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Discussion in 'Released Texture Packs' started by DooM1991, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. DooM1991 Giant Worm

  2. jordan cheah Cursed Skull

  3. NiraExecuto Corrupt Goldfish

    No offense, but formatting your post a bit(heading, base description, what's in it currently etc.) cuold help a bit, so people won't think "TL;DR". A wall of text is never liked. But other than that, it looks good. I don't know Fallout, but from what I know about it, this could fit.
  4. SuperTurtle24 Slimed Zombie

    Looking good, I can't wait untill it's finished. I think the slimes wouldn't have to be based of something, just make it look dead and maybe a bit ugly.
  5. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    Thats the thing. you cant. There is a big and a small slime file. both are gray and you cant change the colors of it. it works as a gray shaded image and the game is programed to color it accoringly to its mob variant. so it wouldnt be possible to make a good fallout mob out of it...
  6. NiraExecuto Corrupt Goldfish

    Then you can at least make their shape look fitting.
  7. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    but the thing is, you will have pink and all sorts of colors on that type of mob. so it would prob be better to keep as a slime type creature :/ wish there was individual files for them all so i could edit and color it my own way
  8. NiraExecuto Corrupt Goldfish

    Yes, I know that, I tried making texture packs myself, but hey, I think atomic radiation can create all sorts of things, so why not goo in different colors? I don't see a problem there.
  9. Fliqpy Green Slime

    I like the texture pack, especially the background.

    You HAVE to get a Pip-Boy thing in this pack....it's a MUST! :3
  10. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    the most i could do is make the background for the item backgrounds in the invetory the pipboy screen background. u know, that fuzzy dark green screen image. thats the most i could do. i already have done it and it turned out sucessful. i have just finished making the minigun from fallout 2 and it looks great as well. im mostly gonna change this texture pack from fallout 3 to just Fallout in general. I did add NV content to it along with some fallout 1-2 content. Ohh ya, there will be a few fanfiction items for items in game that cannot possibly be implied into fallout. for instance, the shine potion is a bottle of pills with a skull on the label, and the bottle glows from radiation which indicated that it gives the user a glowing effect from radiation. another being the wings as a jetpack, that way the item fits into the texture pack
  11. Fliqpy Green Slime

    Oh alright, I like some of the things that you've made they're real nostalgic but the question is...

    Is there a fat man?
  12. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    This answer ur question? Of course there is. The fatman was one of the symbolic weapons of Fallout 3. And i dunno how well u can see it, but the invetory backgrounds are set as well. The one thing in this pic that is not done is the wings as u can see. The life and mana system will stay that way due to how it represents both an icon and an item.
  13. Fliqpy Green Slime

    Oh that's kewl man, but is there any way to make it look like you're holding the trigger of the fat man or can't you do that?

    Also, I like the pip boy inventory A LOT, good work man :D
  14. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    There is no way to do that tbh. not unless u make it where its only shows the front, but then 3/4ths of the weapon would be cut off and it wouldnt look good. so yeah, its not possible
  15. Fliqpy Green Slime

    Mkay then, just asking :D
  16. SuperTurtle24 Slimed Zombie

    I like the Pip-boy like item bar and the active effects. Will you be able to give us a general idea of when it will be up for download? If you can't it's no problem the texture pack will make me do another play through just for the Fallout style.
  17. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    Thing is, im the only one working on this pack. and im 20 myself. ive been busy and all and i work on this on my spare time. for example, i have an interview at 5 today i have to get ready for and all. by the time i get back it may be about 7pm and even then, i am gonna be waiting on a phone call from another place. so yeah. i can use all the help i can get
  18. SuperTurtle24 Slimed Zombie

    Well, I have no experience in spriting at all, well except for my failed attempt at it. But if there any other ways to help I would like to, I doubt they are though.
  19. frightmare44 Green Slime

    oh man i cant wait for this to be done man I could help it wouldn't be the first time helping an apocalypse styled pack (last days) but ya oh and for the metorite items why not everything from the mothership zeta dlc metor heads could be the alien drones and the lazer gun could be the alien blaster or just the lazer gun and metorite armor could be the spacesuit from new vegas the red one with the fish bowl helmet and the original creator is this one http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/fallout-3.45243/page-1
  20. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    The dude quit terraria. the stuff he officially made all was copyrighted so i should be good to continue it

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