to play it or something. I quite like making these little maps for you to download but I will keep that to minimum and instead post main creation world more often.
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    I quite like your Escher CC entry.
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    So I took a new character, CaptainDiesALot, for a stroll here... it only took me 4 headstones to make it into the house. After too much screwing around and additional deaths, I ended up here...

    I couldn't for the life of me figure out how I was supposed to proceed... and fell prey to the red slime. Then I gave up and popped open Terrafirma...

    I really like the Haunted House.:)
  11. Thank you

    :O... did you look into the first chest which is basically next to the spawn point? And have I made it too confusing to find out where to go?

    Uhm... yeah, that is the end. Sorry for being so sudden with that. Should have just added the lava.

    Oh yay, thank you.
  12. PuLSe

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    I probably could have worded that better - if I were being timed, I screwed around too long. I was actually just enjoying poking around the rooms and swiping bottles and such - yes, I did indeed check the chest, and no, it wasn't too confusing at all... perhaps too short, but that's just evidence that I was enjoying it...;)
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  14. It's me, ExplosiveSheep, again and welcome to... Creation weekend! Today we have terribly low amount of things prepared due to a certain person being ill. And that might or might not be me. Well, less of talk (NEVER!), onto the creations!

    Of course it is Desert Arena v2 time again.

    Tower changed, at least part of it. A bit dangerously close but at least they can see, right?
    VIP room with guide soon to be included is also there.


    They are expanding!... Naw, that is just the illusion of digital art editing! Only the left one is real. or is it...

    The question is: Which of those is a better position? The left one is being constantly invaded by harpies.

    Back on the other side of map, this happened:

    The castle is now a mount of snow! No longer shall it be placed on flatness between two tiny towers!
    What is that up there? (open)

    How did that get there!

    And some replies and questions
    Right :) suppose it is all good then. Could try and make it longer at some point.

    Nice to see that you show interest in this thread.
    I would suggest that you do not post single-word posts if that counts as one. That should be in the rules. You should read the rules. at least someone should
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  15. Guys, no creations this time, mouse is derping out completely, don't have the nerves to go and take the screenshots of desert arena ingame, haven't done much otherwise. Should have time tomorrow or on tuesday so

    Thanks for comprehension.
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    Greetings from the starbound forums.
    I like your builds, you're really quite talented. You have an interesting balance of detail and simplicity and you can really get an atmosphere across.
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  17. Thanks from a visit from SB forums I can, instead of editing the last post, spam this thread some more! For this post, I shall summon the Wall of Graphical Stuff.
    *insert GS of WoGS here*

    Completion of Desert Arena v2 tour:
    The night before opening.

    Remember that little camp in the desert on the ground? Well, now it has platform for these little flying machines to help you get up here.
    Important note: 'Platform for these little flying machines' might not be present in 'little camp in the desert on the ground' in reality.

    Information and entrance booth.

    Such a lovely fountain. Fish available.

    The other end of first few islands.

    Refreshments! Trash can! Wooden beam support that would do nothing at all shall the upper islands decide to fall down!

    The entrance to the viewing tower. Creepy eyes. Toilet system to the right.

    Perfect time and spot for viewing the night sky.

    The actual viewing rooms. V.I.G room on top with game-starting switch. There might be a slight problem in that you can't see the whole arena.

    Here the ones fighting in arena shall be gotten rid of excess equipment they might use in their advantage.

    Glowy floor. Strange lock system. No idea if it works, have to be multiple people to try it.

    The arena. Floor is missing because for some reason it did not take a screenshot when I stood there. Any ideas how to make it even better? Feel free to post them here.

    More shiny. Monster spawning statues hidden up here. Did not want to make the arena just a box.

    And this I added later. It is on the left-most island. Just a nice place to view the surroundings.

    The whole thing. It is just gigantic. Moved it lower. Want to check it out in detail and the tour was not enough? Scroll down to the bottom of this post! ;)

    With Desert Arena v2 done(? you decide!), it is time to move on! Dragon? Not yet. Sorry D: won't even tell you when I will be ready with it. I myself do not know.

    This is happening. Got a clue what it is?

    Before I leave you for another week. The world I uploaded here might contain not working wiring or blank signs. That is because of my laziness. This should be mainly around DA2 area where there are few wires here and there. If you do find such buggy areas, please do tell me about them, if possible with fix idea if it is not obvious (mainly for the arena control room).

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    Woaaaaaah! That's quite a big WoP (Wall of pictures)! I'll test your world soon. :) As for the last picture, I have no idea what it is. At first I thought it was part of EoW's daddy.
  19. With WoGS defeated last week, lets be more safe today. By building some strong walls, on a hill.


    And to say something because why not:
    - New world idea: I am too lazy to do it. Won't be happening.
    - Dragon!: Gathering ideas

    Should be all, sorry for just one picture.
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    I was kinda guessing from the huge platform on the hill and the big cave that you'de build a big building of some sort. :p

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