Faction: Army of Darkness

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    Basically, I'm making an army based entirely on dark.

    Other than tools like the Hamdrax or Pwnhammer, characters used in the Army of Darkness should rely primarily on 'dark' equipment. It's recommended you choose the colors of your character likewise. If you wish to use an armor that is more powerful but not 'dark' then you can as long as you cover it with something else in the 'social' slots. This rule of the Army is followed at your own discretion, but if I see you running around in the hallow shooting holy bullets left in right, I will ask you to amend your character.

    Joining is fairly simple - just post in the thread to say your character's name and the two combat types (in order of best to less-best) you're most useful for.

    For example:
    Queen of Darkness - firearms/swords

    That means my name is Queen of Darkness and my best weapon is firearms followed by swords.

    If anyone can host a dedicated server with a base on it, I'll... Erhmm... be.. really happy?

    Also, if you're a skilled artist we need a banner, too. :)
  2. ShadowGirlRachel

    ShadowGirlRachel Green Slime

    DEAR ADMIN OR MOD: Crap! I didn't see the other forum section! Can I get moved there or something?

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