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  1. legoclaw14

    legoclaw14 Green Slime

    can you add a daredevil suit (not the marvel,dc thing) a bike rider thing but like jungle armor but the color is gray that would be awesome for me if you add that :)
  2. stephen

    stephen Green Slime

    Oh my god, if this improves a little more and becomes futuristic like the fallout world, i will love you...
    i did NOT expect to see this here haha.
  3. Fade Away

    Fade Away Green Slime

    My favourite texture pack!
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  4. SuperTurtle24

    SuperTurtle24 Slimed Zombie

    How about Copper-Pipboy
    Silver-Pip-boy 3000
    Gold=pimp-boy 3billion
  5. Skeggy

    Skeggy Green Slime

    So How Does This Work? Do We Just Sprite Stuff If We Want To Input? I've Never Played Fallout But I an Sprite
  6. Jace Man

    Jace Man Green Slime

    Bottle caps for currency?
    Slimes could be Mole Rats or little things like that that attack you in the wild?
    Bloatflies for any spare flying enemies? Such as the corrupt flying thingies?
    Moira Brown for merchant? :p
    Super Mutants need to go in there, maybe as skeletons?
    Inventory need opaque background please. It's hard to see some items in certain areas :/

    They're the only real suggestions I have as of yet :)

    Other than that, I love this texture pack :D
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  7. Lukather97

    Lukather97 Green Slime

    Also wood sword should be a baseball bat, like from the beginning of the game!
  8. Hazza_h

    Hazza_h Clinger

    It is a baseball bat, lol
  9. Lukather97

    Lukather97 Green Slime

    Lol sorry didnt know, dont usually make wooden tools
  10. Marcel Manchence

    Marcel Manchence Green Slime

    Hi I would like to have all the already requested vanity items.
    For example :
    Fish Bowl = Alien Helmet
    and Archaeologist's Shirt = Sherifs Duster.

    I am a huge Fallout Fan and I saw that the vanity items were normal in the texture pack.
    So may I have all the Vanity items you have already made?

    Epic Fallout Fan
    Marcel Manchence
  11. Termo

    Termo Green Slime

    Would it be possible to have a Vault 13 jumpsuit for the default clothing? It would be a nice reference to fallout 1 and 2, where you wore a Vault 13 jumpsuit under your armor, and which would show when you took your armor off.
  12. tomimrbone

    tomimrbone Penguin

    Best texture pack of all time!
    I never played Fallout:(but for sure I will try it wneh I got my new PC!
    Great job!
  13. AinMosni

    AinMosni Green Slime

    Hay man... I got ur pack few days ago... and imediatly started to add new stuff inside... so if u wanna get it and add to the future update I could give it to u... my skype is ain_mosni (made just few things yet... seed pipe... bilboard with radiation sign and changed rabit into the giant roach)
  14. DevilBro

    DevilBro Cursed Skull

    congratulation for being on the front page, now let the spam begin
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  15. Hazza_h

    Hazza_h Clinger

    Thanks, And Your pack definately deserves to be on the front page :)
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  16. toiletbrush95

    toiletbrush95 Green Slime

    i have a cool idea i cant sprite it because if i did it would look hideous but what if the goblin invasion is sprited so it is raiders coming in to attack? or if they were super mutants for the army you dont have to use theese because i trust that you will probably already have a better idea than mine but its just a sugestion :)
  17. TWebonhawk

    TWebonhawk Green Slime

    Definitely looks good! I'll be watching it!
  18. Hazza_h

    Hazza_h Clinger

    I had that idea, but never got round to it. Thanks for reminding me I guess :p
  19. DeniX

    DeniX Green Slime

    no... or lack of badness :D
  20. Vilio

    Vilio Bunny

    W/out a doubt, demonite armor should be Adv. Power Armor, Mk.2 (enclave armor.) In fact, setting up the corruption to look like an enclave base would be pretty Ba
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