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  1. Catlover341

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    #0: Idea Credits
    Glow & Ore Dyes
    By: InCryosleep​

    Fluorescent Lights & Jukebox
    By: Zman12380​

    By: Delra​

    #1: Carpenter
    A new NPC. Moves in when you have at least 3 gold coins.

    #2: Paints
    Paints are sold by the Carpenter.
    There is only one type of paint that he sells: White Paint.
    Paints, when right clicking a brick with it, causes it to become a colored brick, and the paint would be used. It can be used up to 10 times.
    There would be 10 types of paint...

    1. White Paint
    2. Black Paint
    3. Red Paint
    4. Green Paint
    5. Yellow Paint
    6. Blue Paint
    7. Orange Paint
    8. Pink Paint
    9. Purple Paint
    10. Brown Paint
    To make a paint, you first need a white paint, you need the corresponding dye.
    1. Green dye needs jungle grass seeds.
    2. Yellow dye needs dayblossom seeds.
    3. Red dye needs fireblossom seeds.
    4. Blue dye needs waterleaf seeds.
    5. Orange dye needs a combination of red dye and yellow dye.
    6. Pink dye needs a combination of white dye and red dye.
    7. White dye would be sold by the Clothier.
    8. Black dye would be sold by the Clothier.
    9. Purple dye needs deathweed seeds.
    10. Brown dye needs blinkroot seeds.
    11. Copper dye needs 2 copper ore.
    12. Iron dye needs 2 iron ore.
    13. Silver dye needs 2 silver ore.
    14. Gold dye needs 2 gold ore.
    15. Glow dye needs 2 glowing mushrooms.
    When you make a dye, you get 4 of each of the dye.
    Each dye needs 1 seed and 1 bottle to craft.
    The dyes would NOT dye the bricks to dungeon brick.
    Green dye would give the old dungeon brick color, and same for blue dye. Yellow brick would be like gold brick without the shine and slightly different colors, and red brick would be a brighter and solider color of the clay brick(Think how blue dungeon brick and obsidian brick looks close to each other, for example.)

    #3: Furniture
    Fake TV
    Sold by Carpenter
    5 Gold

    Fluffy Couch
    8 Wood + 3 Cloth

    Sold by Carpenter
    1 Gold
    Emits light like the chain lantern

    Sold by Carpenter
    6 Gold

    Kitchen Set
    Sold by Carpenter
    5 Gold

    Colored Beds
    Right click a bed while holding dye to change it's color
    Fluorescent Lights
    Sold by Carpenter
    1 Silver
    Emits light, but acts similar to meteorite and hellstone. If you place one, it will only take one block of space, but if you place more next to each other, it will make a big light source. You can also walk through it, and it can come in multiple colors.
    By Zman12380

    Sold by Carpenter
    2 Gold
    By Zman12380 and Delra12

    Fluffy Armchair
    6 Wood + 2 Cloth
    By jasonwolf
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  2. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    Hmmmm. This is probaly going to be added in the builders update. If not, then they NEED TO SEE THIS.
  3. RandomFox

    RandomFox Dark Caster

    I would like that if the paint worked on walls as well as bricks, I like the idea anyway though :) we're definitely in need of some colors that don't feel goth.
  4. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    Dye Bucket and Beds

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  5. Boba2007

    Boba2007 Green Slime

    You forgot Purple paint and Brown paint :(

    Edit: also gray paint?
  6. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    Hmm. Yea maybe you could use death weed and for brown.......... I have no idea
  7. Boba2007

    Boba2007 Green Slime

    Another paint could be shiny chrome paint :D
  8. lukeaaa1

    lukeaaa1 Green Slime

    Put the sprites in the main post so people who just read the main post will see them. Also, sprites make me like everything. Especially if they're in the main post. (But I still like this)
  9. Boba2007

    Boba2007 Green Slime

    Sorry for so many posts, I keep thinking of things to say.

    Delra, I think the orange could be a little more, orange, it's looking too yellow. Also, the red looks more like brown.
  10. Catlover341

    Catlover341 Green Slime

    I have added purple dye, brown dye, and the sprites, to the post.
    I also made it say you need 1 seed and 1 bottle to craft 4 dyes.(Kinda makes it easy to get the hero's clothes, but oh well.)
  11. Moved and unlocked on request.
  12. Delra

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    Woo! The thread is back!
  13. JammyJa

    JammyJa Cursed Skull

    Hmm, well thought.
  14. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    This is what I thought a couch would look like. Thanks to TiY for making it easier by making a bench sprite, which I used as the base.


    I know the shading is horrible. I will change it soon.
  15. Ps2004

    Ps2004 Cave Bat

    really cute ! want them added, NOW !
  16. jasonwolf

    jasonwolf Demon Eye

    that was extremely long?

    anyway may I suggest carpenter rather then builder? something like that. builder sounds way to generic.

    I personally would prefer not to see items that are too 21st century. the TV and lightbulb mainly, but the rest seems ok. of course I'm seeing oven as one of the old fashion stoves.

    to go along wiht your theme of items what do you think of an armchair? possibly made of either cloth or leather even.
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  17. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    I fixed up the fancy sofa sprite:

    And added updated dyes and paints:


  18. Zman12380

    Zman12380 Dark Caster

    I really like thouse
    And i got some ideas

    #1 Fluorescent light: it emites light, but think of it as blocks like meteor and hellstone, if you place one, it will only take one block of space, but if you place more next to each other, it will make a big light source, though you can walk through it unlike the blocks thet i mentioned, ther could be colord veryations as well.

    #2 Stereo system, basicly big speakers. ther could be big (5 blocks high), medium(3 blocks high), and small (2 blocks high).
  19. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    I like those both, but how about instead of a stereo system, a jukebox. You know to make it not TOO much like the 21st century xD

    btw, are you on a phone or something because your spelling is not how it usually is.
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  20. Zman12380

    Zman12380 Dark Caster

    On topic: I can agree with you thet the stereo system is a bit too modern but hey, we got a futuristic space gun and phaseblade, not so below 21th century for me .

    Off topic: no i was not on a phone, do not be confused, i have terrible english :p.
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