False Bricks

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Melles64, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Melles64

    Melles64 Green Slime

    I don't know if there's an appropriate Mega-thread for this, so I figured I'd just post a new topic. I was thinking about attempting to make secret passage ways, and I was thinking about how I can make them legitmately secret, and the only way I could think of is to make it indescernable from the regular walls and floors. It's quite simple, really, they're back walls that mesh with real bricks and make it impossible to determine weither it's real or not except by attempting to walk/fall through it. Being able to make bricks that are really not there would allow for some very interesting build options. It's just a fun option I'd like to see, that would make some of my projects possible.
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  2. Lasercat77

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    Support,but one thing...

    *shoots arrow at suspicious bricks*
    *arrows go through*

    *insert trollface here*
  3. RandomFox

    RandomFox Dark Caster

    Sounds neat. Would the false bricks just be invisible walls, or could you break them with your weapon to reveal a hidden passage?

    It'd also be cool if we had blocks that disappeared and reappeared like the megaman series. Cool suggestion.
  4. Melles64

    Melles64 Green Slime

    I was thinking along the lines of trick walls/floors you'd pass through, but breakable bricks sound fun too. Also disappearing blocks would be awesome, especially if you could time them. Adventure maps with those would be awesome.

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