Fantasy Legends (Tapi)

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Kage, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Kage World Feeder

    Fantasy Legends

    Mod Team

    Kage-Head Mod Maker


    Red=Not Started


    4 Mystic Elemental Wizards

  2. Kage World Feeder

    First version released!
  3. Damstorm Green Slime

    Don't forget the screens, later, if you want your mod downloaded ^^
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  4. Kage World Feeder

    I will.
  5. Kage World Feeder

    If you have a sprite for a melee weapon that you have not used and you want incorporated with the mod pm me the sprite.Also I give you credit for your sprite.
  6. Kage World Feeder

    I am adding pics right now:)
  7. OneAndThree Zombie

    Looks cool.
    I remeber a sprite i had for a sword[IMG]
    It is an enchanted excaliber

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  8. Kage World Feeder

    Thanks!I will incorporate it soon.
  9. Kage World Feeder

    I'm going to totally edit the thread and make it more organized.
  10. Wigglesniff World Feeder

    Do your spoilers correctly then?? Not have it be double blocked?
  11. Kage World Feeder

    How do I get 1 Spoiler and not 2 .
  12. Wigglesniff World Feeder

    It has something to do with how everything is formatted in our post... just mess around with it.
  13. Kage World Feeder

    Thanks I will try to fix it.
  14. Kage World Feeder

    Fixed Post:)
  15. OneAndThree Zombie

    When i tried to use this mod, all of the swords did the same amount of damage (8), And they swung really weirdly.
  16. OneAndThree Zombie

    Also, i was using your mod with the infinity chest mod, and it allowed me to kill the guide.
    Thank you, bugs.
  17. Kage World Feeder

    Thanks or your feedback. Which version did you get the bugs?
  18. OneAndThree Zombie

    The bugs happened on both the original version and the redone version.
  19. Kage World Feeder

    I will fix the damage right now.
  20. OneAndThree Zombie

    Thank You.
    But don't fix how you can kill the guide.

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